Mushroomhead - Eternal

ЫЫЫЫЫЫ Крутой клип)

обалденный клип))

Клип группы Mushroomhead на песню Eternal c альбома XIII.
Вошел в первое издание DVD Vol.1 в 2005 году.
Режиссер клипа Steve "Skinny" Felton.
Разрешение: 720х480
Качество: 480p
Звук: полное компилирование с оригиналом.

Mushroomhead - Eternal

клип, выносящий мозги на счет ра...)

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In my opinion the best song on XIII and probably the
easiest also. This one is done by ear, but if someone wants tabs for this song i can make 'em.

Guitar: Ibanez GRG07LTD1 with EMG 85 on bridge and 60 on neck
Effects: Digitech RP250
Tuning: A# standard
Strings: D'Addario 13-56
Picks: Dunlop Jazz III

Mushroomhead performing Fear Held Dear and Eternal at the Phantasy Theatre in Lakewood Oh on 11/3/07. It was their Halloween show and J Mann joined them onstage for the last 4 songs.

Official Music Video [HD]

Mushroomhead - Eternal [Original Music Video]

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Mushroomhead performing Simpleton and Eternal live at their Halloween Show at The Agora in Cleveland, OH on Oct. 31, 2008