Louis CK #3


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Выступление комика Луи Си Кея в Нью-Йорке 8.03.04г.<br/><br/>


very fucked up jokes that I mostly never told again. Just a strange set I did in Eugene Mirman's room in the East Village

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Выступление Луи 1996 года в рамках "Comedy Half Hour" на Comedy Central

You Do Get More Respect Being Crazy Than Stupid :D

Louis CK in his stand up special Chewed Up, on Showtime.

More Louis CK greatness...

Louis CK stand up comedian

this is Ricky Gervais's's's cameo as "Doctor Ben" on the third aired episode of "Louie" on FX every Tuesday at 11pm.

Перевод - vk.com/ionoff24
Выступление Луиса 1996 года в рамках "Comedy Half Hour" на Comedy Central

Выступление Луи в рамках «Comedy Half Hour» на Comedy Central (1996 год)

The great Sarah Baker delivers this last scene from episode 3 of LOUIE.

LOUIE will be on FX with TWO episodes every MONDAY starting at 10pm. Next week: Elevator 2 and 3.

February 24, 2011: Louis CK on the Opie and Anthony Radio Show continuing the discussion of how our attitudes as consumers are devaluing our lives and culture.

This part he talks about business rivalry (specifically VHS vs. BetaMax and Microsoft vs. Apple), local business philosophy versus that of large corporations, and the changing attitudes of the American consumer with regards to privacy and individuality.

Part Three continues here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gnZCFnuZIcs <br/><br/>