LinkyFocus LF1 Starter Kit

LinkyFocus speaks the MTP/PTP protocol of your Canon, and let possible to control all parameters and act as a complete remote, including changing focus in three continuous speeds also while recording movies. LinkyFocus uses the internal autofocus motor in Canon (and third party) lenses, to control focus. Driven by an electronic position encoder, it allows to make fine adjustments of focus while rotating slowly the knob, or rotating faster automatically switch on the fly two other available lens speeds. This compact system works in any LiveView modes, which can be useful for film making. On the unit are available up to 11 push buttons to start/stop the recording and for other features. Can be used as remote control for a camera mounted on a crane or jib, can work with normal USB extension cables up to 15-20 meters in length. Each unit have an internal communication protocol (public, open) that can be used to interface external products to act as remote/triggers and change every parameter of the camera, pull