Lights and Water

Panasonic, the strategic partner of the UNESCO World Heritage Centre, has captured World Heritage sites in Turkey - "Historic Areas of Istanbul ," "Goreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia ," and "Hierapolic-Pamukkale " - with its professional 4K camera, VARICAM 35. The beautiful high definition footage showcases the different facets of the timeless legacies of light, shadows, and flowing water. (The original footage was shot and edited in 4K). Video recorded on VariCam 35 Watch aslo Be

We run the Berkey through a real test filtering local river water. The water ended up being very good.

What a Wonderful World
Water and Light Show
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

In July 2012, Gillette celebrated the achievements of the US Olympic team with a large-scale, projection event and web video. Over three nights, Klip produced and shot building projections in and around the City of Boston including mobile projections of Tyson Gay running along a fence. The production concluded with the main event, featuring water screen projections in the Boston Harbor outside of the Institute of Contemporary Art.

This video won the weekend Vimeo competition in Oct. 2009

No Cuts
No Movements
No Nothing
1 Minute

The new graphics update has hit the Development Branch on Steam. Check it out and let me know what you think of the new lighting and water shader. Personally I like it better than the current lighting. Keep in mind that this is still in development and anything can change.

I used Ultra graphics settings @ 1080p with TrackIR.
View Distances: Overall 6534, Object 4000 and Shadows at 114.
Anti Aliasing: SMAA Very High

Frame counter is in the top left.

Music by: The Secession Studios.
Song used: "Stasis Mi