Muted Love.

CR:Eng Tran - POP!GASA
Eng Rom&Hangul - kpopparazzi

“Josh: I love you Tyler
Tyler: mute his mic please 😂😂😂 @tylerrjoseph @joshuadun #twentyonepilots”

I don't own the rights to this material. I just borrowed it an mixed it up into a nice video
Song: Mute! - One Love (Radio Edit)

Videos from youtube, mixed together:
Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders 22 by Taylor Swift
AWESOME Moto-X 2013 X-Treme People 2013

Director, installation , videographer : Azhibekov Bekentay
Actors : Sultan Shukurbaev, Aselya Demeuov, Aliya Bulebaeva,Temirlan Ouali

Two pantomime performers from Bangkok, Thailand make use of special stage settings and props to create a charming world of their own. Their stories are loved by people of all ages. This is from Dubfest 2014, Al ghurair Mall, Dubai

clip based on "Começar de novo"

Mute! - One Love (Radio Edit) Out Now

Philadelphia Jazz concert - 3 hours of original, Latin jazz, cool jazz, and straight ahead jazz by jazz trumpet player Cullen Knight featuring Lafayette Harris Jr.-piano, Marcus McLaurine-bass, Newman Taylor Baker-drums

The Jazz Loft Moscow - join us on
New Orleans Jazz every Wednesday from 8pm
Константин Гевондян (tp), Алексей Панкратов (tb), Игорь Тертычный (cl), Валентин Лакодин (db), Алексей Денисов (dr), Григорий Паламарчук (pi), Владимир Квачев (bj)

Mute! One Love

Mute Monster live at Madisan, Kryvyi Rih

Tyler is about to sing and Josh interrupts.
Tyler: Let's do this whooo..
Josh: I love you Tyler :*
Tyler: okay..Mute his mic please xD ._.

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