Misfits - We are... YOUNG

Misfits Отбросы-клип так нормальный

"we are designed to PARTAY"

LOVE Misfits so much, just had to make a video of it. Nathan's motivational speech is so EPIC.

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Song: We Are Young by 3oh!3

ВИДЕО ИЗ ГРУППЫ = MisFits / Плохие / Отбросы =

Seriously, can-not get enough of this show at the minute. The moment I heard this song I knew it would be perfect for a Misfits video. Love the dynamic between the characters on this show, it's the best there is. They have been through so much together yet have at least one other person in the group that they can turn to. Roll on season 4!

** HD makes things look younger :p **


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