Nissan - Baby

Повезло ребёнку с папашей...:)))

New Maxima - four door sport car

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This is the latest commercial from Nissan entitled "Baby". Simply put, a father-to-be transforms his Nissan 370Z into the all-new Nissan Maxima when he discovers that he's going to be a Dad! Another cute commercial from Nissan focusing on the emotional side of car buying.

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Крутой рекламный ролик)

Отличная реклама четырех дверного спортивного автомобиля - У нас будет ребенок!!!

Nissan Primera Commercial - Baby

Subscribe! - Thanks to the guys at DSW Wrapping, now my Nissan GT-R has a new skin and it looks AWESOME! After lots of thoughts I decided to go for baby blue with matte black accents!

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Transformacion de modelos Nissan (370Z, Maxima) al saber la buena noticia que será padre.
El Nissan 370Z es un deportivo para 2 personas, al crecer la familia necesita un Nissan mas grande...

Ven a vernos a Valenzuela y Cía, Santa Isabel 348, Santiago.

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