Mare on the Run (Band on the Run)

Ok, this track turned out bucking epic! I have finally switched over from audacity to FL Studio, and it has worked wonders for my mixing ability.

Studio B threw us the perfect episode to base this episode on and Peanut Crunch came to us with the idea, and we went to town with it!

The copyrights of the Beatles, their respective solo works, and My Little Pony are used in a parodic maner, therefore this work is protected by the Fair Use Laws of the United States.


Crushed beneath my own pride
Not what I expected
Went to the big rodeo
Didn't win a blue ribbon
Blue ribbon

If I ever get out of here
Thought of giving it all away
To the town that had nourished me
Fix the damage caused by Derpy
If I ever get out of here
If I ever get out of here

Well, my hooves exploded 'gainst a cherry tree
As Ce