“🎶O p e n u p y o u r m i n d y e a
M a k e y o u w a n n a s c r e a m 🎶 #Luhan”

Vine by ♕F⃟P⃟_Y⃟S⃟♕ ❮❮YōkaiSky❱❱

Drew Matveev

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Experiences of the final moments from a perfect year. Summer fun with friends and family. Shot in Melbourne ////////////////////////////////// MUSIC Ben Howard - Old Pine (Peking Duk Remix) https://soundcloud.com/peking-duk ////////////////////////////////// | Handheld | Canon 5D3 | Canon 50mm 1.2 (accounts for 80% of shots) | Canon 24-70mm 2.8 | Canon 28mm 1.8 | Shot at 50fps | Graded in Lightroom 4 with VSCO Film | Cut in FCPX | https://www.facebook.com/ChrisArnoldMedia

Experiences of the final moments of a perfect year. Summer fun with friends and family.

Shot in Melbourne

Coming Up For Air is taken from Philip Selway's forthcoming solo album, Weatherhouse. http://www.philipselway.com iTunes - http://smarturl.it/psweatherhouseit Amazon UK Signed CD – http://amzn.to/Tr6oB2 CD: http://smarturl.it/WeatherhouseCD LP: http://smarturl.it/WeatherhouseLP Directed by NYSU Cast: Silvia Vacas, Manu Rivas, Ricardo Knosi, Cova de Alfonso, Lucía Alonso Director of Photography:Juan Santacruz Gaffer: Miguel Roldán Production manager: Alberto López Garrido Colour: Thiago Quad

Ирочка, солнышко, извини меня за то, что заставила тебя так долго ждать видео! Мне очень неудобно перед тобой... Зая, хоть и с ОГРОМНЫМ опозданием, но поздравляю тебя с ДНЮШКОЙ! Ты замечательный человечек и я рада, что youtube нас с тобой познакомил! Надеюсь, что видео тебе понравится, я старалась :-)
Ссылка на канал R A I N Y W E G A S: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj0nSZZd5JRSliRYJh8m3_g
Сериал: Однажды в Сказке/Once Upon a Time.
Пейринг: Captain Swan | Emma

Created by Emso64

EDIT almost 1 Am: enough -_-* I'm going to sleep, sorry world for leaving my lapotp on T_T but my eyes are closing, I'm writing lots of useless description and I need to get up early *sleeps*
(I didn't put the intro because they were happy and dark themed X'D, but this still belongs to the studio!)

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One Hour with "L A N A" @lanazakocela in NYC by @masonrosephoto True to the art of montage

1O8Op or your eyes will burn up and youll be sent straight to a Justin Bieber concert... in 2009. (THE HORROR.)

anyway, I made a thing. it's okay. the voiceovers are having like, seizures though, so I'm sorry :/

I thought Id give Nine some love because dammit he loved Rose too! I just like Ten better because I'm a hoe. so thats a thing


"Time isn't a straight line, it can twist into any shape. You can be born in the 20th century and die in the 19th, and it's

★ Песня называется:"Die Young" ★
★ Исполнитель песни:Kesha, ★
★ Песня не подошла к видео,так-как я её заменила на эту:с
Я сначала хотела сделать видео с это же пеней,но только с ремексом,как тут высветилось что это видео в многих странах нельзя посмотреть и мне пришлось заменить на

Но надеюсь вышло нормально...
И прошу прощение за слишком яркое видео^D
А Так же,ты можешь подписатсья на эти замечательные каналы:З:
MLP Sunny Rays---- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDPF... ,
MLP Anna Channel

Hey Everyone!!! ...a Yaoi part /// took me a while to
do cuz i couldn't stop drooling over it .... drool~~
well anyway I hope you'll all like it ^o^

Manga: Mujihi Na Otoko/ Mujihi Na Anata
Song: In Title

Zoobe зАйка

Автор - karinkamikakirari6
Исполнитель - Red
Песня - Breathe Into Me
это видео знаете ли не похоже на другие amv этой темы! нет там всяких сердечек....цветочков...розового...короче посмотрите и Сами всё поймёте!

Музыка ваще потрясна*___________*

SLOW SUNDAY by Theodore, Paul & Gabriel Directed By Truman & Cooper Twitter : https://twitter.com/Truman_Cooper Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/trumanetcooper Director of photography : Victor Seguin Production : Chez Eddy Producers : Jean François Bourrel & Anne-Lise Mallard Production Manager : Seb Lemenez Production Assistant & Casting : Clémence Pittillioen Cast : Martin Jobert & Alix Momal Post - Productiion : Chez Louis Editing & Grading : Manuel Coutant Flame Artist : Anthon

http://cine.bestiarios.com - G a n g s O f W a s s e y p u r : P a r t e I

Взято http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm17116934

Группа - http://vk.com/mirageofblaze

Съемка и монтаж : https://vk.com/nigma_production

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla http://vk.com/picrolla

I'm in love with this song *-*
hope you like the video^^
*Watch in HD*
Song - Paradise (What about Us)
By - Within Temptation feat. Tarja

http://cine.bestiarios.com - L i t t l e E r i n M e r r y w e a t h e r


another one of my idols, Lyndsy Fonseca. She is potentially the sweetest, nicest, person ever. I love her so much, she is so talented. I love you Lynds.♥

Ps. follow me on twitter guys, @DeannaWigney

http://cine.bestiarios.com - G a n g s O f W a s s e y p u r : P a r t e II

G Ü N E Ş İ B E K L E R K E N || Z E Y K E R A Ş K I

видео взято с Youtube специально для группы http://vkontakte.ru/club15755342

Rouge Night Club by TMRYZGN / 15' HALLOWEEN

This anime is love, seriously. I love Morita, he is amazing xDDDDDD
AND maybe some of you will think "Is she a little girl?!"
Well... no, she actually had 18 years at the start of the series xD

I love them and I was so dissapointed because they didn't end up together D:
BUT at least, I know that she likes him and he likes her *-*

About the amv... it's a very simple amv (I made it a few hours ago)
Mmm I was trying to make an amv of them so many times before...
but my l

http://cine.bestiarios.com - L o s F o r a j i d o s D e B a y t o w n

Hi guys, I hope you're well.
Tribute for my fav female character of Resident Evil the lovely Claire Redfield, okay i love this song, so i hope you like it. Anyway long time no see right? months think so! I'll put more attentive to the channel, as always comment rate please :D see ya guys!

song; wonderland-natalia kills
game; Resident Evil

All rights reserved (c)

Anime: KWMS } Kaichou Wa maid-Sama
Artist: Cartel
Song: Wonderwall Cover
End. Artist: 3oh!3
End. Song: Double Vision

the r.e.a.l.s.w.a.y., Alternative, Nu Metal, No Future Correct

Up with another! didn't take so long
I don't own any of the art, and eventually ill post all of the sources but I had them all saved in a folder and most we're on knowyourmeme or reposted else where and I couldn't find the original post
but I hope you enjoy!
just the editing
song - Michl - Kill our way to heaven

➕HD bc it looks good

For the first time of my life my coloring satisfies me, like wow what is happening?

So I was just scrolling down the screen to see my videos and I realized I didn't had enough Megatron edits. The last one was abaut cons but it was still not all abaut Megatron. And thats when I started talking to my self; Missocpus, Megatron is your babe. You gotta do something QUICK!

Anime Used:
Reaching You 2nd Season
The Vanishment of Haruhi Suzumiya (Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu)

Music Used:
Hurts - All I Want For Christmas is New Year's Days

GhettoFest III, superluxury apartaments.
Special thanx: Dasha / hate pizda

◤60 FPS◥

※ Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit (Verdis Remix)
※ by me
※ by me,
Little apple
※ by me


Делала для своей подруги Аллен , puur <3

{Смотреть в HD}

***Извиняюсь за свой голос в конце видео***

Поздравляю всех с с новым, две тысячи пятнадцатым, годом!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

NOTE: Да, видео можно экспортировать куда Вам угодно, не спрашивая моего разрешения!)))

Музыка: Fall Out Boy - My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light 'Em Up).

Концерт по случаю Дня Рождения
Феликса Лахути

S.o.u.l .s a.v .e.r..s. ( D.a.v.e Ga.h.a.n.) - L.i.ve. .i.n.. H.o.l...ly..w.o.o.d (2012)

yas guess who has kind of maybe ishy fixed her internet issues like whoop de doo
I just realised how weird this is going to look because I ditched colouring in the 2nd half of the amv
and it's a mix of motivated and unmotivated parts rip sky


I own not

Natsume Yuujinchou / 夏目友人帳

เครดิตเพลง DJ RNSR
ผมไม่ได้มิกซ์เพลงเองน่ะครับเป็นเพลงของ DJRNSR น่ะครับ และแชนแนลเก่าโดนแบนผมเลยเอาเพลงที่อยู่ในแชนŬ

Да простят нас Enter Shikari