Morning Coffee

by Haloperidolum

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by Fear, Loathing, Internet

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Как по утрам пьют кофе в Норвегии.

Geto Boys – Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta

“@bridgesj3 & @tysonold Morning coffee rituals #CFMototour2015 @thedavecastro @lancecoury @dan_bailey9 @cfmediajordan @jameshobart”

barista_shelbyxoGood morning y'all! You can't really tell from this video but these bottoms are teeny tiny and this top is preeeetty see thru so don't miss out! .
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busy this morning in #Capri 🐜🐜🐜🐜 #piazzetta #morning #coffee #italy 🇮🇹☕️

“Making the morning (DBA) coffee in the studio haha 👌 #deadbyapril #coffee #studiorosell #gothenburg”

I would like you to meet the morning entourage... #eyeofthetiger 💀🐯💥

“Discovered a new app and found a coffee budy this morning. #knowme #nyc”

The original

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How to drink your morning coffee in Norway

Ось як суворі норвежці п'ють ранкову каву ;)

А якщо у вас є кавоварка, ваш улюлений ранковий напій можна пити без поспіху.
Адже поки ви збираєтесь, вона зробить еспресо чи капучино, лате чи американо.

#Шок_гіпрмаркет_електроніки , #Кава_з_Шок

A little BYB brand spot featuring a bit of our morning routine. We all wish we could have a never ending cup of coffee.

Сонсари: #Дождливый_день #Morningcoffee Я увидел, что фанаты хотят услышать отдельно соло-партию из Morningcoffe, поэтому записал.. Разделю на две части и выложу ^^

Сонсари: #Morningcoffee #Solo2
Все, будьте осторожны, чтобы не простудиться~

В этом видео я хочу пожелать всем хорошего дня)
Good Morning; Cup coffee & Fine day

Редактирую я видео с помощью программы Camtasia Studio
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1.Weeki Wachee Springs 2013 г Флорида: подводное шоу русалок. Америка
2.Little Mermaid ride Disneyworld 2013. Аттракцион русалочка Ариэль в Диснейленде 2013
3.Подавленное настроение?

Перевод: 7Heaven.
Сохраняйте кредит.
Мы делаем это для фанатов.

Las lagrimas que derrame el día que me dejaste, todavía están hiriendo mi corazón, ¿Por que te sigo amando?.
Me dejaste abandonado en la oscuridad, para mi eres como un rayo de sol.

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BYB Morning Coffee (Blame Your Brother) by MotionGraphics, 2d 2dfx animation brand blameyourbrother design motiongraphics

Energy Of Music | Главный Музыкальный Портал

by kolyab · #witch, #akemi, #anime, #аниме видео, #индастриал-рок, #девочка-волшебница мадока, #мадока, #хомура, #аниме, #magical girl, #magical girl madoka magica, #madoka, #homura, #homura did nothing wrong, #msmm, #pmmm, #mahou shoujo madoka★magica, #industrial rock, #industrial, #industrial metal, #punk rock, #msi, #shut me up, #mindless self indulgence, #mindless self indulgence - shut me up, #seven devils amv, #seven devils madoka, #mahou shoujo madoka magica, #puella magi madoka magica, #akemi homura

Simi Quick coffee animation for MotionMonday's theme "FIKA". Illustrator and AE

「Morning Musume」

Будет горячо...
Читала-смотрела и решила вспомнить основы монтажа, да и песня вдохновляющая...;))

by Regular Coubs

by super_super

「Morning Musume」

Hello! First Live at Shibuya Kohkaido 1998
「Morning Musume」

by Sende Rovich

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What’s on your bucket list? Maybe it involves finding a more exciting way of getting your morning coffee? Just imagine what you could do if you won Washington’s Lottery.


"She likes to do this thing with her triple espresso. It's like Jack Nicholson in Easy Rider."

Taken from Gilmore Girls S04E12

While preparing for his very first British TV interview, Eurovision champion Mans Zelmerlow ends up spilling coffee on his shirt but gets camera shy while trying to change! Click here to watch more:

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Типа, маме на День Рождения )
Waitress calls an ambulance to wake up a business man that is sleeping and snoring on a bench. When splashing a glass of water in his the face doesn't work, she plugs some coffee into an IV drip - and straight to his veins! This technique should be commercialized, some of us would certainly appreciate it.

A presentation of JustForLaughsTV, the official Just For Laughs Gags YouTube channel. Home of the funniest, greatest, most amazing, most hilarious, win filled, comedy galore,

Part of WPSD Local 6 Today at 5 aired on October 23rd.
Our 6 o'clock show featured live shots from a local coffee shop.
So to tease it, CNBLUE's 'Have A Good Night' from their first Japanese official album 'Code Name Blue' was used as an introduction music, mainly because of a specific phrase in the lyrics and of course, the energizing beat.
The best morning coffee song ever!

ЕЩЕ БОЛЬШЕ ТУТ : Крутые треки/клипы & Девочки . Подпишись и Оцени !!! Крутые треки/клипы & Девочки . Подпишись и Оцени !!! Крутые треки/клипы & Девочки . Подпишись и Оцени !!!

The right way to make your morning coffee

музыка: Big Bad Voodoo Daddy - Save My Soul
видео: Konstantin Alexandroff (
модель: Budnik

более качественная версия здесь:

P.S. Pin, if you see this, please, don't kill me)))

хочу подобное —-— Свежие вайны от лучших вайнеров мира! ;D

Dzmitry Malkevich

Wake up, walk down to the garage, and hop in your Ferrari: if there was a 288 GTO a few paces away, wouldn’t it be more effective than caffeine? This is our new series, Morning Coffee, and it just had to kick off with a furiously turbocharged supercar that people recognize more from posters...but not after you see this.

The Ferrari 288 GTO was the company’s first real production engine to use turbocharging for outright performance, with byproducts including wastegate swooshes, flames spitting from the exha

🍮October mornings call for rain, coffee and candles🍮 #sofetch

Morning Musume '15 Nonaka Miki Birthday Event 7 октября 2015

Трогательная история любви на чашках с латте! Для ролика были сделаны 1000 рисунков какао-порошком на кофе.

new Lynx Rise shower gel: it's made to wake you up and keep you alert.

Dream Morning Musume Concert Tour 2011 Haru no Mai ~Sotsugyousei DE Saikessei~
「Morning Musume」

Underground Video
video -

Новые J-POP видео в группе

Morning Musume Memory Seishun no Hikari 1999 (Fukuda Asuka Graduation)
「Morning Musume」

вот как должен парень будить свою девушку каждое утро.
хорошо бы было...

Jebar- Morning Coffee 2.0 - Vol. 11

Morning Musume Concert Tour 2008 Spring ~Single Daizenshuu!!~
「Morning Musume」

Jesper Munk is only 22 years old, but is already one of Germanys most exciting Singers. So it’s not surprising that the ”Bluesrock-Wunderkind” already grew out of being a national phenomenon. He recently released his second album ”Claim” which featured 14 songs of Bluesrock, Glam and Post-punk. Every track produced with extraordinary skill and a lot of love for details. In our Sunday Session with Jesper Munk we can focus on his ”softer” songs, his unprocessed voice and his virtuosic guitar play.

Buy Jesper

[Fancam] 150912 FTISLAND WE WILL in Bangkok - Morning coffee by kookkaii_jh

JESPER MUNK - Morning Coffee (Warner Acoustics) | | Single "Courage For Love" + Album "Claim" |

Get the album "Claim" now:
Amazon LP:
Amazon CD:
Google Play:


29.03. ROTH - Rother Bluestage @ Kulturfabrik
10.04. BERLIN -

Good Morning Coffee ~ Greg Brown

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Модель - Ольга.

Видеограф Александр Линк

Создание персональных видео-портфолио

Piano Chocolate Les Souvenirs Morning Coffee

it takes me to my dreamland- - from"Cafe del Mar 9"-

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"I wish I could paint our love
These moments in vibrant hues..."

Thank you so much to everyone who joined this collab, every single part is beautiful! I am in love with it and am eternally grateful to you all... You've made my birthday extra special with these precious ships :')

xAmissum — Tony&Maxxie, Connor&Oliver

Scodders — Richie&Santanico

stellarphase — Alex&Rosie

Ну что, вот и подходит к концу этот год, который подарил нам... →

Statoil ASA was a Norwegian petroleum company established in 1972, now part of StatoilHydro. The brand Statoil is retained as a chain of fuel stati...

view from the kitchen. love.

Душевный мелодичный микс с преобладанием женского вокала…. Хорошо подойдет для утренней чашечки... →

Just answering common questions people ask me here on YouTube and elsewhere. If you plan on watching the whole video, you should probably get some coffee unless you want to be bored to death!

0:35 How come you never show your face or talk in videos
1:11 What strings, tunings, and picks do you use
2:12 What's your favorite scale length for a 7string guitar
2:40 How do you do drum tracks
5:46 PC or MAC for audio recording
6:42 What's a good starter rig for home recording
8:50 What oth

Anenergizing morning yoga class. Full Body sequence
Chill intermediate level.:) Suitable for beginners and advanced when modifications applied.


Hello! Project 2009 Winter Kettei! Hello Pro Award '09 ~Elder Club Sotsugyou Kinen Special~
「Morning Musume」

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Er kann auch soft und dreamy: Jesper Munk schlurft sich im Sixties-Soul-Schlafanzug an den Frühstückstisch.


hey i'm an amateur
and this is really dumb
so here's a video
go ahead and kill me maybe<br/><br/>


The bgm is Matantei Loki Ragnarok's Dusk Coffee Shop. Listening to it one day made me think of this. Here is a MAD to summarize my thoughts~

I changed the setting to morning because it was easier to color in white. Also they're drinking tea instead of coffee. Not so true to the song, huh? XD

For more Iggy x China goodness, be sure to visit their community at Thanks for watching!

「Morning Musume」

Director + DP - Leslie Satterfield

Editor - Ray Conception
Producer - Alexandra Roxo
Lighting - Martin Flores
PA - Julia Fieldman
Stylist - Kalika Farmer
Cast - Tina Vaden + Patrick Charles Lamoreaux

Special thanks to Carla Colour and her Husband for opening their beautiful home.

it reminds me someone))

Full Song Version
Free Download

model: Cristina
photography : David Epstein
music: "Adagio" Lara Fabian

Morning coffee makes me feel like I got my

закажи свежеобжаренный кофе в зернах или молотый в Минске

Original article with pics:

(Copyright 2015)

Множество деталей 🐱👓🍰⏰🏔🏞🌄, создающих уют 💡и особую атсосферу 🍪❤️, воскресные мастер-классы по акварели 🖌🎨 с @iambrainbow и неизменно вкусный кофе ☕️ по оригинальным авторским рецептам - это всё вы найдёте у нас, на Темерницкой, 35. Ждём в гости 😉

#кофе #уют #котмоцарелла #гудморнинг #goodmorningcoffee #gmc

Watch this in the morning.
Please adjust the volume to your personal preference. I made it loud so you can play it even through a cheap laptop.

Who here starts their day with ASMR? *raises hand* I want to give you a healthy dose of love, attention and tingles at the beginning of your day so you don't get as stressed out during the day. I hope you can feel my loving intention. This was intended to be played in the background as you get ready, there's literally nothing you have to pay attention to. Just let

This is for all the coffee addicts.

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Created By:

Suellen Soares

Music By:


фотопроект "Morning coffee and dreams..."
● Photo: Светлана Белкина
● Model: Василина Смирнова
● Model: Тимофей Тарасенко
кафе "Дабл Дакер" г. Днепр

Short animated story about pretty common way to begin a new day..

Live Revolution 21 Haru ~Osaka Jou Hall Saishuu Bi~ 27.06.2001

в этом выпуске YELL TV Rostov раскрыли секрет доброго утра)
а также рассказали своим зрителям, где в Ростове варят вкуснейший кофе, а главное делают это с любовью и душой)

●° Yoon Eun-Hye°●

Что делает каждый из нескольких миллионов людей в нашем городу утром ? Правильно ! Наливает чашечку кофе :)

★ ●•°•МОИ ДОРАМКИ + <<фан-видео>> •★ ●•°••★

Not a morning person either? No worries, get your day off the ground with Paulig's Angry Birds coffees!

The world's first Angry Birds coffee blends are carefully developed blends of selected beans, especially for morning coffee enjoyment. The early bird catches the pig!

Maistuisiko aamu ilman äreyttä? Nauti Pauligin etenkin aamukahvin ystäville kehittämistä maailman ensimmäisistä Angry Birds -kahveista! Katso lisää ja testaa samalla aamuäreytesi taso http://www.