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“Another clip of @megmyersofficial from yesterday's set at @x1029 with @_lucky_you #x1029 #megmyers #studioset #studio #lemoneyes”

“check out the A-Z video I did with @id_magazine links in bio 😎 comment done when you have watched it and tell @id_magazine and I what you think /// and…”

“| #fbf | If you know me, you know how obsessed I am with clippers and the idea of one day shaving my head. Lucky for me @charlesbakerstrahan knows when…”

“Awesome @megmyersofficial set at the @x1029 studio with @_lucky_you

#megmyers #studioset #music #acoustic”


January 22nd at Lucky Strike Live in Hollywood, CA.

Line up:
Robb Flynn (Guitar)
Dave Grohl (Guitar)
Eddie Veliz (Guitar)
Jason Christopher (Bass)
Roy Mayorga (Drums)

Shockermaniac gave me this clip

Women gets shot in the butt with a dart and her skirt gets bitten showing her slip

120326-27 Nagoya Beautiful Show

"Мы сделали это ! Празднование 100 эпизода с нашим кастом, которые: наши друзья, наша семья, наши вампиры - соучастники преступления. Люблю и поздравляю вас всех - мы буквально не могли сделать это без каждого из вас. Спасибо вам за ваш талант, трудолюбие и улыбающиеся лица каждый день... Это то, что заставляет меня улыбаться. Особенно в 5 утра, когда я, приступаю к работе, или возвращаюсь (после долгой ночной съемки. Ха-ха вместе, ВСЕ МЫl!! #vampirefamilyforlife #ucky. #TVD100"

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Junhyung hugging her and she is holding Woonie's banner..:)

голос еще недораспел для этой песни, но звучит хорошо :)


An Evening With Corey Taylor - 'You Got Lucky' - Garage London, 12 July 2011 (Tom Petty)

а вы получаете удовольствие от езды на низком автомобиле?
они да

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Mixed and mastered at SoKnox Studios in Knoxville, TN for DigiTrax Entertainment. Executive producer: Joseph Vangieri

September 2 NY somewhere i9n Central Park

[Fancam] 120526 BEAST with Lucky Fan ♥ during YOU (Beautiful Show in Thailand)
by: gdsayham
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I never thought that I will love this pair to this extent. Their chemistry is really overflowing and after episode 10 omo I swear it goes beyond amazing. Ryuuuuu!!!! you're so adorable...I can't...I just...I'm really speechless...why are you doing this to me? I inlove with you? just like what the song is saying...I never imagined I'd like're not even my type...but can't help to fall for your charm... this is the first time I've watch your show yet you gave me a lasting impression... Congrat

1.12.2012. Broome County Veterans Memorial Arena, Binghamton, NY.
Любительская запись.

She wants my package!

Featuring Stephanie Fantauzzi

A Lucky Brand spot I did.