Motorama - Normandy


Первый клип ростовской группы motorama.


vladislav parshin - guitars, vocals
maksim polivanov - guitars, keys
airin marchenko - bass
alexander norets - drums

Beginning from military uniform finishing Dan Bejar's and Iosif Brodsky
poetic talents/ from mountain lakes, old ships, owls and clocks
finishing lanterns and pines/ divide your bed with us... (с)

Группа из Ростова на Дону

отличный DIY клип постпанк инди группы motorama !!!

Ребятки из Ростова

i haven't been here before
i haven't been here before
i haven't been here

where everything sinks in your beautiful thoughts
where my pleasure is light of a firework
i stand still on the edge, can't remember that feeling
i can't remember that place

rain and fog
i travelled by train too long
i travelled by train for so long
i travelled by train alone

unfamiliar sound of a mystery place
i was lying alone with the hands on my face
i was lying alone with a miserable feeling
of felicity

Парк Горького, Москва, конец мая-2013.

Космонавт, СПб, 24.11.14
Cosmonavt club , Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 24.11.14
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