On-The-Go - Fall Asleep

Gym Session Live DVD
Out May 4
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На этом видео идеально видно, как безупречно Дима Мидборн вписался в семью On-The-Go. Кажется, будто он был с нами всегда.

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Всем звездного неба и прохладных сторон подушки.

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Live in Moscow 22.06.13 at Motherland Summer Festival
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Video by Dr Cuts based on animation of Jiří Barta (1989)
Plus Seven Records.


RED Rocks Kazan

Качество звука - говно, знаю
Canon EOS 500D

On-The-Go is a Russian indie-pop band formed in 2007 in Togliatti (Samara region, Russia). The musical style of the band can be characterized as pop rock, soft and melodic, with a focus on the guitar and the vocals. The musicians' discography includes one full-length album and several extended plays. In 2009 On-The-Go participated in the Avant music festival in Moscow, played a series of lives in different Russian cities and shared the stage with the British Keane band. Credit: onthegoband Read more about

Презентация нового альбома в Москва-Hall 25.04.2014

12.09.2015 Спб, Космонавт

Live in Moscow 22.06.13, Motherland Summer
Watch in 1080<br/><br/>

On-The-Go + Tesla Boy others, Gorky Park, Moscow

Moscow music week 2015 - 16 тонн

On-The-Go - Fall Asleep (POKO COX Remix) by Dr Cuts, on-the-go fall asleep poko cox dr cuts plus seven records 2080

12.09.2015 Спб, Космонавт

SPb @ Новая Голландия 26.07.13

концерт в клубе 'Космонавт'
On-The-Go – Fall Asleep

Gym Session Live DVD
Out May 4
© & ℗ Xuman Records 2012
Video production by Alaska Project

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contemporary performance
Saint-Petersburg, Russia, July 2013
music: On-The-Go - Fall Asleep
Александр и Надежда Апполоновы
(танцевальный проект "Сила Безмолвия")
Илья Оши и Лиза Андреева
(мастерская танца JAM)

Ekaterinburg. Dom Pechati. 16/05/2013<br/><br/>