Merle Travis - 16 Tons

Merle Travis / Tennessee Ernie Ford - 16 Tons
Acoustic Cover by Forest Violette - Vocals & Guitar Lesson

I love playing this song acoustic. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did recording it for you :) Stay tuned for more videos! Love you all & your support always! Please remember to subscribe to my youtube channel and like my facebook page

Оригинальное исполнение песни автором, 1947 г.

Happy Music Monday! I'm back with another cover for a USA backer - CROWDLINGS. Love these older tunes - they get my insides all gooey. Thank you for making all of this happen, CROWDLINGS!! As always, say WASABI!: Tune in tomorrow for another video - I'll be putting up one a day for the next week! k.


singing 16 Tons by Merle Travis on bass.

This very simple arrangement was enjoyed by the great Big Jim Sullivan, and due to this and to my ' I Got Rhythm' version, we became friends...a great joy and honor for me, he was a wonderful Artist and a great person. RIP Jim.