No Noodles

“😂😂😂 (nb - it's been a month since mbd has had her fav noodles and she has even been eating other fruit and veggies... So no concern needed 😂😂😂)”

This is a No music version of original Spicy Pumpkin Peanuts Noodles video below.


Ingredients in this recipe are:

Edward & Sons, Organic Creamed Coconut

Eden Foods, Organic, Shoyu Soy Sauce

Kevala, Extra Virgin Organic Sesame Oil

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Our video tutorial this week features a fun, no-heat curling technique for which we like to call "noodle curls!" We have done many hairstyles over the years using "rope braids" or "twist braids" and have noticed when we take the braids out, these unique spiral curls are formed. (I'm sure some of you have discovered this as well.) On occasion over the past several years, we have made rope braids just for the curls themselves, whi

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Sachi is indeed more useful than a Swiss Army Knife.


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Planet B-boy Movie Special 1on1 Battle
Tuesday. january 25th -Platoon South Korea-
Winner : Noodle

This flash series needed and deserved a music video.
Animation Created by
Please give her incentive to keep this project fully proceeded.

Song by: HIM Circle of fear (Creative Commons)
I would like to do a 37 min compilation of all shorts possibly.

"Attack on Baby Titan - Attack on Titan Parody with Babies"【Other】{Gravy Noodles}(1080p) - Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan/Атака титанов


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