My car crash

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Это пилотный выпуск программы "Вито,уничтожь мою машину".Как можно понять дело идет об обычном краш тесте машин из Mafia 2.
Гость сегодняшнего выпуска Хот-Род

In this episode, Alica Keys reflects on her career, growing up in the Hells Kitchen area of New York City, Flex dropping bombs on her single "Girlfriend" on HOT 97, musical influences, and so much more.


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A Toyota Highlander on it's way to pick up my kids for school lost control and crashed into my home two times before spinning out into the street. The driver claimed that the accelerator was stuck and they couldn't stop the car. Both of my vehicles inside the garage were totaled due to the impacts. There was also major damage to the structure of the house and it's contents.

The driver's car was also deemed a total loss by their insurance company.

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This is the last moment I got to ride this bike. It was written off as unrepairable. The other driver was found at fault by police for not giving way.

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I flipped over the car and landed flat on my stomach. I was wearing wet weather riding gear, which is not the most protective choice but was necessary for the weather I was in. The crash did serious damage to the ligament in my knee which meant I cou

Worker Crashes My Car Fail No Show Employee Work Ethic #2~ BTS Car Crashed into fence, Accident Hit & Run. Many Employees over the last 2 Months and many worker problems Training is one thing but it seems sometimes like a guy has to show people everything. New behind the scenes series to give you an idea of what goes on around here. Most days are pretty good and then you get ones where nothing seems to go right. Some Screw ups are ok but sometimes it just far too much. You never

About 5 years ago I had my first taste of drifting in a real car and of course I made a rookie mistake. It's funny to think that years later I stil...

Holy shit I legit almost crashed his new car. It's so beautiful though, I think I'm in love. Hope you guys enjoyed the vlog though I had a really fun time last night!
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Alright, it's not a Lamborghini. Alright, it's not actually my car. It's my friend's. Yes, we did almost crash. Still makes up for a fun video, rig...

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A local auto shop crashed my car and denied that it happened. It's a very noticeable dent that I would have noticed before I took it in but they said it must have been there when I arrived at the shop.

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Just me having fun like a full grown man.
RC Car is a Traxxas Slash 2wd. It's awesome. You should get one.
Shot with a GoPro Hero3 Black

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My second video about lego cars. Hope you'll like it!)

The title tells you I'm a great driver. Thanks for riding me! I may get a ticket just for making this video lol. Check out my other social medias d...

Multiple car crashes chopped up to the beat of "elektronic phunk"..?
Me like a lot!

Thank u guys so much for watching!!!! Sorry the quality is kinda shitty i just SUCK and always lose my camera charger hahaha. I wanted to make an ask sarah since i reached 400k subscribers which is INSANE BTW?????? WHEN I MADE THIS CHANNEL I DIDNT EVEN THINK ID GET 50 LOL so thank u from the bottom of my heart! i owe all my happiness to u guys :') ok i'm getting me i should CHILL LOL ily u guys so much u have no idea

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He won't park in W.J Spot anymore after what we did to it, 2fast2real style, hahahahaha