Miss May I - Forgive And Forget

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for my time spent
searching for the wo...

Another cover of one of my favorite metalcore bands, and this song has plenty of tasty licks. I would actually really like to see Miss May I live, but I dont think they have come to Australia yet. Really happy with how this one came out, might do another one in the near future.

- This is one of the easier MMI songs.
- Palm muting and tight playing is crucial

Guitar: Schecter Solo-6 (Black Cherry)
- Neck pickup: Stock Active Pickup
- Bridge pickup: Stock Active Pickup
Strings: Ernie Ball Power Slinky
Tuning: Drop C (CGCFAD)
Effects: POD X3
- All patch's: Diamond Plate Tone
Video: Canon Legria HFR16
Audio Editing: Audacity
Video Editing: Sony Vegas Pro 9

Guitar Pro Version 2 by metalhead1010 is mainly correct. It missed a harmonization part in the second riff and the chorus was slightly wrong, but besides that its perfect.

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Я ебал фрай скрим....НАУЧИТЕ!!!!!

нормальный крабкорчик)

Taken From The Album "Apologies Are For The Weak" (2009, Rise Records)

Wanted for my time spent searching for the world
I receive all i ever dream for, in return all is taken away
I remember everything before tonight
These illusions that life is so clear have been cleansed for my thoughts
Floating branches are the only things truly connected to the ground

Take me back to how I used to be
I'll never close my eyes again
How could I ever forget a place like this?
Somewhere that I can call my own.
My eyes will only see,
what I'm supposed to be.

Take me back to how I used to be
I'll never close my eyes again
How could I ever forget a place like this?
Somewhere that I can call my own.
This is satisfaction in its most beautiful state,
beautiful state.
Surrounding me is everything that is true,
just let this be true, let this be

I wont forget this place
I wont forget, this is my own
I wont forget, open my eyes


vocal cover of Miss May Is song forgive and forget. i don't own th rights to this song. this is my first time singing in a cover so woooo! i hope you enjoy! and please tell me what you think! :

Miss May I Drum Cover - Forgive and Forget

alright so, ive never really heard of miss may i, i friend told me about them, but i liked this song forgive and forget so i thought id cover it. the drumming kind of stood out to me when i first heard it. its an easy song to play on drums. its got some fast double bass, little bit of blast beats, fast quads on the bass drums, but it was a pretty fun song to learn today. dont worry tool fans, i still got plenty more like aenema, lateralus, and third eye comi

This cover is for all the people that kept bashing me for playing songs i enjoy and kept complaining about me not covering "complex" songs.. (they mean fast songs) apparently no matter the technicality of the song, its still an easy song because its not a fast pace song? okay.. well enough with my rant! Heres Forgive and Forget by Miss May I... enjoy!

смотрите)лайкайте)делитесь ссылкой с друзьями))

haha my first actual VIDEO of a vocal cover. yeah thats right, i can sing harmonies at the same time.

до конца!)

подпишись! хули ты как дурак блядь..

Here's my cover from *Miss May I - Forgive And Forget* - enjoy it and leave some feedback!

you can download this cover track here for free:

Mixed Mastered by Blastian Drummer (KILL THE LYCAN)
Drums by Blastian Drummer
Clean Vocals by Blastian Drummer
Guitars/Bass by Markus Kraus (MARROK)
Growls/Shouts by Borsti (AS GOD CREATED)

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Miss May I "Forgive And Forget"
Taken from Saw VI Soundtrack (Trustkill)
Saw VI Footage Under License from Lionsgate Films


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Jerod Boyd, drummer from Miss May I, performs "Forgive And Forget" live in Atlanta, GA. (2016) While on tour with Bless The Fall.

Jerod Boyd is sponsored by:
Tama drums, Zildjian cymbals, Vic Firth drumsticks, Remo drumheads

by far the hardest and most technical song i have ever attempted. i don't do the blasts because my left hand has the integrity of a 4 year old

Miss May I performing Forgive and Forget at Summerfest on July 2nd, 2010

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for my time spent
searching for the world.
I receive all I ever dream for,
in return all is taken away
Remember everything before tonight.
I remember everything before tonight.
These illusions that

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Video and vocal recording: Eris BTS https://www.facebook.com/eris.rinaldi?fref=ts
Musica: Forgive and Forget - Miss May I
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