Mr. IX

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870+Ps@11.000rpm (Boost 14psi)

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX MR 870+Ps@11.000rpm (Boost 14psi)

The only real reason this car shifts at 11.000+ rpms is not cause it’s out of power, it’s just a safety precaution to protect it from itself! The VBOX recorded that from 100km/h to 200km/h it only took 4,59 seconds.
Any time you feel like experiencing it’s incredible acceleration, just take your foot off the gas, downshift and give it full throttle. You’ll be exceeding speed limits in about a second. And it can cure your melancholy better than an electric shock. And then do it again… and again… and again…

Rare, beautiful and extremely fast Lancer Evo IX MR that develops 870+Ps running on Pump gas and low boost of 14psi!

Я обязательно накоплю

➨ - Лучшее автомобильное сообщество
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Мицубиси Лансер Эво 9, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 9


De l'extérieur, pas grand chose ne distingue cette Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX grecque d'une autre. Les spécialistes ne manqueront pas de remarquer qu'il s'agit d'une MR américaine, que le capot est en carbone, qu'un échappement Greddy dépasse du pare-choc arrière et que les jantes en 18 pouces cachent difficilement des étriers D2 dix pistons avec disques en 380 mm à l'avant et six pistons et disques en 333 mm à l'arrière. De quoi freiner un Airbus en phase d'atterrissage.
C'est tr

➨ - Лучшее автомобильное сообщество
➨ Автомобильные статьи, видео, юмор, много полезного и интересного у нас, подписывайся на обновления

(верещат 280 л\с + турбина)

Summer time has come and it is now car show season. We all know that we are all getting prepared to chill on the beach on those hot summer days with our rides clean and ready to show-off. ILDS has finally posted a date for their (Cars and Beaches Meet) set for July 20th. ( Photographer Anthony Lee Miranda has now found Alex Godoy and his beautiful Flush and Fitted Mitsubishi Evolution IX MR for his very first Exclusive Feature. Alex only brings his Evolution out a couple times a year to som
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Nfs Shift 2 Mitsubishi lancer EVO IX MR Top speed at nurburgring
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он просто совершенен....................

A Full weight 100% Street Evo 9 MR, testing it out.

Still dialing the launch control, to try to improve the
60' and avoid bogging.

ILR HTA3586R Turbo kit.
ILR long block
QM twin clutch
Sheptrans Stage 2 transmission


720P version can be found here

Got bored, and wanted to test out the dolly. very simple shots.

Worked on color correction and editing and sounds.

Song: Pomatic - I Got Icebox from My Shawty

prossimamente sul canale Davide Cironi drive experience la prova completa di questa ammazza Lamborghini nipponica, l'esemplare unico in Italia (mercato americano e giapponese) è anche pesantemente elaborato e presenta una potenza di circa 450 cv.

Автор конверта автомобиля: McLaren_3Dcm (

Спасибо DiP'у за помощь в организации съемок.



2010.05.04 琴引フォレストパーク駐車場

curioso lancer evo IX lo ideal para la familia para ir los domingos a comer a los montes jeje

Tell me what you think?



любители EVO вступайте

Ролик для тех кто не верит что его "пофиксили" Это мое первое видео по игре.

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Very nice commercial for the awesome Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR.

Токийский Дрифт.
Ребята старался сделать все идеально ушло много попыток на идеальный занос то есть дрифт.

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX поступил в продажу в Японии 3 марта 2005, в тот же день он был продемонстрирован широкой аудитории на Женевском автосалоне . Американцы увидели этот автомобиль на en: New York International Auto Show в апреле месяце. Двухлитровый двигатель 4G63 имел технологию MIVEC и доработанную турбину, в результате модернизции мощность двигателя возросла до 291 лошадиной силы и 392 Hм крутящего момента.
Lancer Evolution IX имел следующие комплектации: стандартная (Grand Sport Rally или «

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Phonat -- All This Time
YG -- My Nigga

Finally an Evo build! I pick up the 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR and customize it to be a street legal track car on Need For Speed 2015! Let me know what car YOU want to see next on NFS 2015!

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мой ланцер,теперь прокачаный ))
ну же обсирайте! :D

NEED FOR SPEED (2015) beta Mitshubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR CUSTOMIZATION / Bodykits HD PS4/XBOX ONE/ PC


Ported Blower, ford 8.8`` rear end , stock ported blower +supporting mods 03 cobra ( +- high 400hp) vs. FPred, 272`s + supporting mods


The Showdown King: Ryo Watanabe. This guy dominated all 4 disciplines in ProStreet for the longest time, only to meet his demise at the hands of Ryan Cooper. Now, he's back on the streets with some old blood, but a new goal. With a brilliant Lancer Evo 9 in toe, Ryo's dead set on ruling the streets of Ventura Bay in any way he can.

Note: all gameplay and editing were done by me, however, I do not own the rights to EA, Ghost Games, Need For Speed, Mitsubishi, Au5, Haywyre, Laszlo, Richard Caddock, or Monste

Need For Speed World | Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX Mr-Edition

Машина : Mitsubishi lancer IX MR-edition
Трасса : Кемптонские Доки ( 8 кругов )
Помощники : Yumi Bushido
Играл : Эцио Такеши / Ezio Takeshi
Фан группа НФС :
Моя страница вконтакте :

Играл: Ezio Takeshi
Машина: Mitsubishi lancer IX MR-edition
Трасса: Уотерфронт Роуд
Рекорд: 1:00:73
Время на видео : 1:00:78

Stephen's Evo IX MR from Elite Performance based out in Alexandria VA

XL that's what he called himself, lennisha's words was fantastic, incredible and lively time, Tracey's words was wow sexy oh my god, my words was repeat repeat repeat

Иногда и мешки с картошкой могут быстро ездить

Тест драйв, обзор, Тестируем Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX 9 MR!
Подписывайтесь на канал, ставьте лайки.

At a local car wash poppin' off some musical notes with the evo.

I review the 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR! Would you rather have this over a Subaru WRX STI? Many thanks to South Park Mitsubishi for allowing me to review this car. It's currently for sale through their dealership and if you're interested, contact here or on the Subaruwrxfan Facebook page:
Song is 'Lightness' by Tobu
Tobu YouTube:
Tobu SoundCloud:
Royalty-Free Music ツ


Who needs somebody like KB to Gymkhana....

Тюнингованная Eva просто красавица!!!

Видео посвящается группе нфс

mazdas CAI was half way fallen off for the first two runs.

Победитель определяется по максимальной скорости.
PS: извините за лаги, это из-за программы для снятия видео с экрана.

Running E85 like a boss contact us: awesome track: Love Letters (MitiS Chilled Overnight Remix)

We drive a 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR with an HKS Suction Intake, AEM wideband 02 sensor, Blitz Nur Spec downpipe and catback, and a 93 octane mild reflash w/ JDM MIVEC (VVT) maps. Power estimated at 315 awhp. Thanks to Mike for letting us have a go!

Do you live in Southeast Michigan and have a modern classic that you think deserves to be featured on the channel? Feel free to shoot us a message!

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