Mira Betz bellydance

www.miramania.com improvisation at Tribal Alchemy 2007 filmed by Debie Seifert

improvisation at Electric Vardo. filmed by Freyja

The Uzumé presents "Beyond Bellydance" with Samantha Emanuel Mira Betz
RASA, Utrecht
April 11 2010

www.tjarda.nu (home of The Uzumé Dance Company)

Music: Muse - Undisclosed Desires

www.thetribalmassive.com www.themassivespectacular.com
thumbnail photo courtesy of www.YanivHalfonPhotography.com

Mira Betz performs fusion bellydance at The Massive Spectacular!
In this piece, Mira shows her art and tells her story. She is presenting a piece near and dear to her heart. A piece about life as an artist in the limelight, and how that effects our notions of self, our choices in expression, and our own self worth. It's about how we grapple with this as we age, as we become parents, mentors,

The Massive Spectacular!™ is an "Epic Stage Production"™, where internationally renowned belly dancers from around the globe perform in an unparalleled sight and sound extravaganza of Le Danse Oriental.
These vibrant and beautiful belly dancers will perform various styles of bellydance and performance art that you will savor in your mind's eye for years to come!
For more details visit www.TheMassiveSpectacular.com

Helm with Mira bet @SleepingLady, Fairfax