Louis CK #1

Перевод - Артём Ионов (vk.com/ionoff24)
Выступление Луи 1996 года в рамках "Comedy Half Hour" на Comedy Central

Louis CK stand up comedian

original video:
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Louis CK in his stand up special Chewed Up, on Showtime.

http://maximof.com/ - метод изучения языка

You Do Get More Respect Being Crazy Than Stupid :D

original video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bTFtbY...
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다음 업로드는 케빈 하트의 Seriously Funny 아니면 루이스 ck의 가장 최근작 Oh My God 으로 할까 하는데 oh my god 은 아직 영어판으로도 풀버젼은 유투브에 없기 때문에 저작권 문제에 휘밀릴까 두렵네요. 뭐 다른 제안 있으면 댓글 달아주세요 얼마 안 달릴테니 다 읽어보고 재&

Louis CK Interview on Inside Comedy with David Steinberg. February 12, 2013
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T0-yZQdFUC0
Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cXQbnEQLvew

Перевод - Артём Ионов (vk.com/ionoff24)
17 минут материала, не вошедшего в оригинальную версию выступления One Night Stand 2005 года

Stand up comedian Louis CK with slovak subtitles

One Night Stand deleted scenes part 1

Hello person watching this. This is what it is: A scene that I shot for the pilot of LOUIE which never made air for season one, and is on the SEASON 1 DVD available today, June 21st. It features comedians Nick Dipaolo, Rachel Feinstein, Todd Barry and the great Rick Shapiro.
the DVD is available here...
and make sure to watch the season premiere of LOUIE season 2 this THURSDAY, june 23rd at 10:30PM on FX

all voices provided by Louis CK. enjoy


Hi. I'm Louis CK. I'm at the Improv in Louisville KY this weekend, thursday thru SAturday. 1/22-24.
Please come to the show.


Comedian Louis CK watches 2 girls 1 cup on The Opie and Anthony Show

Women are non-violent, but they will shit inside your heart!