Lufthansa cargo MD11

Cockpit View of Female Captain landing Lufthansa Cargo MD11 F - Nairobi

Amazing MiG-29 Cockpit View Flight of Earth ,Incredible view of MiG-29 Cockpit View Flight
My first time to Samos LGSM Airport as First Officer.
Video shows visual approach and landing from the north, coming from Berlin Tegel (TXL). Departure vice versa to the north back to Düsseldorf (DUS).
Aircraft was an Airbus A320-214, D-ABDP. Commanders landing.

Thanx to my capt

Crossing the North Atlantic on NAT tracks has aircraft in the same direction separated by 1000' instead of the usual 2000' which makes for some great views. We were at Flight Level 310 and travelling at mach 0.84 only about 10-15kts faster than the MD11 which I guess was flying at 0.82. Unfortunately they didn't have cameras.

3LAU - "All Night Long (LMFAO, Ellie Goulding, Mann, Darth and Vader)"