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Journey with the 686 team as they find their lines through one of the most unique runs ever put together on a mountain - the Holy Bowly at Mammoth Mountain. Watch the 686 team including Ryan Tarbell, Riley Nickerson, Shuhei

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Avian films was sent to Mammoth to shoot some snowboarding and skiing with the cinistar 8 blade heli and Photoship one 3x pro gimbal with radian stabilizersl. Camera used was the fs100.

Brandon Davis and Spencer Whiting got after it over in Mammoth before they jet off to China for the Red Bull Nanshan Open. With limited snow they made the most of it and hot lapped Main Park all day trying to avoid the holiday crowds.

Spencer Whiting (@spencerwhiting)
Brandon Davis (@brandonjdavis

Fiolmed by:
Brandon Davis
Spencer Whiting

We scout an enemy outpost with our owl friend before breaking through the gate atop a massive woolly mammoth.


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Not many places in the world have spring time riding like California. With the warm weather, good snow, and friendly people it can be one of the best states to sack up to that trick you have been waiting all year to try, or grab a few last day on the hill with your friends. And out of all the resorts in California, Mammoth is one of the best. Which is why it’s no surprise that year after year pros from all over the world flock here when the temperatures rise and the days grow longer.

Riders: Greg Bretz, Ja

SNOWBOARDS - сноуборд видео, новости, фото

Jordan Small and Castro shred opening weekend at Mammoth. Throw in a little skateboarding at the Lone Pine skate park and some art from the give/take spot on the 395 and you have a fun little weekend!

You can connect with @ThirtyTwo on Twitter, Instagram, and for the latest on the brand and its riders.

SNOWBOARDS - сноуборд видео, новости, фото

Mammoth Hot Laps 2 is filled with bangers. Check out this stacked edit now.

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Springfest is right around the corner. Wonder what Springfest on Mammoth Mountain is really like? Check out footage of the annual pond skim Peanut Butter and Rail Jam and the best spring bumps around!

We are skiers - всё о лыжах

Mammoth team athlete Lonnie Kauk hits Main Park for some late-season shredding with his brother and a special tribute to a special member of our family whom we lost. RIP Chelone.

Mike Ravelson and friends spinning some springtime laps at Mammoth Mountain CA. Shredders- Mike Ravelson Dan Liedahl Alex Lopez Jake Selover Scott Blum Richie Conklin Film/Edit- Seth Huot Location- Little Chino Skatepark Mammoth Mountain Ca Music- Agent Orange "Last Goodbye"

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
World EDM Festival

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The Unbound parks have been firing this season, and Mammoth Mountain kicks off a brand new web series 'HOT LAPS' right here with all the action that been going down. Jaeger Bailey. PHOTO: Peter Morning

PAPER KNIFE Performed by YPPAH Written by JOSE CORRALES JR (ASCAP) Published by Third Side America (ASCAP) o/b/o Just Isn't Music Ltd. Courtesy of Ninja Tune

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Video for Steel Mammoth's Nightmare Ad Nauseam from the Ektro, Full Contact, Karkia Mistika release Nuclear Rebirth.

Directed, edited and shot by Sami Sänpäkkilä
Lights by Alpo Nummelin
Actor Garfield Steel

SNOWBOARDS - сноуборд видео новости фото

This cut we filmed along the way of Utah, Nevada and California sums up 3 weeks of the road trip that lead us to Mammoth Mountain where we filmed for 2 days. Thanks Melissa for helping me film and to all my sponsors for making it possible : Volkl, Dakine,, Oakley and GoPro. I hope you will enjoy the travel through this cut and picture yourself in those incredible places we got lucky enough to discover.

After a year hiatus, the anticipation for the 2016 edition of the Holy Bowly was immense. On Monday, April 11th, Snowboy Productions head honcho, Krush Kulesza opened the gates and 150 snowboarders, all stripes of turning styles present, flooded into the largest transition paradise ever built. The crew of riders is one of the most epic assembled, the Mammoth Unbound-pushed course is absolutely insane and the snowboarding that has already gone down as everyone has started to find lines and pick apart the bum

March Madness in Mammoth Unbound

SNOWBOARDS - сноуборд видео новости фото

Catching up with Matt Walker and friends in Mammoth Lakes, California.

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We went to Mammoth at the end of May to finish up filming for Wreckallections. We met up with Bull and Yohei (Armada Japan) for the weekend. The last day of the trip was one of the best. The sun was out, the vibes were right, and nobody was there; we had the park to ourselves. Here are a few shots from the session. -Mike Hornbeck

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This is Seb Toots Gangster Character video filmed at Mammoth Mountain California. Filmed and Edited by Sunset Films with a 5D Mark III in 4 hours.

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It looks like the rumours were right (thanks IGN Turkey). Here's our first look at Far Cry Primal, described as a "full-fledged single player experience". Set in 10,000BC it features mammoths and other things that are not as important as mammoths.

The release date is set for 23rd February, 2016 for the PS4 and Xbox One, whilst it hits PC in March.

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SNOWBOARDS - сноуборд видео новости фото

Spring shredding at Mammoth Mountain in California with Jordan Small, Brandon Hobush, Jared Dawoud, Joe Sexton, Desiree Melancon, Dylan Alito and Christian Hobush.

You can connect with @ThirtyTwo on Twitter, Instagram, and for the latest on the brand and its riders.

Tercer episodio del viaje a Mammoth Mountain, California. Para disfrutar de los demás capítulos, visita

Get psyched for this winter by watching Jaeger Bailey take it up a notch in the Mammoth Unbound Terrain Parks. His trick selection is next level, and it may take a few plays to fully comprehend all the moves he does in this edit. Don't know what to call it, but when Jaeger slams his board under the blue tube on the QP, sick and twisted.

SNOWBOARDS - сноуборд видео новости фото

Supreme S**t Collective Female Artist DT BLANCO is back again with another TEXAS banger ... FLEXA$™ Produced by Mister Mammoth... GET USED TO ME. $$™

FREE MUSIC: DT BLANCO - FLEXA$™ (prod. by Mister Mammoth)

All my best shots from Mammoth this past season Thanks for the support Dynastar Jiberish Dragon CLWR

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♪ Stumbleine - Kaleidoscope

Me getting Big Air off of hair jump at mammoth mountain

The boys got a few days down in Mammoth Lakes, CA to get after some good park riding before our trip to Japan. Mammoth had more than expected with considerably a low snow amount at the time, but the park was on fire. The shooting came to an early stop unfortunately because of an injury to one of our riders Charles Morris. Charles took a pretty bad slam during a windy day

Сравнение Гигантский бобер GiantBeaver и Мамонт Mammoth для добычи дерева.
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Once again Mammoth Mountain is the KING of SPRING for the 2012-2013 winter season. We still have a 6-15 feet of snow for our base.

So where do Will Wesson and Cole Drexler from the Traveling Circus and Line Skis fame go in the spring? Yeah, Mammoth. We have 3 world class parks open and numerous beginner and intermediate parks.

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When we kruised up to Mammoth for opening weekend we were all just lurking for that good stuff and thats just what we found except ticket prices were through the roof it shaped out to be a rad time of early season boarding. Featuring Snowboarding by Bob Abrams, Steven Abrams, Jake Schaible, Robert Toste, and Andrew Paine. Video by: Kyle Schafer

Харьковчане сделали прототип электро байка

KHS dominated this past weekend in Mammoth taking 1-2 in the downhill race, and taking 2nd in Dual Slalom.

Sage Kotsenburg and Jamie Anderson took top honors at the third slopestyle finals at the 2014 Mammoth Grand Prix, securing their places on the US Olympic Slopestyle Team, though the official team members have yet to be announced. See what went down in the Unbound park for yourself in this video of the event. Check out photos, recap, and results.
Opening Day at the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park [6.10] is closing in and the team at Mammoth has some big plans in store for the 2016 season. Huge events, new trails and the same commitment to progression that makes Mammoth the perfect place to throw a leg over a mountain bike for the first time. We've got a ton in store for you this summer.

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SNOWBOARDS - сноуборд видео, новости, фото

Shot in: 2016 - England, Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium

Song taken from the album "Volume IV - Hammered Again"
Order here:

Filmed, directed and edited by: Tim Bohnenstingl (Random Hero Video,

Brady Lem, Brandon Sorel, and Tommy Gesme gettin at it in Mammoth, Hot springs, Hot babes, and Hot weather make for a good weekend trip down south from out home base in Tahoe.

Затестили крутую штуку: прототип фрирайдового электровела, созданный талантливыми харьковскими ребятами. Блог создателей Mammoth eBike:

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Hot laps here, get your hot laps here! Mammoth Mountain’s weekly series is back with episode 3 and it’s stacked with a heavy dose of ultra creative riding throughout all of Mammoth’s Unbound Parks. Danny Davis sets off a slew of tricks in the halfpipe, bones out a few grabs on the jumps, and has his way on a series of rails. Ben Ferguson and Chase Josey play a game of follow the leader and send it off the jumps and lay down a boatload of creative carves. Spencer Whiting is a bit of a show-stopper with his u

Early Sunday morning, October 18, I caught a very rare sight on camera. During a time lapse shot (while I was sleeping) a meteor exploded in the night sky, thankfully within the frame of my 14mm wide lens. The light was very blue-green and bright enough that it far exceeded the range of my sensor at the point of explosion. It is a pretty rare sight, and one I was even more lucky to capture with a camera. First shot | Sony a7S | Rokinon 14mm T3.1 | 15 sec - ISO 25600 - T4 | Dynamic Perception Stage One Pl

Henrik Harlaut -- Early season at Mammoth Mountain

Check in with X Games Ski Big Air gold medalist Henrik Harlaut and friends, as they rip up some early season park laps at Mammoth Mountain.

Megapolis Witches - Mammoth live at Sentrum 30/05/14

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This is the Tomorrowland 2015 Cut of Kygo Vs. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike & Moguai - Firestone Vs. Mammoth (Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Mashup) [Tomorrowland 2015]).
Hope you enjoy it.
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Во времена последнего Ледникового Периода массивные ледники покрывали половину Северной Америки. Местностью, откуда первые люди начали расселяться по континенту, по праву считается Берингия — земля, которую не затронул холод. И простиралась она от теперешнего канадского юга на запад через Сибирь. В этой фильме мы обратимся к истокам: как на самом деле выглядел этот дикий мир, когда ещё был землей мамонтов?

Talk about a nice knife!!! This one is AWESOME!!!!
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Our latest Reel showcasing most of our work since last year's 2011 Reel. Created by

The Unbound parks have been firing this season, and Mammoth Mountain continues their new web series ‘HOT LAPS’ right here featuring all the action that has been going down.

Episode 4 features the riding of Brock Crouch, Greg Bretz, Jaeger Bailey, Chloe Kim, Devan Peeter, Ryan Linnert, Chas Guldemond, Brandon Davis, Nik Baden, Red Gerard, Joss Mcalpin, Mitch Richmond, Jed Sky, Jake Price, and Kyle Mack.

Filmed by: Greg Weaver, Kevin Westenbarger, and Duncan Victory.

Brothers Among Wera - Mammoth

Why fish or jib when you can have both? Garrett Russell is an avid angler and certainly knows his way around a terrain park. And, spring-time at Mammoth is a great time to multi-task... Jib, hike, ski, bike, shred, skate, kayak... all in the same day!

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The Launch 2015 at Mammoth Mountain, CA presented by Snowboarder Mag, and Volcom. Good times at Mammoth Unbound cruising with the homies, Chris DePaula,Garret Mckenzie, Drayden Gardner Bo Warren, Phil Hansen, Benny Milam, and Jed Sky. My first trip to Mammoth was such a blast, couldn't have asked for a better time, special thanks to Snowboarder Mag, Volcom, and Mammoth Unbound for having us out looking forward to next year already! #BoyoMobb

SNOWBOARDS - сноуборд видео, новости, фото

Mammoth has been the place to be this month, what with the perfect weather and the likes of Brandon Davis, Brian Pracht, Spencer Whiting, Shayne Pospisil, Greg Bretz, Brock Crouch, Jeff Harvey, Jimmy Goodman, Frank Knab, Dylan Norder, Danny Davis, and Scott Blum rolling through. Check out episode 4 of Hot Laps 2016.

Film: Kevin Westenbarger, Greg Weaver
Edit: Greg Weaver

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Over the past couple years, we've posted a few videos of Sean Collier aboard his KX500, which is lovingly referred to as "The Beast", but no other video really compares to this one. After dominating the first 30-Plus Pro moto, Sean went into the second moto looking for more of the same, but after getting into the lead, things went south when he decided to pull a tear off. Check it out. We'll have more photos and videos from the event throughout the week. Be sure to check back!

#DBSS - Dirt Bike Style Stuff

Leftover shots of Lionel "Dudu" Dupertuis in Mammoth Mountain last spring.

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A road trip to Mammoth Lakes, California with Solitaire Skateboards and Tea Shack Project. The purpose of the trip was to skate one of the most rad skateparks built by man. Skaters: (in order of appearance) Isaiah Davis Brody Petulla Brian Johnson Sid Enck Jr. Rafe Robinson Brad Herrera Brenden Greene James Dryden Connor Filming & Editing: Taylor Morgan Additional Filming: Sid Enck Jr.


The Troy Lee Designs amateur athletes were out in force at Mammoth Motocross.
Riders: Derek Drake, Carson Mumford and Pierce Brown

40000 лет назад на Земле обитали существа, способные проводить сложные хирургические операции. Японские палеонтологи, тщательно изучив останки мамонтенка найденного в Якутии, они обнаружили следы современного скальпеля.
Три года назад российские археологи нашли труп трехметрового мамонтенка возле якутского села Юкагир. В честь него малыша и назвали Юккой. По предположению ученых детеныш погиб в десятилетнем возрасте от лап хищников. Примечательно, что тело Юкки прекрасно сохранилось, пролежав в вечной м

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The route 'Panaroma' (8c) in the Italian Dolomites has been a long-standing dream for Spanish climber Edu Marin. The line features easy but poorly protected climbing on its early pitches with run-out sections between some extremely doubtful peg placements. The real meat of the route arrives in its upper reaches however, when a daunting triple roof section blocks the cl

Here are some of the best bails of the season at Mammoth Mountain set to the music of the late great Freddy Mercury. California is so beautiful, warm, and sunny... I can't think of a better place to smash my face into the snow.

Seb Toots having fun riding rails and jumps at Mammoth Mountain California. Filmed and Edited by Sunset Films in 2 days with a 5D Mark III, GoPro Hero 3 and a Red Scarlet.

The Mammoth - (friendly restaurant) ------------------- Сreator - BM.(BirdieMedia) ------------- =_)

SNOWBOARDS - сноуборд видео новости фото

Mammoth team athlete Lonnie Kauk hits Main Park for some late-season shredding with his brother and a special tribute to a special member of our family whom we lost. RIP Chelone.

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Every Spring Monster Energy brings out their Global Ski Team for a Photoshoot/team camp. Check out all the action that went down!
Filmed by Rotate Film Group.

Freeski HD (

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As Tomorrowland ushers in a vivacious, bright wave of artists and party-goers, descending on Belgium’s Boom for the

The first track on the super heavy debut from Wrexham's MWWB in video form. An edit from the original lp version. Psychedelic Doom for now people.
Taken from the album 'Noeth Ac Anoeth'
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Last couple weeks of the 2014 Season at Mammoth Mountain. Featuring Sam Vasily, Brian Pracht, Jared McDaniel, Tom Lippen, Daniel Salazar and Jake Price Fimed by Jake Price and Sam Vasily Edited By Sam Vasily

Описание : Мамонтёнок Люба—ископаемый мамонтёнок-самка,найденный в мае 2007 оленеводом Юрием Худи в верхнем течении реки Юрибей на полуострове Ямал.Получил имя «Люба» в честь жены оленевода.Мамонтёнок уникален тем,что по сохранности превосходит все ранее обнаруженные ископаемые останки мамонтов:тело сохранилось полностью,за исключением волосяного покрова и ногтей.Исследование останков проводил коллектив учёных из России,США,Японии и Франции:вначале для тщательного планирования вскрытия была выполнена компьютерная томография тела в токийском Университете Дзикей,затем проведено вскрытие на базе Зоологического института в Санкт-Петербурге.Учёные определили,что мамонтёнок погиб около 40 тыс.лет назад в возрасте 1 месяц...

This is an edit I did for Snowboarder Video Magazine episode 12 to recap the PBRJ Finals in mammoth. - здесь сноуборд сука

With morning camps in Breck and a major contest in Mammoth, the team wasted no time getting down to biz in January! Every day new tricks were thought of, learned, and stomped. It's this progression and have-fun attitude that earned the team as a collective such a strong finish at the Mammoth Grand Prix! film/edit: Drew Hastings

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Grant Aiello bringing the heat in this edit from the 2 days of mini racing at the 2016 Mammoth Motocross national! Watch as Lance Kobusch, Max Miller, Carson Mumford, and many others do battle on the most scenic track around!

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We're changing MX with LIT Pro. Come check out how LIT Pro can make you a faster rider at our booth at Mammoth MX from June 20th-29th and follow us on Instagram @litpro for more MX videos and photos.

LIT Pro is the "black box" for action sports that breaks down key moments and helps serious athletes get better at their chosen passion. The product integrates HD-GPS and motion capture technologies to deliver an accurate and detailed analysis of your action sports session. Metrics include speed, distanc

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Grenade Games 9 went down a few weeks ago up at Mammoth and it was all time. From the weather being epic to riders coming out of the woodwork to shred, It seemed like everyone enjoyed themselves....well maybe not the guy at the end of this video who absolutely eats shit but everybody else. NOFX came and shredded the shit out of Mammoth both on the slopes and on the stage.

Our first ever issue featuring Rebecca Crow and friends!

Mammoth Mountain, Monster, and Snowboarder Magazine brought 16 of the best rail riders in the world together to play a few rounds of "SNOW" and crown a word champion. The level of riding that went down was absolute insanity, but in the end Johnny Lazz walked home with $10,000, Gold

After Opening Weekend at Mammoth Brandon and Spencer jetted off to Colorado to go ride at Keystone. They met up with the Nik, Ryan and Kyle and messed around at Keystone and Breck to warm up for Dew tour. Go see what shenanigans this crew gets themselves into!

Spencer Whiting
Brandon Davis
Chas Guldemond
Ryan Stassel
Kyle Mack
Nik Baden

Filmed 100% on GoPro by:▼
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SNOWBOARDS - сноуборд видео новости фото

A couple early season laps at Mammoth on opening weekend. Filmed by Nate Shute Edit by Mariah Dugan Song "Wake Me Up" by Avicii

SNOWBOARDS - сноуборд видео, новости, фото

SNOWBOARDS - сноуборд видео новости фото

Couple days of shredding with Mike Gray, Jake Schaible and Bob Abrams at Mammoth and Big Bear. Show your love: #stinkyfamily

Mammoth Mountain Opening Week 2015
It’s beyond any shadow of a doubt at this point: Mammoth is open for business. With plenty of new snow dumping on the mountain over the last few weeks, its been pow slashes and hot laps galore. Check out the first edit of the season featuring the like of Harrison Gordon, Kimmy Fasani, Keegan Valaika, Gabe Taylor, Chloe Kim, Bode Merrill, and more.

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РЕКОМЕНДУЮ – мода. – видеоупражнения. – видеоуроки причесок. – видеоуроки макияжа. – дети и пушистики. – книги и фильмы. – мода. – love. – работы художников. – английский.

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Mammoth Mountain, CA opened up for the 2014/2015 winter season with an awesome park full of rails and even a jump. If this is what went down during the opening days, this season is gonna be insane. Get out there and enjoy it. It's finally winter!!!!

Perfect Park, BlueBird weather, stoked to be back at Mammoth. Featuring Team Rider: Lou Macias, Colin Clarke and Ryan Linnert FRIENDS: Chuck Evans Per Forslund Bobby George Jeremy Page

A quick trip to Mammoth Mountain for Opening Day in less than 30 seconds.

SNOWBOARDS - сноуборд видео новости фото

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Leanne Crow - Mammoth Marvels

Мамонтёнок Люба — ископаемый мамонтёнок-самка, найденный в мае 2007 оленеводом Юрием Худи в верхнем течении реки Юрибей на полуострове Ямал. Получил имя «Люба» в честь жены оленевода. Мамонтёнок уникален тем, что по сохранности превосходит все ранее обнаруженные ископаемые останки мамонтов: тело сохранилось полностью, за исключением волосяного покрова и ногтей. Исследование останков проводил коллектив учёных из России, США, Японии и Франции: вначале для тщательного планирования вскрытия была выполнена компьютерная томография тела в токийском Университете Дзикей, затем проведено вскрытие на базе Зоологического института в Санкт-Петербурге. Учёные определили, что мамонтёнок погиб около 40 тыс. лет назад в возрасте 1 месяц. Предполагается, что после того, как мамонтёнок утонул и задохнулся в глинистой массе, произошла консервация тела под действием лактобактерий, что обеспечило сохранность в течение десятков тысяч лет в вечной мерзлоте, а затем предотвратило разложение тела и его уничтожение падальщиками в тече

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The US National Championships 2016 in Mammoth Mountain were nothing but a good time. Aaron Gwin and Cam Zink were battling the dry and dusty race track and had a great race-weekend together. Check out our American YT crew as in our latest US ChampionshipS edit.


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"Оправданий быть не может"

"Совершенствуй себя"

"Новинки кино"

Во времена последнего Ледникового Периода массивные ледники покрывали половину Северной Америки. Местностью, откуда первые люди начали расселяться по континенту, по праву считается Берингия — земля, которую не затронул холод. И простиралась она от теперешнего канадского юга на запад через Сибирь. В этой фильме мы обратимся к истокам: как на самом деле выглядел этот дикий мир, когда ещё был землей мамонтов?

SNOWBOARDS - сноуборд видео, новости, фото

SNOWBOARDS - сноуборд видео новости фото

Opening Weekend at Mammoth Mountain with Tyler Flanagan, Castro, Jared Dawoud and Jordan Small.

You can connect with @ThirtyTwo on Twitter, Instagram, and for the latest on the brand and its riders.

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Few resorts on Earth have the vast and varied terrain that Mammoth Mountain, California offers riders. Featuring everything from the pow-filled gullies found off of Chair 14 to the formidable tabletops and 22-foot superpipe beneath Chair 6, each episode of Prepare To Unload showcases locals like Mitch Richmond, Scott Blum, Danny Kass, Jaeger Bailey, Jimmy Goodman,

Найджел Марвин отправляется в Ледниковый период, где его ждет встреча с мохнатым носорогом, сражение с огромным пещерным медведем. Также ему предстоит разгадать тайну исчезновения мамонтов.

Danny Davis just won the first Grand Prix Halfpipe Final in Mammoth, here is his run.

The Grand Prix's are over and the final pipe contest was insane. Shaun White took the top spot with a gnarly run of technical wizardry while Danny Davis put a switch method to the moon for snowboarders everywhere and took the second place locking in his spot on the Olympic team. On the women's side of things Kaitlyn Farrington needed to win for a chance to make the team and

In this episode of The Postcard Series, Scotty heads to Mammoth with fellow Arbor riders Mariah Dugan, Mark Reininga, and Mike Gray to take some laps in the park and then finds some urban spots around Mammoth. In episode 2, Scotty continues his California tour with Big Bear. Here, he's accompanied by

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Zak, a Mammoth Jackstock (donkey) competing at the AMDS Nationals in a trail class.

The jumps and the halfpipe are what traditionally stand out when thinking of the Mammoth parks. They have sick rails with proper setups and good variety—but the jumps are really what set Mammoth apart. They're built by snowboarders who know what's good— poppy, but not aggressive, and the landings match the takeoffs so you come down easy even on the 80-footers. Another way of saying this is that it feels safe going bigger and bigger. Our guys would start the day off in South Park, lapping the 18-foot pipe, t

A couple of us spontaneously decided to visit Mammoth Lakes for the weekend. IT WAS AMAZING, WATCH WHAT WE DID

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Amazing fight in the night with a monster catfish over 260 pound (100 kgs) from little boat on River Po in Italy. The Famous Italian Fisherman Yuri Grisendi and the French Philippe Careme caught huge 2.50 meters (8.20 FEET) wels catfish.

Любишь велосипеды , заходи к нам !

Watch riders and skiers getting it done at BKPRO camp!

Our bloody hunt for mammoths employs spears, clubs, wolves, and other giant mammoths.
Volcom Stone's Peanut Butter And Rail Jam
$15,000 Championship Event!

15 & Under Division:
1st: Eddie Fauth - $1,200
2nd: Benny Milam - $1000
3rd: Chandler Hunt - $700
4th: Justin Mohs - $350
5th: Reid Smith - $250

16 & Over Division:
1st: Matt Chase - $1,200
2nd: Kyle Kennedy - $1000
3rd: Paxon Alexander - $700
4th: Derick Lang - $350
5th: Jack Herald - $250

Girls' Open Division:
1st: Sam Denena - $1,200
2nd: Sarah Gall

SNOWBOARDS - сноуборд видео новости фото

From bikini babes to superheroes, Mammoth Mountain got wet and wild on Sunday for the Annual Pond Skim.

From the Quiksilver Bikini contest, to awards feature mophie Best Crash, Quiksilver Bikini Babe, Beats by Dre Best Costume and Monster Energy Crowd Favorite, there was fun in the sun and something for everyone.

living in mammoth for the 2011-2012 season; shot on iphone, gopro, olympus stylus camera.

Ryan Linnert smashed his part in ONLY 7 RUNS. Was hurt from Northstar photo shoot so we had to stop him riding to rest up for SUPERPARK 17. Cory Cronk joined us for the first time, filming with Jason Manning. Cory's still killing it ! Our young Lou Macias, now getting into the kickers.. Stoked to see this young jibber turn into a solid jumper as well.


15 & Under Division Champions:
1st – Judd Henkes - $1,200 (Mammoth Mountain, CA)
2nd – Cooper Whittier - $1,000 (Keystone, CO)
3rd – Drayden Gardnes - $700 (Boreal, CA)
4th – Luke Zajac - $350 (Keystone, CO)
5th – Keegan Hosefros - $250 (Boreal, CA)

16 - 21 Division Champions:
1st – Jake Colman - $1,200 (Mountain Creek, NJ)
2nd – Garrett Mackenzie - $1,000 (Trollhaugen, WI)
3rd – Zach Zajac $700 - (Keystone, CO)
4th – Cody Hyman $350 - (Brighton, UT)
5th – Dillon McDaniels $250 - (Bear Mountain,

Origins Extended : Mammoth Mountain

Every generation of riders seeks a proving ground, somewhere to meet others at the forefront, to see how they measure up. Between 200 and 2005, there was no better place than Mammoth's Unbound Parks to know if you had what it took to be a pro snowboarder. The innovation happening there and the unparalleled level of terrain gave rise to a scene, which in turn produced some of the biggest names of the last 15 years. Danny Kass, Eddie Wall, Kyle Clancy, Zach Leach, Colin La

Introducing the ZVEX Vexter Series Woolly Mammoth! Welcome to thunderous bass fuzz! The Vexter Woolly Mammoth is equally devastating on bass and/or guitar, delivering huge low end, searing mids, and silky highs. The hand painted Woolly Mammoth has long been a staple of our line here at ZVEX Effects. The Vexter Woolly Mammoth is same beast, housed in a new more affordable box. Time to join the herd! From Your Friends at ZVEX Effects. Visit us at

Friday January 17th was an absolutely insane day in Halfpipe riding. With the Olympic team spots essentially all up for grabs all stops were pulled out and riders like Danny Davis and Shaun White basically made the Mammoth pipe their bitch. Watch here to see one of the biggest switch methods we can - самые красивые свадьбы и невероятные идеи для съемок

Workers uncover a woolly mammoth discovered south of Chelsea.

Take a top to bottom run with Sven Thorgren, Eero Errala, and Seb Toots at Mammoth Mountain in California.

Shot 100% on the HERO4® camera from

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Last video from Mammoth featuring: Brodey Wolfe Connor George Chris Cooper Max Eberhardt

Found some shots from Mammoth 11/12 season. Good friend Ben Montes working the GoPro2

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