MLP: Dreaming Waiting (original by Matthew Mosier)

another scootaloo song!?! have i got some kind of chicken crush??? maybe a little ;)
when i first heard this song i loved it so much i asked if i could cover it. matthew seemed happy to humor me and i went away...and did nothing...BUT then i listened to the song again and just HAD to start the cover right away. i just hope i did this justice. anyway have a listen and some free of charge links to ponder over. and make sure to check out matthew mosier. he's a great musician :D

Original song:


Spread my wings and fly
Take to the sky
It might be hard
But it's worth it; falling really hurts

This chance I've made
My own mistakes. I
Can make the change
The second chance is coming
My way.

And I'll fly higher than the clouds,
I'll fly higher than the sun and the moon
I'll f