Muse - Sunburn

Muse - Sunburn

Опять с мобилки, так что качество так себе.
Трек несложный взял, чтобы на недавно-купленной "пианинке" поучиться играть )

Sunburn [Le Zénith, Paris]

Live at Le Zénith, Paris
Recorded: 2001
Producer: Thomas Kirk
Publisher: Taste Media, Mushroom
Release date: 1st July 2002

Track list:
1. Intro - What's He Building
2. Dead Star
3. Micro Cuts
4. Citizen Erased
5. Sunburn (guitar)
6. Showbiz
7. Megalomania
8. Uno
9. Screenager
10. Feeling Good
11. Space Dementia
12. In Your World
13. Muscle Museum
14. Cave
15. New Born
16. Hyper Music
17. Agitated
18. Unintended
19. Plug In Baby
20. Bliss

1999-12-18, Phillipshalle, Dusseldorf, Germany,


You can download the audio here:

This summer is kinda crazy, just like this song. And I dedicate this cover to my flown away parrot :c
Hope you like it.

Muse performing Sunburn at the Tokyo Zepp in Japan on July 15th 2001.

The following songs were broadcast :

01 - Micro cuts
02 - New Born
03 - Screenager
04 - Sunburn
05 - Unintended
06 - Citizen Erased
07 - Fillip
08 - Muscle Museum
09 - Bliss

You can find the videos of all these performances here on my channel :

Sunburn by Muse
Effects : Toneport UX-2
Amps : Toneport UX-2
Piano : Kawai MP9500 Stage Piano


Muse performing Sunburn at the Paris MCM Café on November 10th 1999.

The following songs were broadcast :

01 - Riff + Uno
02 - Cave
03 - Sunburn
04 - Sober
05 - Recess
06 - Falling Down
07 - Agitated
08 - Muscle Museum
09 - Overdue
10 - Fillip
11 - Showbiz
12 - Do We Need This + Execution Commentary outro

You can find the videos of all these performances here on my channel :

Comment jouer Sunburn de muse à la batterie...Le travail de ghost note sera important pour avoir le meilleur rendu possible.
Mon site perso :
Sur ma chaîne youtube une vidéo un vendredi sur deux!!!! cover,cours, technique...

30.03.2012 | Muse Cover Party

Muse - Nishe and Muse - Sunburn is the copyrighted property of it's owner(s).

Muse performing Sunburn at the Glastonbury festival in England on June 25th 2000.

This gig was Muses's biggest show at the time. They were rewarded a gold disc after the show for 100,000 UK sales of Showbiz.
This is a very rare recording and not all the song were broadcast.

Muse performing a riff and Sunburn at the Eurockeennes of Belfort in France on July 7th 2000.

Setlist :

01 - New Born
02 - Sober
03 - Sunburn
04 - Falling Down
05 - Feeling Good
06 - Agitated
07 - Muscle Museum
08 - Plug in Baby
09 - Cave
10 - Fillip
11 - Minimum
12 - Unintended
13 - Showbiz

Интересно, мне когда-нибудь надоест этим заниматься?)

Muse playing Sunburn live at Le Zenith in Paris 2001 off the Hullabaloo DVD.

NOTE: The setlist contains songs from both days of which Muse played (the 28th & 29th of October)

01 - Dead Star (28th October)
02 - Micro Cuts (29th October)
03 - Citizen Erased (28th October)
04 - Sunburn (guitar) (28th October)
05 - Showbiz + riff (28th October)
06 - Megalomania (29th October)
07 - Dark Shines (28th October)
08 - Uno (29th October)
09 - Prelude in C Sharp Minor + Screenager (piano) (29th

VIP-зарубежные-гости играют в Восходе xD
Part One

Muse Live at Big Day out, Sydney 23/01/04

1 - Stockholm Syndrome
2 - Medley
3 - New Born
4 - Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist
5 - Citizen Erased
6 - Sunburn
7 - Muscle Museum

Hey everyone, if you're interested in discovering something new, my rock band Kaon just released a music video, click here :)

Track one of a three track set. This is an instore signing session from 1999, filmed by Matthew George. This track was previously published on Georges website "The Muscle Museum" in low resolution, but was recently rediscovered on VHS.

Muse performed in many stores during the 1999 Showbiz promotional tour - some of the signed items from these performances carry high values because they took the time to sign with their full names back then.

This is probably the most intimate Muse set you will e

Another MUSE song to all their fans.This is a live version of the song.I have no sheets for it,those live parts were done by ear.
I hope you all enjoy this one,

Luís André
(No copyright infringement intended)

Song: 10 Sunburn

Venue: Saitama Super Arena
Date: 12 - 01 -2013
Location: Saitama
Country: Japan

Cologne Butzweiler Hof 21st August 1999

10 лет...10 лет назад!!:)

Also one of my muse favorites!

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Загружено группой

Multicam Sunburn no O2 Arena, a 26/10/2012!

Gothic Plague
Jason Lake
Jade Pogson
Nath Alie

-Redes Sociais-

Obrigado por assistires!

1999-11-10, MCM Cafe, Paris, France,

Live 2000 V channel, tambien tocaron hyper music

Live at Glastonbury Festival 2004

Oh fuck! Мурашки бегают по телу от этого исполнения :З

Muse performing Sunburn at the Rock Am Ring festival in Germany in June 5th 2004.

Setlist :

01 - Stockholm Syndrome
02 - New Born
03 - The Small Print
04 - Muscle Museum
05 - Hysteria
06 - Citizen Erased
07 - Sunburn
08 - Butterflies and Hurricanes
09 - Bliss
10 - Time is Running Out
11 - Plug in Baby

Muse perform 'Sunburn' live at the O2 Shepherd's Bush Empire in London on 18th February 2013, in honour of War Child's 20th anniversary. War destroys children's lives. You can help stop it by clicking here to donate towards War Child's vital work:

Live at London O2 Arena

Muse performing Sunburn at the Saitama Super Arena, Japan.

Zénith Live 28 October 2001

Come waste your millions here
Secretly she sneers
Another corporate show
A guilty conscience grows
And I'll feel
A guilty conscience grow
And I'll feel
A guilty conscience grow

She burns like the sun and I can't look away
She'll burn our horizons
Make no mistake

Come let the truth be shared
No one ever dared
To break these endless lies
Secretly she cries

She burns like the sun and I can't look away
She'll burn our horizons
Make no mistake

I'll hide fr

muse preforming sunburn very rare and hard to find acoustic preformed live on radio.

Want to learn the piano? Flowkey provides a fun and interactive tool! Try it for free here:

My piano cover of Sunburn, from the 1999 album Showbiz by Muse. Written and composed by Matthew Bellamy.

I really wish I had an acoustic piano for this one!

Come waste your millions here
Secretly she sneers
Another corporate show
A guilty conscience grows
I'll feel a guilty conscience grow
I'll feel a guilty conscience grow

She burns like the sun
And I can't look away

ах, эти пальцы...

THIS SONG IS FROM MUSE, NOT FROM ME! It's a tutorial of a Muse song called Sunburn. This is the full version, there's a part by part version.

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MUSE Birmingham LG arena 30.10.12

This is a transcription for solo piano I made combining Muse's song "Sunburn" with Rachmaninov's 4th Moment Musical. If you don't know the originals, you can check them out here:


The piece is titled "Moment Muse-ical".

hi guys this is muse sunburn live cover hope u like it !! =)
Maudio nova
Behringer 12 chanel mixer
Line6 ux1

Чебоксары, 31.07.2010
The Vampire'S Masquerade

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Sunburn played live at the Bizzare Festival in Germany in August 2000. More info on the gig is right here:

One of my favorite live versions of Sunburn, because of the intro riff. It'd be cool if they still started sunburn like this.

Немножечко Muse никому не повредит, тем более с такой классной песней

Muse performing "Sunburn" at Joe Louis Arena, Detroit, MI, March 2, 2013.

Muse - Sunburn live From Japan, Bank of Muse download 2013
Like for pictures and more..

Debut Album Showbiz, Debut TV performance on G-Spot.The rest is music history... G-Spot was a regional music and entertainment series which focused on the North West music scene. Performance Director:Anthony Thomas Producer:Janie Valentine Production:Straight TV Broadcaster:Granada Television

Muse live in Paris - Sunburn - videopimp

Muse - Sunburn -- Live At Paleis Palais 12 Brussel 16-03-2016

Muse playing Sunburn at Radio 1's Big Weekend (Scotland) on May 13th 2006.


01 - Hysteria (cut to video editing)
02 - Riff + Supermassive Black Hole
03 - Starlight (cut to video editing)
04 - Sunburn (guitar)
05 - Bliss
06 - Time Is Running Out
07 - Knights of Cydonia (cut to video editing)

Hi guys, we are back again with another Muse cover !
This time, we're covering a showbiz song : Sunburn.
As usual, we hope you'll enjoy it !

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Vocals :

Guitar/Bass/Keys/Global mix :

Drums/Drum mix/Video editing :

ИМХО очень круто, только толпа подкачала

сыграли отличную песню в отличном составе:
Вера Крумгант -вокал
Фил Чекалин -бас
Артем Камалетдинов -гитара
Саша Ахмаев -барабаны
Андрей Вихарев -клавиши

Video from the barrier at the B Stage on Chris' side

Pilton Worthy Farm Live 24 June 2004

Come waste your millions here
Secretly she sneers
Another corporate show
A guilty conscience grows
And I'll feel
A guilty conscience grow
And I'll feel
A guilty conscience grow

She burns like the sun and I can't look away
She'll burn our horizons
Make no mistake

Come let the truth be shared
No one ever dared
To break these endless lies
Secretly she cries

She burns like the sun and I can't

ещё один день из жизни рукожопого пианиста и его очередная лошарская попытка сыграть sunburn но 2ой день получился круче чем первый так что не унываем продолжаем!)

first time standing at a muse gig! the usual shakiness + out of focusness x a million, esp the first few songs :\ yes i still tend to film matt a lot..

oh the back-viewness :(

i admit i was hoping for something ridiculous like space dementia or ruled by secrecy :p but hey, you can't argue with anything from showbiz :)

0:25 in the shadows des comes running..
0:31 chris makes it obvious, it's sunburn.
0:48 "it's been way too long." agree! *sniffs*
1:09 you have fans on this side too!
1:14 dom puts away the mic in record time
2:02 this is what happens when you stand in front of the water station
2:44 i swear dom is looking at me :p
3:21 gorgeous solo..
4:31 and equally gorgeous outro. if they ever play sunburn on guitar again i. will. laugh.

Easy song, i show u how to play it in fast and slow so u can see it clearly :D


A B E C B E C E <br/><br/>


как же хочется :(

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'Sunburn' by Muse on bass learnt by ear. I had a hard time picking out the line in the chorus [as you'll see if you watch the tutorial part] so I thought a tutorial might help other people trying to learn this song.

Arrangement by BJ Prince (NamelessAndFamous).

With regret, I wasn't able to work out the timings of the intro :( Please view the original recording below! It captures the original song very nicely.


Muse performing a riff and Sunburn at the Bizarre Festival in Germany in August 18th 2000.

Setlist :

01 - Yes Please
02 - Riff + Sunburn
03 - Muscle Museum
04 - Bliss
05 - New Born
06 - Cave
07 - Fillip
08 - Plug in Baby
09 - Agitated

You can find the videos of all these performances here on my channel :
(Fillip, Plug in Baby and Agitated were also broadcast but I don't have them in high quality,

Антикафе "Убежище", г. Энгельс, 19.11.2014

Multicam Sunburn no Palais 12, a 16/03/2016!

Saskia Adam
Tom Lad
Nath Alie

-Redes Sociais-

Obrigado por assistires!

смотреть до конца...))) вот как играют настоящие клавешниги)))

Muse performing the "Ocean Étude Op. 25, No. 12" (by Chopin) piano intro, followed by Sunburn at the Route du Rock festival in France on August 11th 2001.

01 - Micro Cuts
02 - New Born
03 - Uno
04 - Showbiz
05 - Feeling Good
06 - Hyper Music
07 - Screenager
08 - Citizen Erased
09 - Ocean Étude Op. 25, No. 12 + Sunburn + riff
10 - Jimmy Jam + Riff RATM + Cave + Riff Vuilstamen
11 - Fillip
12 - Plug in Baby
13 - Muscle Museum
14 - Bliss

"Sunburn" Muse - alternative version.
Break up!

не обращая внимания на концовку)

Sunburn Muse en Guadalajara México 2013

Increíble concierto.<br/><br/>

абдырда какая-то)

Hey guys this is Sunburn by Muse.. one of my favs!!!! :D :D GOOOOOO MUSE 4 EVER!!! lol no pun intended....

Muse performing Sunburn at the London Astoria in England on January 31th 2000.

Muse performing Sunburn at the Düsseldorf Philipshalle in Germany on April 15th 2001.

Setlist :

01 - Micro Cuts
02 - New Born
03 - Showbiz + Ashamed outro
04 - Feeling Good
05 - Sunburn
06 - Hyper Music
07 - Unintended
08 - Citizen Erased
09 - Cave
10 - Plug in Baby
11 - Muscle Museum
12 - Bliss

Muse performing Sunburn
Recorded live at Stade de Suisse, Bern, Switzerland 15.06.2013


Muse playing Sunburn at Glastonbury Festival (England) on June 27th 2004.


01 - Hysteria
02 - New Born
03 - Sing For Absolution
04 - Muscle Museum + riff
05 - Citizen Erased + Take a Bow (instrumental)
06 - Apocalypse Please
07 - Ruled By Secrecy
08 - Piano interlude + Sunburn (piano)
09 - Riff + Butterflies and Hurricanes
10 - Bliss
11 - Riff + Time Is Running Out
12 - Plug In Baby + riff

13 - Blackout
14 - Stockholm Syndrome + riff + riff + riff + riff

All rights reserved to their respective owners<br/><br/>

Muse interpretando la cancion de Sunburn en su concierto realizado en el Palacio De Los Deportes de la Ciudad de Mexico DF el pasado 20 de Octubre de 2013<br/><br/>

VERY GOOD SOUND!!! Wiener Stadthalle, Wien 19.11.2012 See FULL show here:
recorded with "Panasonic Lumix TZ7"

Sunburn @ Shepherds Bush Empire in aid of War Child, 18th Feb 2013

Only Matt I'm afraid...can't take my eyes off him when he's paying the piano!

Muse @ St Jakobshalle Basel - Sunburn - 14 Nov 2012

Muse playing the good old Sunburn. The piano appeared from under the square, it was very great to see Matt playing from close! Tip: watch the piano solo. 2nd Law World Tour.

Daniel playing the piano and Phil singing at danisnotonfire's YouNow live broadcast 10.23.2012.

Rockpalast 30 years anniversary

EDIT: The sheet music is available for purchase from

Thought you might be sick of all my slow pieces recently. And i've been itching to give this one a go. For those fans of the original, like myself, i did intentionally make the chorus quiet and the verses loud, which is opposite to what you might be used to. Anyway, no sheet music used, fun stuff.


Official Music Video for "Sunburn" By AmazingPhil Piano done by Danisnotonfire


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Muse performing Sunburn at The Barfly in London in England on August 1st 2000.

I have got the following songs from this gig :

01 - Sunburn
02 - Unintended
03 - Showbiz
04 - Muscle Museum
05 - Plug in Baby

Sunburn Muse piano cover + Interludes [GLASTONBURY LIVE]
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trash plays muse lololllllllopooo

UK Channel Four's TFI Friday

Matt Bellamy: "We did TFI Friday and it was fucking shite...we got some geeza in who like fucked it up, he was playing a piano part and he completely fucked it up and er...haha...and the ginger man called US Sunburn playing a song called was all just a bit of a shambles! I realised that I didn't ever want to be, well I dont say EVER, I mean don't want to be a four piece, I want to be a three piece and I want to learn the piano for myself."

Muse La - Route Du Rock - St. Malo, Brittany, France 2001/08/11

muse live February 7th 2004 Bay NK Hall I have the entire live

Muse performing Sunburn at Glastonbury 2004. Taken from the Absolution Tour DVD. Subscribe for more Muse!