||Obliviate - Hermione & Bella

Voldemort is back, and muggles are dying. There are no options for her parents. Hermione has to make a difficult decision. And what about the girl she loves? Can Hermione trust the werewolves of La Push to protect her against You-Know-Who? What would you do if someone you loved could be in danger? And no one would protect them? You might do anything. Could you make them forget?
Okay, so I've had some issues with rendering this, and I'm horrible at masking. But it's done, and it's up, and I'm.. Well, not really pleased with the outcome, but I'm not disappointed.

Date Completed - September 8, 2011
Music - Knife Going In by Tegan and Sara
Fandoms - Harry Potter Twilight; Crossover
Pairing - Bella Swan/Hermione Granger

Disclaimer - I make no claim to any material I used to make this video. Materials used are the sole property of their respective owners and this is for entertainment purposes only. No profit is being made from thi