Little Satellites

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Little Boots performs "Satellite" live at the Echoplex in Echo Park / Los Angeles, CA, on May 2, 2013.

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She's as free as a blue horizon Im a slave to this gravity And every night i hope and pray that she'll come back down to me
I keep my eyes on the stars I track the heavens above my lonely world im tracking her trajectory shes my baby, shes my little satellite
we met at the lunar hilton on a sea of tranquility and maybe i was dreamin but we was shacked up at the honeymoon suite
she was a wonderful girl it was a heavenly night but the stars were wrong i woke up she was gone like a memory just out of

Original on the new album Nocturnes - Out Now
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just something that i found on the internet and wanted to put on youtube. Enjoy!

Original song- "little satellite" by Blossom

*I own nothing but the video that I edited*

Hello everybody and welcome back to another video. ^w^
I know I've posted a video earlier today already but this song just WOW'd me so I had to. I just had to. ^-^
I like this and Bad Apple since they sound almost identical. ^w^
Oh, this might be my last video for some time. I probably will be back uploading videos during a special occasion.
I hope you guys enjoy! ^_^

Singer: Senya

'Little Boy' was written, played and produced by Johnny Vic on 04.09.2015 in response to the images of Aylan Kurdi in the news - the very young Syrian Refugee washed up on a beach in Turkey.

Johnny states:
‘As father of a 5 year old boy, last Wednesday’s picture of Aylan Kurdi - the Syrian boy washed up on the Turkish beach - broke my heart. What must have been this little boy’s last moments? What was going through his little confused mind? Little boys are meant to be safe and cared for. A family’s dreams

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You have until 26th August 2013 to submit your entry. After this deadline, the w

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feat. LP & Trevor Menear. Beatles cover done ala Joe Cocker at The Satellite Los Angeles 11/24/14

Shot by: Brad Schulz