Luna Lament


Bronytoons humbly presents: Luna's Lament

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Thank you everyone and I hope all of you enjoy our first short. It took many months of hard work to complete as we slowly got together as a team and learned to work together. It's been awesome.

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Eredeti videó (original video):

Download: will upload remastered version to bandcamp
A thematic representation of how I think Luna must have lamented her actions while banished on the moon. Before anger once again took over her and she shook such thoughts from her head.
The inspiration to write this came from my anger and sadness at the fact that some people have all the luck and fans.
I composed this in like 1 hour plus sequencing time.


Hey everyone! So I wanted to go back and apply everything I've learned to my very first song. It's hard to believe that I've come this far in music; I thought I would've never gotten this far. But it was all because of you guys :D Thank you for being awesome! Hope you like the revamp! I've learned a couple of tricks from this revamp ;)

Completion Time: ~11 Hours

Program/Plug ins used:
~~FL Studio
~Edirol Orchestral
~EWQL StormDrum
~Galaxy Vienna Grand Piano

I've been playing with this chord progression for the last month and the words and melody finally hit me last night.

I couldn't imagine being strong in Celestia's position. This song is the blues for her. (good thing it ends well after a thousand years, right? ;)
(EDIT: Well, I guess I could imagine it but I don't think I could handle it.)

Composed by Samuel Dickenson for the Bronytoons animation "Luna's Lament".

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Military Оrchestra - Confederate military march

Hello everyone! This is my very first song that I've ever made (not to mention video wise as well). The brony community is incredible. I wanted to contribute to this amazing community by making music as many others have. This piece took me about 6 hours to make, a lot longer than it should have! (I blame the melody, for my first song it was hard to take the melody out of my head and put it into the program!) I hope you guys like it! Sorry if any crackling or static occurs when the music is playing, I still am trying to understand how music works, so I apologize in advance if this does occur.

BIG SHOUTOUT to TheLivingTombstone, MicTheMicrophoneZero, and PonyVisation for being my inspiration! :D

Program used: FL Studio 10

Image is not mine,


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As seen on Equestria Daily!

Song: Luna's Lullaby, Celestia's Lament
Instrumental & Lyrics: Star Charmer
Performed by : Star Charmer


14.08.11 Main Stage / Hildesheim / Germany

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Synthy shy Solo. Luna Lament
inspired from Fluttershy Lament.