Mac Miller - Of The Soul

Directed & Edited By Rex Arrow
Shot by Patrick Stroub
Produced by Noam Harary
Choroegraphy By Jules Bakshi

I Do Not Own This.

Mac Miller - Of The Soul Music Video
Blue Slide Park

Looks like I wrote this song on paper
First time I did that in like 3 years..
My handwriting is horrible and I can barely read this

[Verse 1: Mac Miller]
Hey, hey, don't even know what's in my head anymore tho
Uh, figured out I ain't gonna go to college, Lee Corso
Fuckin' girls but I never kept the door closed
Want you all to hear the way I put it in her torso
I ain't normal, I'm clinically i

Rex Arrow Films, Rostrum Records TreeJTV Present...

Mac Miller
Of The Soul (Produced By ID Labs)
Off Of Mac's Debut Album, Blue Slide Park (

Directed By Ian Wolfson
Produced By Noam Harary
Cinematography: Patrick Stroub
Choreography: Jules Bakshi
Dancers: Stephanie Scull, Shyrelle Kalilikane, Ellena Takos
Executive Producer: Benjy Grinberg
Marketing Promotion: Arthur Pitt

OFFICIAL Instrumental Recreated and remixed by Chase Caffey

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