New Year in Russia

Rock Music in Russia. New year. альбом и песня орел
Это новая часть наших фан долбоёбских моментов xD

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Outstanding present to all visitors and citizens of St. Petersburg. Laser show in the very heart of the city — Palace Square. We at were really impressed and decided to share with you this magnificent moments. Your are welcome to visit us. 3D projector light show.

Специально для жителей Санкт-Петербурга дополнительная трансляция с Пионерской

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Happy New Year! Jackass in Russia - EXCLUSIVE for New Year.

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Sler (Yevgeny Aleshin) VK:

Track: Wolfgang Gartner feat. Omarion - Still My Baby (Radio Edit)

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Вот так зажигают девчонки из 8 "А" ))))))))))))))

Вот так зажигают девчонки из 8 "А"


Новый год в нескольких мгновениях, счастье радость и веселье. New Year in the Russia

Подписка и лайки +10 к удаче :)

new year 1390 in Russia spb.

new year 1390 in Russia spb. part3

My daughter Victoria had a New Year's Matinee with Father Frost in her Kinder Garten. This video will show you how the most of New Year's matinees in typical Russian Kinder Gartens looks like. In Matinee's program there usually perfomances from the whole group of kids, telling rhymes by each individual kid to Father Frost, games, competitions and costume shows from adults (mainly the workers of kinder garten) for the kids. The apogee of all New Year's Matinees is Father Frost giving the New Year's gifts to

New Year communication for chocolate Korkunov in Russia.
Agency: BBDO Moscow

Tv transmission of the reception of the new year 2013 in the Russian Federation...

Image from Moscow

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with the students of Gymnasium No. 2 to congratulate them on the beginning of a new school year, in the city of Vladivostok, Thursday.

SOT, Vladimir Putin, Russian President (Russian): "I hope you will have opportunities to gain practical experience. In my opinion, it is highly important that a young man, a future specialist who has a specialised secondary education or a specialised higher education, realises where he could apply his skills, abilities and knowledge in o

Новогодняя ночь в ресторане гостиницы РОССИЯ. Приднестровье. Тирасполь.

American family from Tucson Arizona is celebrating the New Year 2006 in Naberezhnye Chelny Russia. Семейка отмечает Новый 2006-й год в г.Набережные Челны, Татарстан, Россия

Hiking, Tucson, AZ, прогулка по Аризоне, Аризона, Тусон, Таксон, горы в Аризоне, Наталья из Аризоны, недвижимость в Аризоне США, дома на продажу в США

Who is behind Syrian Observatory for Human Rights? RT finds Western media's key source on Syria
Since Russia's air campaign began in Syria, many western media outlets have been heavily relying on information from 'the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights' that is run by one man - Rami Abdul Rahman.
RT traces the elusive owner of this website the West uses to source and smear Moscow's anti-Islamic State bombing campaign.
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Дорогие друзья, представляю вам "Живой" MIX, под Новый Год. В нем содержаться хиты уходящего года а так же прошлых лет, и конечно же специальные традициооные Новогодние песни. Наслаждайтесь! (Данный микс был записан с живой сводкой, так что в случае некачественного сведения не обращаем внимания XDD) С НОВЫМ ГОДОМ ВАС!!!!!!!!!!

December 31, 2010
CET 22:oo

Весело встречаем вместе с детьми наступающий Новый Год 2015! Интересная программа, яркие персонажи и милые действующие лица!

Funny meeting with the children of the coming New Year 2015! Interesting program, bright leading and cute characters!

Cтудия Шедевр, семейное видео (дети, праздники, свадьбы), Басков Олег - видео, монтаж, режиссер монтажа.
Shedevr studio, family video (kids, holidays, wedding), Baskov Oleg - video, video editing, video editing director.
Студия "Шедевр" предлагает в Вологде и Вологодской области съемку и монтаж фильмов для вашей домашней видеотеки: видео с малышом, видео с вашими любимцами, романтическое видео и др. Подробности здесь и здесь

Новогодний фейерверк \ New Year fireworks in Russia

извините, я забыл про камеру и она осталась дома, снимали на nokia n8, потому ничего не видно)
кто хочет битый и крашеный бмв 520 1989 года в 34 кузове за 60тр, который даст отпору любому тазоводу, пишите в лс)

Awesome vacation to St Petersburg and Moscow.
Jan 01-06, 2015

Watch it in HD!!! Enjoy!!!
Shot 100% on the GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition

раскрасила замечательный праздник))) 11 тигров, 9 снежных драконов,кошка, собака, Дед Мороз, Снегурочка и Петрушка)))

I painted the wonderful holiday))) 11 tigers, 9 Snow Dragon, cat, dog, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden and Petrushka))) Face art and photo montage, from Julian Tsyvanyuk

Two russian people: Tamara & Vova, who just start to learn english talk to you about Russia.
You can send your questions about life in Russia on e-mail: or leave it in a comments.

Special thanks: Andrey Salnikov.

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In this video I talk about how Russians celebrate New year, Christmas and the lesser known 'Old' New Year. The differences between Ded Moroz and Santa Claus, what they eat on New Year's Eve, some of the traditions and a bit of holiday history.

Special thanks to Olga Gonzalez, Daria Anikina, Egor Ivanov, Alexander Proshunin, Sergei Plaxienko -
and StudiaKino - /

Background music by "The Dimples"

I do not own this song, it's used for inspiration only.

New Year Salsa Party in Vladivostok, Russia
with the live band "Savor Latino"
organized by Barrio Latino Dance Studio

Подпишись и лайк))

Тэги (не читать)
Смешно, ржака, смешно, +100500, +100500 канал, и это хорошо, и это хорошо все видео

Just prior to the arrival of Markus Schulz and Tiesto - the Russians attend the pre-event trance party. So many beautiful Russian girls await the DJs!


Международный языковой лагерь в Петрозаводске:

Music video. Coming to an end the era of U.S. hegemony over the world ...
This Russia army , in 2014 years , can kill differents , why attack at Russia Federation.

Muscovites and tourists gathered on Manezhnaya Square in the heart of the Russian capital, Thursday, to watch as a huge firework display welcomed in 2016 with a bang.

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§1. New Year and Christmas in Russia
§2. Новые слова и выражения
§1. New Year and Christmas in Russia
How do people in Russia celebrate New Year and Christmas?
I am sure, you can tell us a lot about it. For many children New Year is a favourite holiday. how can we tell about it to our friends from other countries? Let’s try to do it.
Russian people start celebrating New Year in the end of December. All the streets, squares, shops, schools and other places are decorated with paper snowflakes, garlands, pictures of Father Frost and Snow Girl. Father Frost is like a Santa Claus in Europe. He is a kind old man with long white beard. He wears red clothes and always has a bag of presents on his back. Snow Girl is his granddaughter. She is very beautiful. She always helps him.
In the end of December children have New Year parties in kindergar

Saint-Petersburg New Year 2013 Fireworks, Russia.
Новогодний Салют в Санкт-Петербурге, 2013.

Дарья Новикова.

Прежде чем прийти в танго, вела уроки по групповой хореографии в театре-студии «Перемена» (г. Соликамск), проводила семинары по сцендвижению и русскому народному танцу в Германии, Швейцарии, Италии.
В танго с 2008 года. С 2010 преподавала в танго-клубе La Tierra Del Tango (г.Москва). Училась у таких маэстрос как Филиппо Авиньонези, Алехандра Гутти, Мартин Охеда, Лусила Чионци и Джо Корбата.

В 2013 создала собственный проект «Touch To Tango».