Mumiy Troll - Paradise Ahead

"8" album, 2008 | Music video, director - Bjorn Tagemose

Director: Bjorn Tagemose

Mehr Info über die Mumiy Troll Band:

"8" studio album, 2008 (english version of song "О, рай!")

Mumiy Troll is a Russian rock group, founded in 1983 in Vladivostok by vocalist and songwriter Ilia Lagutenko. The literal name of the band, The mummies' troll, is a pun on Moomin Troll, series of children book by Tove Jansson.
Ilya Lagutenko defined their music style as rockapops.

Найдено в группе Мумий Тролль:

Mumiy Troll wraps up their US tour with concerts in Los Angeles on May 13th and in San Francisco on May 17th. In June, the band will be back to their normal touring routine in Moscow, Russia and Kiev, Ukraine.

Please enjoy the band's English-language cover of their own song, "Paradise Ahead", recorded at the Russia! magazine office in New York (the staff had to shush our noisy neighbors to ensure the quality of the recording.)

Director: Bjorn Tagemose, Dj D (Neco). 2014.