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“Training day. @dima_kuzya my inspiration. --------------------------------------------------------; #workout #wswcf #streetworkout #barstarzz #barragazz…”

“🎥🎶🎄Winter Concept- Inspired by Quick, one of my all time favorite crews.”

“Playing around with a transition inspired by @kazza186 in my new #neon set from @badkittyusa #poledance #polelife #badkittypride #michellenatoli”

“Part 2 of the amazing @kyndalldance in my class today | True performer. Thank you Kyndall for inspiring me.”

“@shai_debroux nice teamwork, yes?! 💪😂 @jtm_fit thanks for the inspiration my friend! #turkishgetup #turkishpickup #pickup #dumptruck #pickups #gentleman…”

“Just met #ShiaLaBeouf I told him Even Stevens inspired my new project #YoungWizard 👳👳👳👳🙌🙌 #sxsw #SxPAPER”

“My new #tricky #deadlift #transition . Thanks to @roman_masalov for #climb variation Thanks to @poletricker for #inspiration and to @mark_buhantsov for…”

“My inspiration is such a cutie @rahart_adams @rahart_adams @rahart_adams @rahart_adams #rahartadams #myaussie #rahawt #everywitchway #jaxnovoa…”

After more than two years of no inspiration and almost no guitar playing, my inspiration got back, I've been playing guitar every day the last week, this is true therapy for my soul and a way for me to express my feelings

“The 70s inspired #updo from my previous picture💌 #Stylist #inspiration #hudabeauty #vegas_nay #mua #70s #tutorial #justhairvids #PressPlay #hairstyle…”

“And this right here? I'll never forget this moment! I hugged my dream, my inspiration, my dance idol, my ultimate girl crush! Words can't express the way…”

“Early morning work in progress inspired by @helena_minina. The reflexes are slow at that hour ;) Loving my new #royal blue top from @badkittyusa #polelife…”

“BIG UP FOR MY BREDDA @amadbanksdhk for new steppes, lots of ideas and inspiration !!! Great RespeK from my #allfruitsripegyalscrew #frgcrew !!!!…”

“Michael Jackson inspired me to love dancing when I was very young which is why these Vines are two of my favorite that I've made!🎶”

Попытка создать #timelapse

Как создать визуальные эффекты

Video by Y.Ermakov
Rider: Mike Mishunin

"The Queen" is a watercolor painting that was created by two year old Eve and her mother Ruth. Eve began the piece by using an ink pen to create a drawing which Ruth then finished using watercolors.

Eve's request for me when I began this was to paint her Elsa, hope you enjoy the piece!

To read more about our journey you can visit the Mischievous Mommy blog at

In part one of TIME's interview with the 'Jackie' singer, Ciara talks about how becoming a mother has influenced her music and reflects on her experiences in the changing industry.

Too many people work their whole lives looking forward to spending their best years at the end of it. 🌎 // Do you love your job? 🌎 #ilovemyjo...

Testing my new Line6 Helix clean patch inspired by Eric Johnson.
In this video I put UAD tape simulator and Lexicon 224 reverb plugins as post effects.

Many thanks to

The Kulture Kids went to the workshop of ian eastwood here in holland. and kenzo was inspired by the choreo of ian @ ... so he made his own and showed it to him personally!! See ian's reaction in the vid!

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Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla

My inspiration from Interstellar !)

Когда влюблен- Ты творишь чудеса!

цена тут -

Matt from My Darkest Days talks about the ideas behind his tattoos. Check out My Darkest Days' tattoo design contest on Creative Allies:

I was inspired after seeing Yim Mau Kun videos and drawings. I drew this free hand from a photo reference of my wife while trying to mimic his methods. I liked using soft vine charcoal though it was a bit difficult getting used to at first. I would like to do more drawings using Yim Mau Kun's techniques and tools. I was a lot of fun!

Tools used:
1.Strathmore Drawing Paper 400 Series
2. Winsor & Newton Soft Vine Charcoal
3. General's Charcoal Pencils 557-HB and 4B
4. Paper Stump for blending
5. Kneaded Era

Presentation Of La Glam Team... on a song that we love "Come into my room" by Mavado
with Dancehall steps from or inspired by :
- Bogle "Bogle dance"
- Professor Orville "dweet again / mistake / one knock"
- FSD : "bicycle"
- Ovamarz : "Nuh linga"
- Stacia Fyah : "i bless/ confidence"
- Stacy expressionz : "naked"
- John hype and the squad : "Ova di wall"
- Ice : "Gully creepa"
- A ni mal : "kill it"
- Syrin zero : "dance remix"

*** I do not own any right's to this s

Видеосъемка и монтаж SweetCinema

1) My inspiration dream
2) day 1 of 30

Моя любимая работа!!!❤️❤️❤️

Things that inspire you need just stop looking and start seeing

Этот магический микс был посвещен моему 33 летию!!! Многие просили его выложить... →

Many people don't understand the meaning or purpose of the Hijab. This can be a great obstacle to overcome, especially for Muslim women.

This is the true story of a Muslim woman's journey to discover the true meaning of the Hijab.

hello again! heres another requested video on my makeup... I only do my makeup on weekends, during the weekdays I just fill in my eyebrows. all my makeup is affordable since I really dont know too much about it, so why pay for expensive ones. I didnt add music this time. dont get scare of my face without makeup! hehe... thats how I look most of the time.
follow me on instagram Jennii_doll
I am not being paid! everything is bought with my money.
If any questions just ask me :)

Вдохновение от Парамаханся Йогананды

Что меня вдохновляло в октябре. Ресурсы!





Why this video was uploaded again:

**Originally uploaded on: April 10, 2012**

The evidence was overwhelming! You guys really wanted a Fluttershy song -- so I thought about it, and I made this. As you can tell, I love oldschool rock, and that's the inspiration for this tune. I really hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane. ;)


This is my sketchbook, my most recent one. I have loads of them but I am showing this one from the beginning to the end-to reveal how I set a target date and try my best to finish it in that time.
It's all about meeting the deadline you set when you start to use the sketchbook, make sure you set a realistic date and do you best to just keep it going

Official Music video for “My Inspiration” taken from the stunning new album Forever Dreaming. Available to order now from iTunes:, Google Play: or Amazon:

-One of the freshest talents in the UK, he truly has an outstanding voice (Craig Charles - BBC Radio)
-Great sound with a modern twist, we're going to hear a lot more of this guy (Peter Young - Jazz FM)
-Music is the language of the soul, and Myles speaks loud and clear (Dr Charles

Custom MLP playlist:
Play-Doh playlist:

In this Custom MLP tutorial, I'll be showing you how to make a Spike pony. Spike is a dragon in the My Little Pony TV series, But I thought I'd be fun to make a pony version of him. His coat and cutie mark has been painted on and his mane and tail has been sculpted with polymer clay.

Supplies that you'll need for this custom Spike pony:
1) My little Pony toy figure
2) oven-bake or air-dry clay
3) paintbrushes
4) paint p

Make life beautiful:
You guys have been requesting my new makeup look!! Updated makeup routine :)!! Enjoy :D!! BTW for those of your guys commenting on makeup technique, I'm not a makeup artist or claiming to be one, just like to share how I do makeup and I'm not always perfect at it, you may even do a better job. I am aware of it. Thank you guys I will keep trying to improve tho!!
----- More information on the products I used -----

Dr Jart+ Ceramidin Cream: http:/

#inspired by my #morningcommute tunes today. #sevennationarmy #livinonaprayer #wearethechampions and 3 great conversations with people I respect about always #creating even if it's #stup*dsh*t like this

Winners(got to 1/8) - Africa is my inspiration(Sasha,Ri,Mamacita)

My simple ReEdit in Adobe After Effects
Stuff was taken from channel NVL productions:
Hope you enjoy;)

Track:Adam K and Soha - Who Cares (Original Club Mix)


Soundtrack: Tim Berg-Bromance (I used it cause it just ideally matches with the video)

НАШИ ПРОЕКТЫ - Прически на каждый день - Салон красоты

Commercial for Canon, Thailand.

It's a director version of canon commercial in Thailand

Thanks for background Music - "Glasgow Love" composed by Craig Armstrong.

Note! This video is not mine!
All rights is reserved to Chicago, directors, producers & owners of copyrights!

Социально образовательный проект - Школа концепт-дизайна [CDS]


For a complete list & photos of product descriptions please visit my beauty blog:
or website:

This tutorial is inspired by Jun Ji Hyun's makeup in the Korean TV Drama 별에서온그대My Love From the Star. I know I don't look like her.. I'm probably the furthest person away.. but anyone can apply her effortlessly pretty makeup to their own face!

這個妝容靈感來自韓國劇集《來自星星的你》當中全知賢的妝容。我知道我不像她,我的樣子應該跟她相差最遠吧...... 但大家都可以化得出這個毫不費力又Ĝ




Автор - Евгений Житников (

"Мир Индийского кино" / Bollywood

Major congrats to Aerie girl & NEDA ambassador Iskra Lawrence for helping to launch the first ever NEDA Inspires Seal of Approval to promote body positivity! #AerieREAL #LoveYourRealSelfie

Learn more about #AerieREAL here:
Learn more about NEDA here:

A bit strange video, but i really like it.

Полезная инфа для тех, кто хочет развиваться!

Charlotte Dujardin is my inspiration and my role model in life because she is a perfect rider and she shown that with determination you can get to the top. I can't describe how much I would like to meet charlotte.

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The audio isn't mine but I have edited it.

Ian Eastwood for the first time in Brazil and South America

Edition Video: @Wash_Santos
This is the lyrics to Lil Wayne Rich As Fuck


Сегодня хочу познакомить вас с невероятной девушкой- Никой Мороз. Искательница нимф стала мои вдохновением.
Энергичная, волшебная, прекрасная, настоящая - все это о ней!
Хочу сказать, что я никогда не говорю героям этого проекта, что им говорить, как им говорить, как себя вести, как себя подавать. Мне очень важно, чтобы вы увидели их настоящими,чтобы грань между "в кадре" и "за кадром" стерлась.

Мой канал

Первый отборочный тур проекта "Supernova", который второй год подряд является главной площадкой латвийского национального отбора на конкурс "Евровидение". Запись прямой трансляции Латвийского телевидения.

Видео из группы "Латвийская музыка". Заходите в гости - слушайте музыку, скачивайте альбомы, смотрите клипы!

Want to know what comic book character I would be? What superpower I would have? What childhood memory I could relive? Don’t forget to subscribe for a new Q&A every month! But tell me, if you could have a superpower, what would it be?

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В этом видео я рассказываю про 10 ресурсов, которые помогают мне настраиваться на...

Взгляды, прикосновения, нежные поцелуи, искренние чувства, биение сердца, такой робкий взгляд и уверенный ответ "Да"... Каждая история любви уникальна... У каждой пары своя сказка...

Дякую за перегляд відео) Надіюсь воно було корисне для вас, буду радий лайкам та підписці

Заходьте у гості у нас є багато цікавого
Мій інстаграм

Up this week is someone who may also not be known to many of the newer generation of players but is still playing at very high levels of the game as despite being one of the older generation of street ballers. Legend in the street game Ricardo Pinto.

Street Soccer Beligum Videos:

Космос отражается в зрачке каждого глаза.

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THE END OF MY JOURNEY (HD)?! Zyzz & Chestbrah: Genesis - Transformation : Motivation : Inspiration - My version ,


zyzz Connor murphy jeff seid Bodybuilding Transformation aesthetics omegle chatroulette hot girls halloween fitness motivation inspiration video youtube dangmattsmith aesthetics rip muscles abs music hardstyle grave sad body transformation

Всем кому интересна моя личность и бизнес в интернете - ДОБАВЛЯЙТЕСЬ:
Insta: artyurz
Telegram : +79045458200

Dana, tmrw is the day. You know win or lose I am beyond proud of you.
You inspire me. You keep me true to who I am. You show me that I can make any dream I have come true. You stand beside me even when I fuck everything up.

You have the worlds attention bear, you know what to do…


Jared Leto was so good in 'Dallas Buyers Club' and apparently we have a little old lady to thank. He reveals his role was partly inspired by his grandma. Li.

This man is such an inspiration. Follow your dreams!

This dances is nice to see, this is inspiration for me!

Рэрити теряет свою творческую харизму и чувствует, что она никогда не сможет снова создавать новые наряды. Желая помочь, Спайк находит заклинание, которое вызывает виденья у Рэрити — как хорошие, так и плохие.
(Озвучка от Трина Дубовицкая,Trina_D)

My Links!
Hand Lettering Letterform Template/Guide

Stained By Sharpie (Fabric Markers)

Hey guys! This is my first Q&A video where I answer some questions from you guys! I didn't want to make this video too long, so I chose a fairly small selection of questions and answered

- Ты фанат Реал Мадрида?
- Тогда тебе сюда:

Подписывайтесь, для нас важен каждый пользователь. - тот самый паблик, где учатся рисовать.
Теперь и в Instagram - 24draw -

Dana, tmrw is the day. You know win or lose I am beyond proud of you.
You inspire me. You keep me true to who I am. You show me that I can make any dream I have come true. You stand beside me even when I fuck everything up.

You have the worlds attention bear, you know what to do…


breastfeeding tutorials breastfeeding my toddler at costco baby breastfeeding inspiration

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (

Can't say any words. You are my inspiration.
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My original composition Inspired by Lindsey Stirling and Alan Walker.

You can ...

Up this week in My Inspirations is Sean Garnier, I've had the pleasure of playing and hatting with Sean and he is an all round cool guy, with amazing speed of footwork. He also is someone I regard as the best entertainer in the Street Football scene.

Last weeks Tutorial:
My Street Football Insiprations:

Kieranproskills Social Media:



С любовью Александру Замуруеву от Юлии Трухиной

I love Selena and her new song can't keep my hands to myself!
I decided to do a makeup look inspired by her I fell in love with her all over again lol after that video! All the details are below for everything!
Enjoy my angels!

Wig from

Products used:
Urban decay naked smokey palette

Lipgloss Xan cosmetics ln Dulce

Lips liner Mac stripdown

sigma brushes used

В этом видео я покажу вам как я работала в Швейцарии пару моментов со съемок и немного видов Женевы )
Где меня найти?
Почта для сотрудничества: vladav1808@gmai

Here Is a video with some of my vintage (40s, 50s) inspired spring outfits I like to wear, hope you can get some inspiration from them.
Let me know what one was your favourite!:)

Previous Video (Renaissance hairstyle)-

insta - @aliciavintage

Thank you for being here today.

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съемка на квадрокоптер DJI Inspire 1
место Вьетнам, Нячанг и окрестности Нячанга
музыка Charli XCX - Kingdom (feat. Simon Le Bon)

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Перевод видео: Сперва хочу сказать, что у нас всех есть сила. Если у вас есть голос, если у вас есть разум, если у вас есть мозги, то у вас есть сила. И не давайте кому-либо говорить что-то другое. Не имеет значения, сколько подписчиков у вас в Твиттере или сколько лайков вы собираете, важно лишь то, что выходит из вашего прекрасного ума. И у всех есть способности, у всех есть сила. И я люблю наблюдать за такими вещами, когда мы используем свою силу, свой разум и энергию вместо того, чтобы говорить себе, что у нас их нет.

Всё видео о макияже здесь:

hey guys i hope you like this makeup look on my beautiful sister!! AND IF you DID PLS GIVE ME A HUGE THUMBS UP AND SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL :)

S O C I A L M E D I A:
I N S T A G R A M :
F A C E B O O K :
S P A N I S H C H A N N E L:
C A N A L E N E S P A N O L :

Sister's I N S T A G R A M:

Move Your Ass

Hey people, this is a mini compilation of shufflers who make me inspire :3


[00:07 - 00:31] Dazz
[00:32 - 01:05] Brenton
[01:06 - 01:15] Josh
[01:16 - 01:30] Grant
[01:31 - 01:55] Neville
[01:56 - 02:10] Phillow


Sparkling Diamond Nails "Something Blue" Inspired by My Beautiful Bride! | Nail Art with The Crafty Ninja
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Nail Art with The Crafty Ninja
Join Yeari as she shows you how to get great, fun nail art designs inspired by the most popular Korean dramas!

In this week's episode: Yeari shows you how to craft beautiful, sparky diamond nails inspired by the crime drama My Beautiful Bride!

Check out Yeari