Lolly Jane Blue - White Swan - Sil van der Woerd

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Мир растворился в дожде
Семенем на ветру
Я прорасту сквозь него

(Монтра Шерер)

[Lolly Jane Blue - White Swan] - Sil van der Woerd

- Белый Лебедь (Лолли Джейн Блу,-Сил ван дер Уоерд ,

In the depths of a dark machinery world lies Lolly Jane Blue, exhausted, soaked. As she starts to sing of escaping her situation a mesmerizing world unfolds.

White Swan is Sil van der Woerd's second music video for singer Lolly Jane Blue. The video was shot in a dead coal mine in Belgium with the Red One camera. The post production was done in collaboration with students from Gnomon School of Visual Effects.