Neurosis - Locust Star (live)

Этот клип пячит меня.
Больше него прет разве что перфомансы Стивена ОэМэйли и Грега Андерсона в церкви с органом...

Neurosis performing "Locust Star" live at Ozzfest 1996

Любите попсу, легкий рок, рэп, плаксивую альтернативу? Не смотрите! Вы психически неустойчивы? Не смотрите! У вас депрессия? Не смотрите!
Вы предупреждены.

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere." -- Voltaire

Neurosis live at i believe a old Ozzfest show. Enjoy you fuckers.

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Live At Villette Sonique, Grande Halle De La Villette, Paris, France 25.5.2013

Artist: Neurosis
Song: Locust Star [Live]
Rise - shining bl...

interview by Hugues de Castillo and Mariexxme for and filmed at Amenra's " Mass V " release Party , 22/12/12 by Mariexxme edit: Mariexxme translation by Audrey Fournier and Sabine Barakat NEUROSIS live filmed in july 2011 in Paris by Benoit Lesieux, H.AlSayed and Mariexxme edit: Mariexxme

This video was shot at Heavy Montreal fest on 7 August in Montreal QC, Canada.

London, 6th/Dec/2010

neurosis enters the stage of KoKo in Camden town and fills the atmosphere with their unique blend of rage and despair packed in the shape of huge speakers.

a night to be remembered