More Places - Schmetterling und eskimo|*****|

“Butterfly and Eskimo” is one of the most frequented tracks from our compilation “Spätsommerkollektion”. Many other artists were inspired by these sounds and produced their own versions. We proudly present a selection of remixes and also the properly video of the original track made by nootoon.

Plus1 from Saxonia starts with a dubby oldschool-version and Volker Selzner continues a little bit faster. Gunne shows us his “Lebensfreude” with a downbeat-piano, while the “Schallschnelle” Jamy Wing from Jena changes into minimal-percussive. Legoego, aka Phonout & Dataman unpack their disco balls and Cie from Cologne makes a pop-technotrack.

More Places - Schmetterling und Eskimo
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