Metronomy - The Look

"Some of the cleanest drums I have ever heard."

Metronomy - The Look, taken from their album "The English Riviera"

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The English Riviera [2011]
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21 мар. 2011 г.
Metronomy - The Look, taken from their album "The English Riviera"


Новый чрезвычайно занятный видеоклип английских электронщиков Metronomy


Official video for Metronomy's single "The Look"


Director: Lorenzo Fonda

Live action (London)

Production company: Warp Films
Executive producer: Laura Tunstall
Producer: Rachel Dargavel
Director of photography: Brian Fawcett
1st AD: Neil Wallace
Stylist: Laura Clayton
Commissioner: Jane Third
Video rep: Joceline Gabriel

Stop motion (Los Angeles)

Production company: Mighty8
Executive producers: Lanette Phillips, Catherine Berclaz
Producer: Ross Levine
Animators: John Joyce, Max Winston
Model makers: John Joyce, Max Winston
Director of photography: Justin Gurnari
Editor: Jeremiah Shuff
Additional painting: Luca Zamoc
Digital retouching: Geoff Duquette, Peter Sauvey
Colorist: Matthew Lloyd

'The Look' taken from the new album - The English Riviera - Out

Metronomy - The Look

Last song from Almodovar's movie Amantes Pasajeros (I'm so Excited)

album: "The English Riviera"

You're up and you'll get down

You're never running from this town

Video oficial del nuevo tema de Metronomy, The look

New video from metronomy new song The Look from the upcoming album The English Riviera

METRONOMY performing The Look from their album The English Riviera live on Later with Jools Holland 07/05/11


This is TIP's (Two Inch Punch) brand new rework and it's stellar! For more of his sounds check him out on SoundCloud:

Also, check out his EP, "Love You Up", on iTunes:

RELEASE DATE: FEB 27TH - - - now we wait...

Link to his most recent ep.

Twitter page -!/TWOINCHPUNCH

Taken from the band's third studio album, The English Riviera, set for release on April 11, 2011.

Video featuring Daisy Lowe behind the scenes on a photoshoot for the UK Esquire Magazine, July 2010 issue. Directed by Greg Williams, edited by kittypferd.

After hearing this on Jools Holland I thought I'd make a quick cover. It's a fairly simple song but very catchy with a good bassline.
I'm still trying to sort out the EQ on my recordings so it's a little quiet at the moment.
Hope you enjoy it!

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Metronomy has remixed everyone from U2 to the Gorillaz and was recently nominated for the one of the UK's biggest music honors, the Mercury Prize. We will welcome them to our studios for a live performance on Morning Becomes Eclectic. Watch / Listen to the full session here:

Metronomy - The Look taken from the new album "The English Riviera"
Listen to the album :
Download the album :

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Directed by Lorenzo Fonda.

Metronomy - The Look

You're up and you'll get down

You never running from this town

Kinda think you said

You'll never get anything better than this

'Cause you're going round in circle

And everyone knows you're trouble

Cause you read it a big book

And now giving me the look look

But just remember how we shook shook

And all the things we took took

This times the oldest friend of mine

Get up and we get down

We're always

▲ I'm Not Him - Music does not end.

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I Hope this tutorial will help guys that want to learn this great song.
Subscribe for more tutorials! And write down which songs would You like to learn next :)

Cheers friends!

I hope you enjoy our Metronomy cover! Thanks Jordan Walker for your amazing guitar talent. of course thank you Metronomy for such an amazing song...
Check out his channel and more covers below.
Jordan Walker -

Thank you Metronomy for including our video as a response to their single "The Look" on YouTube.


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Metronomy Vs Sunny – The Look...

I've had a few requests on how to play this after my initial video, so here it is... my first video tutorial! This is not what they play on the recordings. This is just my interpretation of the keyboard parts.

Sarah Jeanne's Cover Session #3
Images / Montage : Lila Desiles
Tourné avec un iPhone
(Sarah J. Ziegler - Voix/Ukulele)

Interpretación de The Look en un live looping performance usando instrumentos virtuales y un controlador midi, sin edición de audio ni cortes. (Audio en Vivo)

22 September 2011
The Kooks performing The Look (Metronomy cover)
BAND put their own stamp on cool Metronomy track. The Sun - Biz Sessions

Thought I'd make a video explaining a few things with 'The Look' by Metronomy. My voice sounds odd because I don't have a microphone and am using my headphones in reverse!!
Please like if this was of any use!
Hope this helps some people, thanks for watching.

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Time-lapse footage of the animation process for the music video "the look" by the band Metronomy. Directed by Lorenzo Fonda, Animated and fabricated by Max Winston and John Joyce, shot by Justin Gurnari. Song is "Bring on the Tangerines" by Mean Girls. Shot on my iphone with the "TimeLapse" app.

this is my bass cover of metronomy "the look" (camo krooked remix) i hope you enjoy it :)
i use luthman bass.

A class remix by Camo Krooked. Definitely worth a buy, an awesome track to have towards the end of this year, proper club sounding tune! Enjoy!

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Camo Krooked's remix of The Look by Metronomy - available as a Beatport exclusive on 26th December.

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This video is only meant to play is not created for profit !!!
Music from BecauseMusic record

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Metronomy - The Look (live Jools Holland 2011)

oxegen 2011 metronomy performance
yeah sounds terrible

Anime: Kara no Kyoukai
Music: Metronomy -- The Look (Camo Krooked Remix)
Author: Hellgate9704

Camo Krooked's remix of The Look by Metronomy - available as a Beatport exclusive on 26th December.

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M-audio Axiom 61 mark 2 with apple macbook air 11 with mainstage 2
Taken with Samsung nx10

Metronomy play The Look (Acoustic) @ Glastonbury 2011 Backstage

Metronomy The Look 3/20/15 A2 Saint Petersburg

New Metronomy song The Look of their new album, The English Riviera' release 2011. A great moment.

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Metronomy The Look-Later with Jools Holland Live 2011 HD

Metonomy The Bay-Later with Jools Holland 2011 Live HD -

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Another top notch remix by camo and krooked may bring back memories of climax and nothing is older than yesterday. No copyright infringement intended just sharing top notch music!

You can buy this record here


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All rights go to Because Music.

The Look by Metronomy from the album English Riviera - great acoustic version

Metronomy perform The Look from the King Tut's Wah Wah Tent at T in the Park 2014. Head over to for more goodies from Metronomy at T in the Park.

This isn't what they play on the record rather my transcribed version of the synth parts. Chords are F Dm Am E with variations on each shape and holding the E (E7) when needed.

Metronomy live at yotaspace Moscow 19 March 2015

Camo and Krooked are just truly amazing another quality remix by the austrian duo 2012 is looking like a good year to go check out some live gigs!
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All rights remain to the artists etc...

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