Lars and Peter

Дания, 2009
Режиссёр: Даниэль Боргман - новости темного искусства

Directed By, Edited By, Photography, Music By, Producer – Peter Andersson
Directed By, Edited By, Photography, Producer – Lars Bosma

Dir. Daniel Borgman / Denmark & New Zealand / 2007

Lars just wants his family to be happy, but after seeing his father in a desperate act, he finds himself more alone than ever...

Lars (9) is naive and innocent, all he wants is for his father to be happy and his family to be together. Lars' mother is gone and life has been empty and dysfunctional without her. On the eve of his birthday, Lars's dad, Peter, gets himself drunk. After an embarrassing argument with the next-door neighbour, Alma, Peter masturbates in the backyard. Lars sees everything. Now things are worse than ever. Lars is all alone, struggling to understand what he has seen, he has to figure everything out by himself...