MLP FIM "Cheerilee" Dustykat befriends Bronyfied!

Please listen with the 720p version; it will sound better. This is because
YouTube recompresses the audio when it is scaling down the videos to
smaller than 720p, which can make the audio on 480p or smaller videos
sound terrible.

This video is a parody, and is protected as such under U.S. copyright law.
All trademarks used belong to their respective holders; no infringement is
intended. Put down the lawyer and back away slowly.

So Bronies, are you ready to ROCK!!!

Many thanks and brohoofs to Bronyfied for his awesome lead guitar licks on this track. Go love him!

Title card made from this awesome Cheerilee wallpaper by: Luckydjesty

This is a parody of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic and Thin Lizzy's "Rosalie" which was released in 1972. Go, listen to some awesome rock and roll&#