Lana Del Rey Performs "Video Games"


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Lana Del Rey performing "Video Games" live at Corinthia London

Lana Del Rey- "Video Games" LIVE Inside the 98.7FM Performance Studio

любимая Лана...до сих пор не верится, что я там побывала и увидела своими глазами..и услышала вживую..ах! :)

Amanda Palmer and Alex Yabsley (aka Dot-AY) perform Lana Del Rey's "Video Games" live at the Blip Festival (February 18th, 2012).

Filmed at the Evelyn Hotel in Fitzroy, AU by Jim Batt (@battsignal)

Special thanks to Mike Rosenthal (for Blip/of Paracadute), 8bitpeoples, and Kristy Dossor (for dpad productions/SoundBytes) | @BlipFestival | @amandapalmer | (@Dot_AY

A cosmic date indeed 11/11/2011 Lana Del Rey performing her song "Video Games" The dutch tv show De Wereld Draait Door<br/><br/>

Lana Del Rey performing Video Games at Lollapalooza August 2 2013<br/><br/>

Lana Del Rey Performs "Video Games" on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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Echo 2012 Germany Awards. Lana Del Rey performing her biggest hit - Video Games!

Lana Del Rey Purrs Through 'Video Games' Live - Premiere

Singer slows down her hit even more at the Breakthrough science awards
Lana Del Rey is having a busy awards season. The pop songstress is up for several Grammy awards this year and she recently performed at another awards show, the Breakthrough Prize, which honors scientists who have made major developments in our understanding of the world. The ceremony airs on Monday, January 27th at 9 p.m. on the Science Channel.

Who's Tanking Lana

Lana Del Rey delivers a beautiful live performance of 'Video Games' from underneath the gorgeous crystal chandelier at Corinthia Hotel London. | Торонто, Канада; 13 мая 2014

Lana del Rey - Argentina:

Courtesy by: @TheNYShopaholic (original video /watch?v=dhhBtHh459k).<br/><br/>

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WoodKid and Lana Del Rey performing "Video Game" in NYC @ Highline Ballroom on Saturday October 15th 2011.

[HD] Lana Del Rey - Best LIVE Performance of Video Games David Letterman 02-02-12
[HD] Lana Del Rey - Best LIVE Performance of Video Games David Letterman 02-02-12
[HD] Lana Del Rey - Best LIVE Performance of Video Games David Letterman 02-02-12

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