Naturskyddsföreningen BTS

Behind the scenes from Fido's production of some stunning shots with a falcon. Client: Naturskyddsföreningen Agency: Sverige Production Company: Visual Art Director: Marcus Lundin Exec. Producer: Jörgen Lilja Director of Photography: John Strandh Creature VFX: Fido Creative Director: Kaj Steveman VFX Producer: Claes Dietmann VFX Supervisor: Cameron Scott CG Supervisor: Anders Nyman Modeling: Björn Arvidsson Rigging: Cameron Scott, Anders Nyman Lookdev: Anders Nyman, Marcus Forsberg, Joak

An truly inspirational behind the scenes breakdown of an amazingly realistic CGI Peregrine Falcon by talented artists at Fido!! Superb 3D modeling, rigging, animation, rendering and compositing!! Fido, are masters of digital wizardry and one of the largest providers of visual and special effects in Scandinavia, for more information on Fido please visit

Music by: Far Away Trains Passing By by Ulrich Schnauss

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