Meytal Cohen, Jennifer Lynn, Christine Wu - Toxicity

Meytal Cohen - барабаны
Christine Wu - скрипка
Jennifer Lynn - скрипка

Conversion, software version 7.0
Looking at life through the eyes of a tire hub
Eating seeds as a pastime activity
The toxicity of our city, of our city

New, what do you own the world?
How do you own disorder, disorder
Now somewhere between the sacred silence
Sacred silence and sleep
Somewhere, between the sacred silence and sleep
Disorder, disorder, disorder

More wood for their fires, loud neighbours
Flashlight reveries caught
In the headlights of a truck
Eating seeds as a pastime activity
The toxicity o

дєвки-металістки)) лабають просто СУПЕРовво!!!

Meytal Cohen, Drums;
Jennifer Lynn, Electric Violin;
Christine Wu, Electric Violin.

by Korben Fly -
/ \

Jennifer Lynn - electric violin
Christine Wu - electric violin
Meytal Cohen - drums

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