Credits to Oliver Sogard

Filmed by Chris Severson at our Madison meetup, check out a performance video from it here!! :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QthAewK0lp8&


Card flourishes
Card flourish tutorial

Short documentary on Amy and her Green Girl Press. Old school hand printing is still alive. Please share thoughts, comments or links to other interesting artists. Thanks for watching!

Letterpress Calendar Vandercook Letterpress Print by Sweet Daddy with assistance from Hunter Quail. Printed at Flying Horse Press.

Short documentary on Amy and her Green Girl Press. Old school hand printing is still alive. Amy talks about the effects letterpress has had on history and education. I own all copyrights to this video and have secured releases for the two girls in the film



Take a short visit to Firefly Press in Somerville Massachusetts. John Kristensen, proprietor. This wonderful little documentary speaks to the craftsmanship and love of traditional design that drew many of us into the world of graphic design years ago. Take a moment to slow down and enjoy.

Рассказ про современного печатника и высокую печать. Смотреть лучше в 240p

Оригинал тут: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iv69kB_e9KY

Repeat Press of Somerville, MA created some custom coasters for the guys at Highsnobiety and Selectism to hand out for the holidays. Check out his intricate process from beginning to end.


Coasters by: RepeatPress.com

Video by: paperfortressfilms.com

Song: The White Stripes - "I Fought Piranhas"

#letterpress #typography #vandercook #process

Repeat Press of Somerville, MA created some custom coasters for the guys at Highsnobiety and Selectism to hand out for the holidays. Check out his intricate process from beginning to end.


Coasters by: RepeatPress.com

Video by: paperfortressfilms.com

Song: The White Stripes - "I Fought Piranhas"

Высокая печать в мастерской PURPUR

Видео снято во французской мастерской BADCASS (badcass.com), в Бретани.
К сожалению, их сайт сейчас не доступен. Надеюсь, это временное явление.

Ролик снят, на мой взгляд, вполне достойно. Да и мастерская заслуживает уважения.

Над созданием ролика потрудилась французская студия AT WORK Productions (съёмка и постпродакшн).


AdelPrint — всё о печати: vk.com/adelprint

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Источник: at-work.fr

This video shows the process of letterpress printing a christmas card calendar on a 1960s Heidelberg Windmill with three colors on each side.

In 2011, we traveled to Knoxville, Tennessee to work with Yee-Haw Industries on a set of 10 letterpress posters. View the finished posters at jackindependence.com. Client: Jack Daniels Agency: Arnold Worldwide Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat Group Creative Director: Wade Devers Art Director: Travis Robertson Copywriter: Bryan Karr DP: Paper Fortress Music: Matt Morelock

A short film about letterpress and one of the few remaining movable-type printing workshops in the UK, situated at Plymouth University, featuring Paul Collier. www.plymouth.ac.uk Subtitles available here: http://goo.gl/iuaKY A film by Danny Cooke www.dannycooke.co.uk Soundtrack by Tony Higgins www.tonyhiggins.org (Available to download here: http://goo.gl/exGL1) Follow us on twitter @dannycooke @junior85

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A short film about letterpress and one of the few remaining movable-type printing workshops in the UK, situated at Plymouth University, featuring Paul Collier. http://www.plymouth.ac.uk

A film by Danny Cooke http://www.dannycooke.co.uk @dannycooke
Soundtrack by Tony Higgins http://www.tonyhiggins.co.uk @junior85

A tutorial on how to create a letterpress or inset effect using filter effects in Inkscape version .47. This tutorial assumes you have a basic understanding of Inkscape.

House of Press est un atelier artisanal spécialisé dans l’impression typographique // letterpress. L’atelier est équipé d’une presse à platine Heidelberg T de 1970 pour l’impression, d’une presse à platine T Heidelberg équipée en dorure à chaud et de deux presses typographiques dites “ pédalettes ” datant du début des années1900 ainsi que de matériels de façonnage.

The Dodge Ram "Guts Glory: Letterpress" commercial was filmed at the International Printing Museum in Carson, California in April 2011. This video montage shows the process of shooting the commercial, which starred the Museum's director/curator, Mark Barbour, as "The Hands."

Visit www.printmuseum.org for more information about letterpress and the International Printing Museum.

North Korea
Corea del Norte
Corée du Nord
Koreańska Republika Ludowo-Demokratyczna
Корейская Народно-Демократическая Республика
Kuzey Kore
كوريا الشمالية

Kim Il Sung - 김일성
Kim Jong Il - 김정일
Kim Jong Un - 김정은


InPressed, a Letterpress Studio based in Lisbon - Portugal "Where the letterpress and the design join to impress" ----- InPressed, um Atelier de Letterpress situado em Lisboa - Portugal "Onde a tipografia antiga e o design se unem para impressionar" Video: Moments by Tiago Audio: Silent Partner - Terminal D

This is the printing process of the labels for the lmtd edition Tees I'm making. The press is a DIY letterpress parallel plates. Paper feed and inking is held every time for each and one of the labels. The ink is offsets black (K) and the paper is recycled grey carton 500 gsm. The side cuts were also painted in black.

design print: www.faze.gr (All rights reserved)
music: Metaform - Crush

Film by Jason Travis / Print design & letterpress by Staci Janik / Sounds by Tikka / ©2012 MailChimp. All Rights Reserved.

Express Yourself es una exhibición de lettering y letterpress organizada por La Trastería, en la que 10 artistas mostrarán su habilidad para dibujar letras creando una lámina que será impresa de manera artesanal. Se celebrará durante el evento Entretipos que tendrá lugar el 20 de Abril en la escuela Elisava de Barcelona. Con el ánimo de reunir diversos estilos y mostrar diferentes tipos de lettering se podrán ver obras de: Ausias Pérez - Baimu Studio – Ivan Castro – Joluvian – Marta Cerdà Alimbau – Máx

The Beauty of Letterpress is presented by Neenah Paper and Crane® Papers as an online resource and showcase, featuring the best and most innovative letterpress work in the industry today. In addition, the community will be assisting the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum in their efforts to relocate and effectively salvage a priceless piece of letterpress history. There will be monthly issues curated by prominent designers, highlighting their favorite projects on the site. There will also be an accompanyi

Letterpress for modern classicists. atelierwerkstatt.at produced by TOUCHÉ Videoproduktion http://www.touchevideoproduktion.com/en/home_en/ https://www.facebook.com/touchevideoproduktion

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Video by Opposition Studios www.facebook.com/oppostudios Client: www.letterjazz.com Letterpress by www.letterjazz.com | www.praegedruck.org Letterpress-Inspiration, E-Bass-Klänge und ein Blick auf die Arbeitsproben des Print-Studios Letterjazz – eines der führenden Letterpress-Studios in Europa – transportiert dieser kleine Spot. Gestaltung Badges: Dirk Uhlenbrock, Letterjazz und www.ersteliga.de Drums by MrAdamOnDrums, Bass by Seetzen

1 color Letterpress, on 100% cotton Lettre paper, 110#, deckled edges.
Signed, Stamped and Numbered edition of 300. 10 inches x 13 inches, frame ready. Ships flat.

Music: "I saw a new Bird" by The Silver Wizard on Azra/Chlorophyl Records
Filmed on location at Aardvark Letterpress, Los Angeles, CA


Letterpress-Inspiration, E-Bass-Klänge und ein Blick auf die Arbeitsproben des Print-Studios Letterjazz – eines der führenden Letterpress-Studios in Europa – transportiert dieser kleine Spot. Website: http://letterjazz.com Blog: http://praegedruck.org Gestaltung und Produktion: Opposition Studios, Bonn – http://www.opposition-studios.de Gestaltung Badges: Dirk Uhlenbrock, Letterjazz und ersteliga.de Drums by MrAdamOnDrums, Bass by Seetzen

С лучшим качеством тут

Деревянный вечный календарь. Можно собрать год, название месяца и и календарную сетку.

A short video for a series in Flux Magazine, an online and print publication produced by students at the University of Oregon. It profiles two manual letterpress operators and explores why the craft still remains afloat in the digital age.

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Satzwerkstatt Solothurn - www.satzwerkstatt.ch Arthur Fischbach Produktion: SICHTFELD GmbH - www.sichtfeld.ch

Setting up, registering and printing of the second colour of a business card showing the complete process. The soundtrack features a composition written and performed by the creator of the video entitled "The Printer His Devil". The press being used in the video is a New Series Chandler Price 8x12.

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Video realizado por Natalia Labaké para Papel Principal. www.natalialabake.com.ar www.papelprincipal.com.ar

В этом (2011) году Королевская Академия Искусств в Дании, включила в обучение новое направление - студию наборной печати (типография). В ролике показано как несколько студентов погружаются в мир типографии.

This is a narrated video showing me printing one color with just a few details about my process

For their 25th year anniversary, we created a branding piece for Realtree, documenting the old process, used by Hammerpress, to print their limited edition posters. Created by MammothMedia.tv

Watch more like this at lynda.com/vimeo. Sometimes the best designs start offline—where there's no Cmd+Z. Dirk Fowler, graphic designer, professor, and poster maker, invites us into his studio, among the quiet clacking of his letterpress machines, to watch the work that goes into his simple yet evocative poster designs for musicians like Jeff Tweedy and Miranda Lambert. Dirk explains why things that are handcrafted are less likely to end up in the trash, and the satisfaction he gets from making things wi

Sometimes the best designs start offline—where there's no Cmd+Z. Dirk Fowler, graphic designer, professor, and poster maker, invites us into his studio, among the quiet clacking of his letterpress machines, to watch the work that goes into his simple yet evocative poster designs for musicians like Jeff Tweedy and Miranda Lambert.

Леттерхаус – это первая студия высокой печати в Самаре. Вручную печатаем визитки, приглашения и многое другое на печатном станке 19-го века.


[club51308233|HANDWOOD ► Inspire. Work. Travel.] - еще больше качественных фото и видео, приятной музыки, неповторимого дизайна, потрясающих творческих людей и теплой ламповой атмосферы для вашего вдохновения.

Stan Lane, a master Typesetter and Printer, talked to us about the process of printing our Letterpress Shakespeare series.

Lane has been setting type for The Folio Society for 25 years and is one of the few craftsmen still skilled in the fine art of letterpress printing. Although labour-intensive, l

This video is of my friends and I making wedding invitations. 13 presses total. Tons of work, but I think we are all happy with how they came out.

Video of ByFarr using their 1905 Chandler & Price Letterpress. Directed & Produced by: KICKSTANDSTUDIO.COM for ByFarr.com Music by Gauntlet Hair

Tim Musso Letterpress Workshop at Laguna College of Art and Design


Patrick Barrett of Lucky Duck Press inherited his antique foot-powered letterpress from the family business. His great-grandfather started The Sterling Press back in 1901, first printing paper goods and then moving on to cloth tapes. Patrick grew up watching his dad work the manual presses but didn't express interest until many years later, after studying theater in college.

See how the We R Memory Keepers Letterpress works.

никакие отпечатки, но в стиле. умеют.

Hamburg St. Pauli Millerntor Gallery #3 Vernissage 23. 5. 2013 http://www.facebook.com/MillerntorGallery Letterpress-Druck auf der Korrex, Pantone 172, Yeah Design: 2erpack studios // Hamburg // http://www.2erpack.com Druck: Officina Polychroma // Hamburg // http://polychroma.de/officina/

Shot with a Canon 7D

Mark Mothersbaugh - Nick Norah's Theme

Julie shares how to use embossing folders to create a quick and easy faux letterpress effect with the new Hero Arts Letterpress Papers. For more creative ideas, visit http://www.heroarts.com


Ever wonder how letterpress printing works?

This is the second filmstrip in a series Alan hopes to complete on the various printing techniques in use today. Blending education with ideology, the filmstrip presents a run down of the different parts and processes of setting your type and printing via the letterpress with Philip Cheaney. Filmed at the Independent Publishing Resource Center in Portland, OR.

For the first installment on offset printing, clic

Небольшой докупентальный фильм про историю технологий высокой печати

A short narrative documentary featuring Scott Hill, owner and operator of Evolution Letterpress in Seattle, Washington.

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Le travail quotidien chez Letterpress de Paris magnifié par les belles images d'Adeline Moreau. Ce film montre la création d'une carte de voeux dessinée par l'illustrateur Matthias Lehmann. Les techniques de fabrication : impression typographique (letterpress) et dorure à chaud.

100 ORIGINAL print business card letterpress Heidelberg.

In the second of our studio visit films (made in collaboration with Order), we visited the South London studio of independent letterpress printer, Kevin Smith, as he prepared for the Reverting To Type letterpress exhibition taking place at London's Standpoint Gallery in December...


Interview: Jane Horton Camera/Editing: Mark Lomas Music: 'Nocturne' by David Hartley

Серия фильмов об истории высокой печати

Printing from a homemade letterpress.

I can't comment on my own video: The design is from Readymade magazine. Look for the "Press Kit" article. I also blogged about it at http://pigsinpajamas.com/?p=180

Here's a quick video of my letterpress work, running on my 1910 C&P 8x12. The project is a simple graphic card utilizing some nice bright pms colors. The film, and plates were output and hand processed in the studio.

There is a real value in work that represents guts and glory. For more Guts Glory visit http://bit.ly/gutsglory<br/><br/>

Get a glimpse inside The Mandate Press and see how they produce fine letterpress printing from start to finish.

Apple juice Letterpress

Since 2006 Aixsponza has been producing full CG animations, channle brandings, channel branding, commercials and motion-graphics for worldwide leading brands like BMW, Audi and Red Bull, with a team of designers and technology geeks. Having been freelancing for them as a motion designer since the very early days of Aixsponza I also got commissioned now to take care of an overall re-branding. New Logo, new CI, Website, etc ... I'm really happy to have had this opportunity to do a re-branding of this calibr

A short letterpress film showing a little of the printing process to take our illustration from sketchbook to printing plate to the finished piece. The work featured in the film was for a new product from Bienwerk, a gentleman's luxury soap.

A 5-minute introduction to the LetterMpress project on Kickstarter.com
Check out the site at: http://kck.st/fSeL3B

Letterpress printing history, Steel Petal Press Chicago - printing on a C and P and an SP-15. Video by We are the Barkers

Una produzione Art Kitchen (www.artkitchen.org) Regia: Marco Proserpio & Jacopo Farina Artisti: Inamorarti (www.inamorarti.it)

Join Lisa Truesdell as she demos the new Studio Calico Letterpress plates in use with the Lifestyle Craft L-Letterpress platform.

For More Info or to Buy Now: http://www.hsn.com/redirect.aspx?id=il&url=http%3A//www.hsn.com/cnt/prod/default.aspx%3Fpfid%3D140924&afsrc=1&sourceid=youtube&cm_mmc=advsvc*youtube*na*140924
Lifestyle Crafts Letterpress Starter KitWhy pay print house prices when you can achieve professional-quality letterpress results at home for a fraction of the cost? With this starter kit and your...
Prices shown on the previously recorded video may not represent the current price. View hsn.com to view the current se

Watch Bella Figura's Jake Eichten demonstrate letterpress printing of a wedding invitation on our vintage Heidelberg Windmill press. View more Bella Figura letterpress invitations at http://www.bellafigura.com.

Letterpress Printing a Poster with Mike Burton. Shot and edited by Joshua Gerken. Music by The Celebrity Pilots. Commissioned by Joseph Hughes and the KSU Campaign for Change. Mikey Burton: http://www.mikeyburton.com The Celebrity Pilots: http://www.myspace.com/thecelebritypilots Nice Red Shorts: http://niceredshorts.com


Vocational film about careers in the printing industry.

Stock shots:
giant newspaper presses letterpress: composition; presswork; bindery work; linotype operators; monotype machines;
cylinder presses; handpresses; offset presses; high speed rotary presses

"Hand composition offers the opportunity f


A short film demonstrating the process of printing a page from Latin Vulgate.

I am printing with just a single roller, as the other one swelled up and needs replacing.
Sorts are added to the composing stick from the wrong end, as I am correcting mistakes found in the first proof, rather then setting new type.

A handmade Gutenberg letterpress that I built to make wedding announcements.

Photopolymer plate from Boxcarpress.com

Based on an instructable available at http://www.instructables.com/id/Build-a-Letterpress-%26-Use-It-to-Print-Things/

на vimeo более кошерно)

Luxury invitation designed by Ceci Johnson for a destination wedding in Lake Como, Italy. The design features a custom wax seal, laser-cutting and letterpress printing with a gold, burgundy and real color palette.

2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the death of the American poet Robert Frost. To commemorate and mark this occasion I have created a limited edition letterpress and linocut Christmas card to honour his work as a poet. From 1929 to 1962 Robert Frost send greeting cards at Christmas to his friends and loved ones. Each year he would write a poem for the cards. I have chosen my favorite one to share with you. Text set by hand and printed by William Doherty at The Distillers Press,

How to make a photopolymer plate in the sink, without expensive machinery.

The nobility of work. The value of dust, sweat and blood. The markings of those who aspire to achieve greatness. They represent more than the traits of those we admire. They represent the soul. Guts...Glory...Ram.

To see the Dodge Ram in person or for more information contact DCH Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Temecula at (888) 848-6860 or visit our website at http://www.dchchryslerjeepdodgeoftemecula.com

(888) 848-6860 SALES
(888) 486-0202 SERVICE
(888) 305-1199 PARTS

For the first time ever, you can use iPhoto to create your own letterpress cards that combine centuries-old printing techniques with your digital photos. The result? Beautiful cards with a unique look and feel.

BUINATV presents new photoshop tutorial that shows how to create impressive retro text in 9 minutes.

Original Tutorial:

Tutorial Source Files (includes: dirt texture, .PSD, Lobster Font, Eras Bold ITC Font, Patterns, final image):

Letterpress proofing press available for sale

More information details are available here:


A pdf of the instructions are here:


Questions comments, contact me here: http://affordablebindingequipment.com/contact/

The prototype of thi

Hand Eye, London. Phil Abel printing some Shakespeare using a Heidelberg Cylinder press, July 2009.
Film by Leo Griffin

Курс: Illustrator CC for the Web
Автор: Geoff Blake
Откуда: Train Simple
Дата выхода: хз
Кол-во видео: 33
Продолжительность: 3 Hours
Файлы: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/G4BW/6aZnae1oi

We spent the day with very talented artist, Alexander Landerman, capturing the process behind his letterpress work.

Music supplied by Jesse Daniels of Frog Crossing
Produced by VidWest Media

David Pankow of RIT demonstrates letterpress printing from movable metal type.

UA+ speaks with the president of Book Art Collective on how design students are following old practices and typesetting through the recently-expanded Book Arts & Letterpress Lab. Having to sort letters one at a time, ink the rollers and hand-crank a letterpress provides a sense of artistic satisfaction to an increasing number of University of Arizona students looking to expand their design skills.

A look at the printing of Signal Codes on a traditional iron hand press in Seattle, WA. Film and poster design by Matt Naylor http://www.matt-naylor.com Printed by Sara McNally http://www.constellationco.com Music by S. Carey Prints available on Etsy. http://www.etsy.com/shop/mattnaylorco

How to create the Letterpress effect together in Illustrator and Photoshop.This tutorial covers that in two parts, the first, the creation of a vector emblem inside Illustrator and the second, applying layer styles to the vector artwork using Photoshop for creating the letterpress effect.

More From Elias Sarantopoulos

http://www.3rdelement.com/ - Learn At Your Own Pace





We visit the San Francisco Center for the Book to learn about letterpress printing and earn another maker merit badge. We're shown how modern letterpress practice uses a combination of century-old machines and new technology, and put those lessons to use in designing and making our new Tested business cards!

Learn more about San Francisco Center for the Book at http://sfcb.org/

It’s a long time since newspapers were printed by letterpress, and even longer since they were typeset by hand from moveable type. Today this wonderfully slow and antiquated craft is typically the reserve of limited edition posters, fine press books and, at the other end of the scale, wedding invites and kitsch greetings cards. Extra Condensed then, is something of a unique offering. A little letterpress newspaper, painstakingly designed, typeset and printed entirely by hand, using only traditional

Film tourné dans les ateliers de BADCASS à Quimperlé en Bretagne ( http://www.badcass.com ) et sur lequel nous avons travaillé la post production en tracking motion design avec Adobe after effects. Pour plus d'infos: AT-WORK Productions Web: www.at-work.fr Tel: +33(0)1 83 64 14 34 Mail: contact@at-work.fr

Печатаем новогодние открытки. Высокая печать (letterpress).

We visited the wonderful graphic designers from Reykjavík Letterpress on a Monday afternoon at their studio in the city center of Reykjavík. Hildur Sigurðardóttir and Ólafar Birnu Garðarsdóttir founded their studio in 2010 after the financial crisis has given them a bit more time. They decided to move away from the established means of graphic design to rather specialize in one of the oldest forms of printing that didn't even exist in Iceland before.

Pam Lobb of Graven Feather in Toronto, Canada walks you through how to use a vintage letterpress to create a unique print on paper.

Presented by atplay.io -- the world's first user-generated learning library.

There are parallels between letterpress and the brewing processes: letterpress is becoming a lost art—similar to how the art of brewing was almost lost until its recent rebirth—and both require a great sense of design, a high degree of craftsmanship and strong attention to detail. Each of these Founders posters was hand struck, one at a time, by a team of three operators/artists, and has been printed on 100% Cotton, 140# Archival Legion Revere, standard white paper. The press used was a Vandercook 219AB

Design and Live Action Direction for The Richards Group's gritty "Guts Glory: Letterpress" commercial. The spot, part of the on air "Guts. Glory. Ram" campaign for Dodge Ram features the voice of Sam Elliot and was filmed on location at the International Printing Museum in Carson, CA. Production company: Prologue Films Executive Producer: Kyle Cooper Design Director: Simon Clowes Producers: Ian Dawson, Lee Buckley Editor: Gabriel Diaz Live Action: Prologue Films Director: Simon Clowes Line

In collaboration with:
Phil Cao: http://cargocollective.com/philippecao
Kebei Li: http://kebeili.com/ - Shot with a 5D Mark 2 - 35mm f1.4 and 16-35 f2.8
See more of my work: http://callil.com/

This video was created for the final of a class called fiction into film. It was shot and edited with principles of movie-making and story telling in mind with help from a textbook called Film Art.

The soundtrack was and still is a source of confusion. This version is mainly ambient sounds with no narration or explanation. I like the idea, but for a 7 minute video it ends up moving kind of slowly.
I am in the processing of making a track in which the printed poem is read to test if that makes any difference.
The poem itself is one I picked for it's relevance to what I am doing everyday, making. It is also written by my namesake, Kahlil (or khalil) Gibran, a poet and writer. The printed section is the first paragraph of a section called Work in a part of a book called

Мы печатаем уникальные изделия на американском тигельном прессе который работал еще когда Титаник даже не спустили на воду. Заботливое отношение к истории и мастерству ручной печати.
Мы можем напечатать уникальные визитные карты, свадебные и деловые приглашения и многое другое.
Мастерская Высокой Печати «Суворов и Ко» - www.letter-press.ru

Swash Press is built around the passion for anything paper along with great typography and design. From her days as a young girl, Owner Julie Cook has been fascinated with paper and ink, which has lead her to Swash Press. Along with her business partner Mikal Foushée, they have created a stunning body of work all created by hand using classic letterpress techniques. Enjoy little peak behind the scenes of Swash Press. http://www.swashpress.com

Чернила и машинка для тиснения Cuttlebug

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A look behind the scenes at the letterpress printing process for the Ugmonk 7th Anniversary Set packaging. Letterpress printing has been around for hundreds of years but still creates a beautiful, tactile print that digital printing just can't replicate. Limited edition sets available here: http://ugmonk.com/7 (only 300 ever made) --- Original music by Vyking - soundcloud.com/vykingmusic Letterpress printing by Paper Meets Press - http://papermeetspress.com --- Shot on GH4 + Sigma 18-35mm + Metabones

This video shows the process of letterpress printing a christmas card calendar on a 1960s Heidelberg Windmill with three colors on each side.


Высокая печать в Printall
#Printall #printallspb #принтол #типография #печать #высокаяпечать #высокаяпечатьвизитки #высокаяпечатьспб #дизайн #design #visitcard #полиграфия @ Saint Petersburg, Russia

[club51308233|HANDWOOD ► Inspire. Work. Travel.] - еще больше качественных фото и видео, приятной музыки, неповторимого дизайна, потрясающих творческих людей и теплой ламповой атмосферы для вашего вдохновения.

A short documentary portrait about William Amer, a letterpress printer and instructor based in Rockley NSW, Australia. For more information about William, visit www.willamer.com.au Music: Dexter Britain - ‘Ideas’ (licensed through the music bed) Edited in Final Cut Pro X and Graded with FilmConvert

This video was made to explain the letterpress printing process. Video and graphic by Davide Tomatis Printed @ Archivio Tipografico Music: 7StairsUp - Control

In 1929, the Los Angeles City Directory listed 42 letterpresses and 17 paper companies in Downtown. Now, there are only 2 left. One is the oldest paper shop in Los Angeles. The other is a printer that uses technology over 600 years old.

[club56168376|Magazine Design] — Дизайн периодических изданий

Братья по разуму печатают шикарные постеры

Somersault Letterpress is one part letterpress + one part creative - the brainchild of Mitch Hanson + Amy Pienta. Mitch may have been born with machine parts in his hand and Amy more likely a pencil, but when the two met and combined talents, Somersault took shape - solidifying a love of vintage machinery and the arts.

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2014 год
Sergey Rasskazov

From the Smithsonian traveling exhibition American Letterpress: The Art of Hatch Show Print, this video shows you the art of letterpress printing as practiced by a 125-year-old Nashville, TN, print shop. Learn why only a handful of letterpress shops still exist in American and why this one is so influential in the music and entertainment industry. A great look at the craft.

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Paper: Gmund Colors I 07 Color: HKS 15N, Pantone Warm Gray 5 U,Black Letterpress by http://www.letterjazz.com Illustration by www.edelmeier.net

Короткометражный фильм о высокой печати.


Letterpress Printing on a Chandler & Price Clamshell press.

This is the story of how we put together a letterpress project, from concept to design and then letterpress printed with our Original Heidelberg Windmill. --- About this project: The Mohawk Show is one of a few events that sets a standard within the graphic design community. We knew graphic designers would be attending the show to admire and be inspired by the work, and Raleigh wanted us to create something tangible that these attendees could take away with them. They would already be walking away inspi

In this video I design and build a desk mount for my Kelsey 3x5 press. Thanks for watching and subscribing, and hit that thumbs up if you liked the video!

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Create a beautiful background to add to your cards using the embossing folders that you have in your "Stash" and some water based inks. The card stand is covered in the tutorial Creating Card Stands in the tutorials I have added to YouTube....

Hydraulic Letterpress Printing Press available for sale

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Очень функциональный пресс с использованием обычного домкрата

This video was created by Whit Mahan with Atmos Productions. Letterpress printing has been around for centuries. Through the use of hand setting type or a linotype machine, each word was individually created and specifically placed for print. Over time, press machines moved from storefronts to basements to make way for newer print methods. However, the craftsmanship of letterpress print was not lost. In fact, today it is celebrated as a rare and precious art. There have been many advances to letterpress

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Why hasn't letterpress died? A documentary about the survival of letterpress printing featuring remarkable printers who are preserving the history and making the craft thrive.

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Краф-видео для энтузиастов и больших поклонников высокой печати, моих друзей, ребят, которые называют себя «Степная сорока». В честь празднования года со дня основания, мы решили сделать памятное видео. Из отснятого материала получился на только ролик на 3 минуты, но и loop-background для сайта. Смотрите и не забывайте отметить видео, если оно вам понравилось. Мне будет приятно, спасибо. This is the 1st anniversary memorable video for the Letterpress Studio "Steppie Magpie".

Learning to print broadsides on an old Vandercook cylinder press, with movable lead/wood type and linoleum block carvings. Music: Do Make Say Think - Chinatown

This is a 1959 Heidelberg printing press. It is one of the most complex pure mechanical machines you'll ever see.

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The story of the birth of the worlds first uniquely designed, 3D printed Letterpress font

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Im Druck-Atelier Letterjazz, mitten im Ruhrgebiet, kam alles zusammen: Kreative, Kontrabass-Klänge, alte Druckmaschinen und eine geteilte Passion für außergewöhnliche, gedruckte Kostbarkeiten aus Papier. Im Essener Letterpress-Studio entsteht ein fein gemachtes CD-Packaging für das Jazzquintett des Kontrabassisten Caspar van Meel. Das Video fängt die Atmosphäre der Arbeit im Druck-Atelier ein und zeigt fleißige Hände sowohl an Buchdruckmaschinen als auch am Kontrabass.

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Making of the Letterpress Poster for RÖMERTURM Feinstpapier, www.roemerturm.de. It took 5 steps to create this piece of art, format 30 x 40 cm: Offset printing in 4c + 3c letterpress, 1c hot foil, punches and application of 5 paper specimen. Design: ersteliga büro für gestaltung www.ersteliga.de Production: Letterjazz Print Sudio, www.letterjazz.com

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La Granja Grafica son Gaby y Elies, una diseñadora argentina y un artista impresor catalán. Juntos han creado este taller de estampación especializado en impresión tipográfica y letterpress donde se respira buen gusto y pasión por el diseño y la artesanía. www.granjagrafica.com

In today's video tutorial I'll show you a bunch of techniques for creating trendy vintage style letterpress print or rubber stamp effects for your logos in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

With Letterpress by MOO, we wanted to create a beautifully tactile class of Business Cards that’s certain to get you and your business noticed. Created by our Product Designer, Paul Thorogood, Letterpress Business Cards combine the craftsmanship of traditional letterpress with the modern ease of digital printing, for a product entirely unique to MOO. Features include: Premium Luxe paper stock with a remarkably tactile letterpress texture 12 unique designs each paired with a complimentary ink or blind debo

В этом видео показан основной метод подготовки печатного полимерного клише для высокой печати. Видео на английском, но в целом все понятно.

Sentir, tocar, percibir el relieve, la profundidad de la forma sobre el papel...es una sensación distinta donde tu diseño se convierte en metal en nuestras "Minervas". La mimamos, aplicamos la tinta sobre el papel y con mucho cariño le damos esa sensación que buscas, le damos vida a tu idea para que quede plasmada para siempre, nuevo y viejo a la vez. En Omán Impresores somos amantes del letterpress.

I recently spent several months working with the family run Typoretum, a letterpress workshop based in the sleepy village of Coggeshall, Essex, UK. Essentially a working museum, Justin Knopp has built Typoretum by collecting and acquiring letterpress equipment over a period of more than 20 years. This is an incredible place to learn and make work. I worked with the brilliant Áine O'Meara / Enda O'Dowd / Yellow Brick Media to produce this video as a thank you to Typoretum for all the access to such an am