Muse - Feeling Good (Official Video)

Official Music Video HD by MUSE performing 'Feeling Good ' from their album, Origin of Symmetry.

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David Slade (director): "This was a double A side single, I wrote about seven treatments for Feeling Good to find that they actually needed two videos for both sides of the single."
"It seemed that performance was what was needed. We had to split one budget into two videos and so this became an exercise in invention and improvisation."
"Feeling Good was meant to be a pop performance piece, the mainstream flip side to the nasty Hyper Music. In the end it became the absolute antithesis after we cast a bunch of monsters to be in the crowd.&q

I just realized that there's no official music video of Feeling Good on YouTube, so I decided to put it up. Many people have been already desperately searching for it, me included. Hope you guys enjoy! ;)
And Matt's veins are.. Mattgasmic *-*

NOTE: I uploaded this video just for people to watch it, I do not make any money from it or use it for some other purpose. I am aware of the fact that I do not own the video nor the music. All rights belong to the owner.