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Derek Anthony Redmond didn't win a medal at the Barcelona Olympics. In fact, the British 400m runner didn't even make it past the semi-final stage. But it was his determination to finish that will live forever in the minds of millions. Injury forced the Briton to withdraw from the 1988 Seoul Games just ten minutes before the start of his 400m heat, so Redmond felt he had everything to prove in Barcelona four years later. Not to his peers, that is but, as he later admitted, to hims

Johnny Kelly has created a beautiful hand-made spot that encapsulates the spirit of the Olympic goodwill. Using an innovative technique, Johnny uses stop motion to animate hundreds of individual paper collages, each hand-cut and torn. Filmed in one continuous shot, we are taken on a journey as each Olympic symbol seamlessly segues on into the other. The subtle differences and imperfections in colour and texture that this creates infuse the spot with a warm energy that communicates in a universal way the

Дерек Редмонд був одним з фаворитів в забігу на 400 м. на Олімпйіскіх іграх 1992 року в Барселоні. Під час півфінального забігу від різкого болю в правій нозі спортсмен впав на доріжку і не зміг продовжити біг ... Однак дистанцію він все ж закінчив - кульгаючи, за допомогою батька.

Redmond charged out of the blocks, making good speed over his first 250m. At that point his right hamstring snapped. The one time British 400m record holder pulled sharply up as the rest of his field ran away from him, leaving Redmond on his knees and crippled, his Olympic dream over.

What followed, however, is one of the most memorable moments in Olympic history. Redmond got back to his feet to finish the race. Derek was soon joined by his father who supported him to the finish line.

Dechový orchestr Májovák, Karviná, Czech Republic. 25.4.2009. Conductor (dirigent) Vlastimil Blažek

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Actor/musician Harry Connick Jr. was too busy filming his new daytime show, “Harry,” to make it to Rio for the Olympics, so instead he stayed in New York to quiz people on the street about Olympics trivia and have them do their best “Phelps face.” Connick tells TODAY his new show will “give people a party right in the middle of the day.”
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Former U.S. Olympic athletes Robert Powers and Daniel Beery visited Turkmenistan in March, 2013 to share their experience with representatives from the country's rapidly developing sports sphere. During their visit, the visitors met with officials from the National Sports Committee, Turkmenistan Sports Channel, Athletics Federation, and Sports and Tourism Institute to discuss best practices in organizing and implementing large-scale athletic events. In addition, they organized a series of sports presentatio

Celebrate International Volunteer Day with our cool video about the "Games Makers"! On 5 December, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) joins the international community in celebrating International Volunteer Day. For each edition of the Games, there are thousands of people, of all ages, cultures and origins, all inspired by the same will to assume their responsibilities and serve with distinction, sharing the same emotions and passion for sport and its ideals of excellence, respect and friendship.

That Olympic Spirit. Part 9 of the Montage Series. 2004-2005. Yelena Berezhnaya Anton Sikharulidze

An epic, rousing new cue from our album Epic Olympic Dreams, "Spirit Of The Ancients". Enjoy!

Epic Olympic Dreams is available on iTunes and Amazon.

This video was shown at "A Moment's Peace", 28 July 2012, University College London, during the 2012 London Olympics. The event was hosted by Art of the Olympians and organized by the World Harmony Run.

Historic footage of Olympic moments are interspersed with inspiring quotes by Sri Chinmoy, founder of the World Harmony Run, who had friendships with Olympic legends Carl Lewis, Muhammad Ali, Jesse Owens, Al Oerter, Amil Zatopek, Bob Beamon, and Tegla Loroupe.

Renowned Olympians, peace leaders,

Before they left for training camp, we caught up with Stephanie Labbé, Diana Matheson, and Shelina Zadorsky to talk about being named to the Canadian Olympic team.

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The Olympic spirit lives within us all. And when gold medals don't provide enough motivation for greatness, McDonald's is proud to serve the Happy Meals, Big Macs, and Fries that put everyone in the mood for a little competition.

Chelsea twirls her way into Russia as she takes on rhythmic gymnastics with gal pal Maria Sharapova. Could Chelsea be podium bound?

Music: Waltz of the Spirit by Karl Jenkins

"The Olympic Spirit", was written for the 1988 Olympics in Seoul.

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missing nine days for the opening of the Olympic Games of London
for some players is the last tournament of his career
for others it is just the beginning
in the opinion of you
who will win and why?
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The Innsbruck 2012 Winter Youth Olympic Games were not just about 10 days of sporting excellence, they were also about bringing together over 1,000 young athletes to learn, share and have fun through the Culture and Education Programme (CEP).

In this the first in a series of CEP videos, we look at how the Youth Olympic Games go beyond sport, introducing athletes and local youth to new cultures, new experiences and new friends!

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