Out of the Light

Falco - (Йо́ханн Хёльцель 19 февраля 1957, Вена — 6 февраля 1998, Доминиканская республика). Фалько много работал над своим имиджем и не был похож на рок-музыкантов тех лет. Черные очки, элегантные костюмы стали частью его облика. Образ Фалько был дополнен такими деталями, как цинизм и эпатаж. В 1982 году он дает журналу Bravo интервью, где говорит, что "хотел бы умереть, как Джимми Дин, на перекрестке, в серебристом Порше. Раз, два, и тебя нет". Слова окажутся для музыканта пророческими...

Из темноты (перевод Tee Outburst)

Ich krieg von dir niemals genug
Мне никогда не бывает тебя достаточно.
Du bist in jedem Atemzug
Ты в каждом моем вдохе,
Alles dreht sich nur um dich
Все в этом мире вертится вокруг тебя.
Warum ausgerechnet ich
Почему как назло я...

Zähl die Stunden, die Sekunden
Считаю часы, секунды,
Doch die Zeit scheint still zu steh'n
Но время, кажется, остановилось.
Hab' mich geschunden, gewunden
Я измучен, изранен...
Lass' mich geh'n
Отпусти меня!

Was willst Du noch
Чего ты хочешь еще?
Willst Du meine Tage zählen
Хочешь досчитать мои дни?
Warum musst Du mich
Зачем ты
Mit meiner Sehnsucht quälen
Мучаешь меня страстью?

Deine Hölle brennt in mir
Твой огонь горит во мне,
Du bist mein Überlebenselixier
Ты - мой живительный напиток.
Ich bin zerrissen
Я истерзан...
Wann kommst Du meine Wunden küssen?
Когда ты придешь поцеловать мои раны?

Out of the dark
Из темноты -
Hörst Du die Stimme, die Dir sagt?
Ты слышишь голос, который тебе говорит?
Into the light
К свету -
I give up and close m

got the beat, wrote, recorded, shot the video and edited it all in the same day....just a quick street video for you hip hop fiends out there!!!

«Out of the Light» – съемка солнечного затмения сквозь кроны деревьев и отслеживание движения Венеры на фоне Солнца.

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Близько до колонок було тому так гудить гггГгГГгГГг

Recorded in Jyväskylä Finland 2005
Lights: M.Suora
Cameras: T.Pasanen, M.Pohjonen, R.Pohjonen
Editing: R.Pohjonen
Live sound: T.Hakkola, J.Ruusunen
Recording: R.Pohjonen, T.Hakkola
Mixing: M.Jämsen

(C) Swallow the Sun & PohjonenZen 2006

(19 февраля 1957 — 6 февраля 1998).

“Get more out of your training and the classic exercises such as mountain climbers, push ups and side planks by adding weights. This combo is going to…”

всегда приятно увидеть, как играют трансик

Daryl's awkward but sweet attempts to show Carol how he feels. Carol's encouraging Daryl to open up and allow himself to be loved.

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Cover Power
» vk.cc/2tKZ9C

Just mad and therefore brilliant. Directed by Ninian Doff This video has been submitted to The BBC Music Video Festival 2011 - copyright remains with the copyright owners.<br/><br/>

В 1978 году группа выступала на на лондонской арене Wembley. Премьера благотворительного Гала-концерта снималась на видео в присутствии герцога и герцогини Глостер; группу объявлял американский актер Тони Кертис.
Этот концерт навсегда останется в истории рока. Ошеломляющие спецэффекты, вызывающие в воображении образы и звуки, о которых сам Спилберг мог только мечтать. А сама музыка - гораздо больше, чем просто сопровождение к визуальным эффектам. Не меньше девяти песен с этого диска побывало в лучшей 30-ке

1.-Turn to Stone 0:00
2.-It's Over 3:49
3.-Sweet Talkin' Woman 7:55
4.-Across the Border 11:50
5.-Night in the City 15:40
6.-Starlight 19:42
7.-Jungle 24:20
8.-Believe Me Now 28:00
9.-Steppin' Out 29:22
(Concerto for a Rainy Day)
10.-Standin' in the Rain 34:00
11.-Big Wheels 38:22
12.-Summer and Lightning 43:30
13.-Mr. Blue Sky 47:40
14,-Sweet Is the Night 52:48
15.-The Whale 56:19
16.-Birmingham Blues 1:01:10
17.-Wild West Hero 1:05:40

Out of the Blue is the seventh studio album by the British ro

0:00 1. Turn To Stone
3:48 2. It`s Over
7:56 3. Sweet Talkin`Woman
11:46 4. Across The Border
15:39 5. Night In The City
19:41 6. Starlight
24:09 7. Jungle
28:01 8. Believe Me Now
29:22 9. Steppin Out
34:02 10. Standin In The Rain
38:22 11. Big Wheels
43:31 12. Summer And Lighting
47:42 13. Mr.Blue Sky
52:48 14. Sweet Is The Night
56:16 15. The Whale
1:01:18 16. Birmingham Blues
1:05:47 17. Wild West Hero

We met Esa of Satellite Stories in the woods for a special piano version of Lights Go Low - we really enjoyed it and hope you like it, too!
Wir waren mit Esa von Satellite Stories im Wald für eine besondere Piano Version von Lights Go Low. Viel Spaß!

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From the compilation "More Than Words: The Best of Kevin Kern" (2002)

Music video by Magazine performing The Light Pours Out Of Me.

Artist: Lights Out Asia
Album: Eyes Like Brontide (2008)







Artist: Lights Out Asia
Track: Radars Over the Ghosts of Chernobyl
Album: Eyes Like Brontide

Kanye West performing 'All Of The Lights' live at Gold Coast, Australia - Big Day Out 2012

The New Directions band together to sing Billy Joel's "For the Longest Time."

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In theaters July 22!

From producer James Wan (“The Conjuring”) comes a tale of an unknown terror that lurks in the dark.

When Rebecca left home, she thought she left her childhood fears behind. Growing up, she was never really sure of what was and wasn’t real when the lights went out…and now her little brother, Martin, is experiencing the same unexplained and terrifying events that had once tested her sanity and threatened her safety

"The Light Pours Out Of Me, by Magazine.

Released on their first album "Real Life", 1978.

Copyright belongs to the authors/label.

This is the first "sucessful" band John McGeoch was in.
I don't know what else to say.

Be happy!"

Formed 1977, Manchester, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
Members Howard Devoto (vocals), John McGeoch (guitar, 1977-80), Barry Adamson (bass, 1977-2010), Bob Dickinson (keyboards, 1977-78), Martin Jackson (drums, 1977-78), Dave Formula (keyboards, 1978-present), Paul Spencer (drums, 1978), John Doyle (drums, 1978-present), Robin Simon (guitar, 1980), Ben Mandelson (guitar, 1980-81), Norman Fisher-Jones [Noko 440] (guitar, 2009-present), Jon "Stan" White (2011-present)
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A song I have been loving lately that needed some visual support.

Side One
1. "Turn to Stone" 3:47
2. "It's Over" 4:08
3. "Sweet Talkin' Woman" 3:47
4. "Across the Border" 3:52

Side Two
5. "Night in the City" 4:02
6. "Starlight" 4:30
7. "Jungle" 3:51
8. "Believe Me Now" 1:21
9. "Steppin' Out" 4:38

Side Three (Concerto for a Rainy Day)
10. "Standin' in the Rain" 4:20
11. "Big Wheels" 5:10
12. "Summer and Lightning" 4:13
13. "Mr. Blue Sky" 5:05

Side Four
14. "Swee

Out of the Dark: Bringing Films to Light at the National Archives (2012), a behind-the-scenes look at NARA's Motion Picture, Sound and Video Office and The Film Preservation Laboratory.

Electric-Light-Orchestra-1977-Out-Of-The-Blue - Full-Album

http://KEXP.ORG presents Kevin Murphy (of The Moondoggies) performing "Annie Turn Out The Lights" live from The Stables during Sub Pop Silver Jubilee. Recorded July 13th, 2013.

Audio Engineer: Jackson Long
Cameras: Jim Beckmann, Scott Holpainen & Justin Wilmore
Editor: Justin Wilmore


Свежие, интересные GIF и COUB со всего интернета каждый день - https://vk.com/topdailygifs

Swallow the sun_Out of this gloomy light live at THe Underworld, Camden, London

please watch in HD. song info at the end of the video - PLEASE DON'T MENTION THE SONG OR ARTIST. Thank you. :)

How do I even being to describe what Miss Hayley Williams and Pmore mean to me? I literally cannot. There are no words that can explain my complete and utter love for this tiny human being. She came into my life over ten years ago now, as I was just an awkward, kind of chubby, lost 12 year old girl, not going to lie, slightly bullied, with no clue whatsoever on who I was or what my place in the wo

(Album: Hoch wie nie, 1998)

..."The Tunger" wird es lieben?

i do not Own any copyrights
Uploaded on 3 Feb 2012
• hope you enjoy •

• Creator - Kazz Phoenix •

• Anime: Highschool of the Dead •

Серединка самая вкусная.. ))

Here is ELO's multiplatinum double album "Out of the blue", released in October 1977.

Although there are several ELO albums on YouTube, I couldn't find this one which in my opinion is their absolute masterpiece so I decided to upload it myself. This is the 30th anniversary edition, featuring the double album totally remastered and 3 bonus tracks. Enjoy!

00:00 Turn to stone
03:49 It's over
07:57 Sweet talking woman
11:46 Across the border
15:39 Night in the city
19:42 Starlight

Pretty Lights - Out Of Time [Glowing In The Darkest Night EP]
320 kb Audio if played in HD 720

Broadcast on: BBC Two, 12:40am Saturday 17th October 2009

Bueno Amigos Aqui Les Dejo Un [EP] De Kreator - Out Of The Dark... Into The Light
Que Es Uno De Los Mejores [EP] De Kreator Ademas Con Temas En (Live).

Lista De Temas:

01. Impossible To Cure 00:00
02. Lambs To Slaughter (Raven Cover) 02:40
03. Terrible Certainty (Live) 06:30
04. Riot Of Violence (Live) 11:43
05. Awakening The Gods (Live) 17:22
06. Flag Of Hate (Live) 24:59
07. Love Us Or Hate Us (Live) 29:06
08. Behind The Mirror 33:05

Josh Horowitz sits down with Teresa Palmer, Alexander DiPersia, and Maria Bello from Lights Out – this year’s scariest movie.

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Track #3 off of The Morning Never Came


Narcotic Network Recordings, 1997

So finally we manage to guide Toki Tori through the Skulls with lots of use of the tweet and some serious light guidance. We make it through to another watery level with some Aztec looking statues but what to do now?

Justin Bieber Maria Ft Selena Gomez Duet Live Out Of Town Girl Lyrics She Don't Like The Lights AGT Justin Bieber Turn To You Ft Selena Gomez Boyfriend The Voice 2012 Turn To You Music Video Billboard Awards BMA Christina Aguilera Diss Kiss Duet VEVO JustinBieberVEVO kidrauhl "Justin Bieber Boyfriend" Lyrics Music Video Official DWTS GMA Ellen Degeneres Jay Leno Jimmy Fallon Simon Cowell American Idol The Voice Britain's Got Talent X Factor UK USA BGT AGT EMA TCA KCA VMA BMA AMA ACM CMA WMA SNL MMVA Lady G

Ich hab diese Video für Falco gemacht da er vermutlich der bekannteste Sänger der Welt der es geschafft hat auf Deutsch zu singen.

And here are the lyrics in German and English

Text Deutsch (German)
Ich krieg von dir niemals genug
Du bist in jedem Atemzug
Alles dreht sich nur um dich
warum ausgerechnet ich?
Zähl die Stunden, die Sekunden
doch die Zeit scheint still zu steh'n
Hab mich geschunden, gewunden
laß mich gehen - was willst Du noch?
Willst Du meine Tage zählen?
Warum mußt Du mich mit meiner Sehnsucht quälen?
Deine Hölle brennt in mir
Du bist mein Überlebensexlixier
Ich bin zerrissen...
wann kommst Du meine Wunden küssen?

Out of the dark - Hörst Du die Stimme, die dir sagt
Into the light - I give up and close my eyes
Out of the dark - Hörst Du die Stimme, die dir sagt
Into the light - I give up and you rest your tears to the ni

Get ready for a spike in electricity bills, Teresa Palmer's new horror flick 'Lights Out' could make you sleep with the lights on. (July 22)

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Directed by Carl Diebold - www.carldiebold.net
Song Produced by Rob Hawkins
Video Produced by

Wonderful Chill Out Music - The Light Of Life [Hd] Relax !
Music: Ryan Farish - Road To You

A unique collection of classic archive action, live footage and interviews with the band

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now at Itunes, Amazon.com(CD), Amazon.co.uk(mp3 ), Junodownload.com. wave and mp3
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Indiana's Paul George turns the lights out for a creative glow in the dark dunk

At the 2013 NBA All-Star Weekend, Fall Out Boy discuss getting 2 Chainz to remix their new single and Kevin Smith's reaction to their new material.
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Join multi-platinum band Fall Out Boy as they travel back to their hometown of Chicago for a mind-blowing audio-visual extravaganza. Featuring their newest hits Centuries, Irresistible and Uma Thurman, this 17 song concert also includes the band’s best loved songs from across their whole career.

This special performance is one of the most memorable Fall Out Boy concerts ever, filmed

#Guardians of the Galaxy.

Midnight Machines is out now.

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Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla http://vk.com/picrolla

Теперь боюсь смотреть порно...)

Using the camera's built in flash as the trigger for the one remote flash


This song is at ending movie Shine a Light and Pirates of the Caribbean when Keith play "guitar" .<br/><br/>

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Traxxas Summit illuminates this dark cave with its high-intensity LED lighting system, before escaping to have its day in the sun. All time four-wheel drive, locking differentials, and a re-enforced ExoCage body are just some of the appointments that come standard on this top tier crawler.

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Out of the Blue - это устоявшийся фразеологический оборот в английском, переводится как "Нежданно-негадано" или "Как гром среди ясного неба".

В Англии ELO играли четыре вечера подряд на стадионе Уэмбли.
Первый из этих концертов был записан и отснят телевизионщиками и вышел позже на CD и DVD

Имперский бассейн, Лондон.
2 июня 1978 г.

Тони Кёртис представляет.
(Introduction Theme)
Standin' in the Rain/Night in the City
Turn to Stone
Telephone Line
Wild West Hero
Sweet Talkin' Woman
Mr. Blue Sky
Do Ya
Livin' Thing
Roll Over Beethoven
(Outroduction Theme)

Встреча с герцогом и герцогиней Глостерскими.

Giant loops of plasma above the Sun's surface are swaying back and forth, spanning distances up to an estimated 100,000 miles. The video clip covers about a day of activity viewed in extreme ultraviolet light. The loops actually are charged particles spiraling along numerous groups of magnetic field lines extending above active regions. Meanwhile, a darker, cooler mass of plasma swirled and twisted above the Sun in the upper left area of the frames. The video was captured Sept. 18-19, 2013 by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO). SDO was launched in 2010, and is currently studying solar activity and how it causes space weather. Space weather affects our lives on Earth, and even satellites and astronauts out in space! SDO is helping us understand where the sun's energy comes from, what happens inside of the sun, and how energy is stored and released in the sun's atmosphere. By better understanding the sun and how it works, we will be able to better predict space weather events. Credit: NASA/Solar Dynamics Observatory #sun #solarsystem #sdo #star #plasma #nasa #space #sunshine #igapp

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Maria Olafs is a multitalented artist: actress, singer and songwriter she will now represent Iceland at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest with her song Unbroken.

Maria Olafs has had more stage experience than most of her friends. In 2007 she had a small role in a play, which was staged by The National Theatre in Reykjavík. She played the role of Louisa von Trapp in the Sound of Music in the Municipal Theatre in Reykjavík in 2009 – the original movie of the show is one of

Немецкая рок-нетленка. "Из тьмы - на свет" - в Бледном коконе ...

0:00, 1:04 - She Don't Like The Lights
4:55 - JB's Band
6:43 - Die In Your Arms
11:00 - Out Of Town Girl
16:00 - Be Alright
19:00 - Fall<br/><br/>

Listen to the full preview here!


Now the powerful narrative portions of Metallica Through The Never are filmed with actor Dane DeHaan. But the band still have a role to play as they film their cool cameos.

Directed by Adam Dubin | Produced by Jack Gulick

© 2013 Hit the Lights, Inc.

Metallica Through the Never - In IMAX 3D Theaters on September 27 - Expanding into Additional Theaters on October 4 - For International Release Dates, visit http://www.throughthenevermovie.com/#international

One-Picture Video of Lights Out Asia's "Radars Over the Ghosts of Chernobyl". Enjoy.

Band Website:


Record Label - n5MD


Album: Eyes Like Brontide
Year: 2008

Lush ethereal ambient post-rock of the highest order, taken from the brand new epic album 'Hy-Brasil' (2012). This is easily my favorite LOA album to date!. The atmosphere is just so damn epic!. Gotta love the soaring ethereal guitars!. Enjoy!!

Pretty Lights live at All Good 2011
"I Know The Truth" into "Out Of Time"
Marvin's Mountaintop
Masontown, WV


Deerhunter on Marc Riley - "Ocillate" & cover of Magazine "The Light Pours Out of Me"

*Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to this music, all copyright belongs to Lights Out Asia and n5MD. This video is for promotional and entertainment purposes only.*

Support the artist by purchasing the CD here! http://n5md.com/discography/177/In-The-Days-Of-Jupiter

In the Days of Jupiter, the 4th full-length album from the American Post Rock/Ambient band Lights Out Asia, released in 2010 via n5MD records.

Movie clip from Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters that includes the song "My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light 'Em Up)" by Fall Out Boy. Totally epic scene! One of the best parts of the movie in my opinion.

starring: Logan Lerman and Leven Rambin

Magazine - The Light Pours Out Of Me (Later with Jools Holland 16.10.2009) 3/3


Isabelle Wright, Kurt, Rachel and Santana reminisce about their childhoods, singing "At the Ballet."

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Из темноты -

Ты слышишь голос, который тебе говорит?


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/the-light-of-life-nairi/838485
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Early support for this release includes Paul Van Dyk, Andre Visior, Manuel Le Saux, Eddie Sender, Ozzy XPM and many more!

Sorcery Records presents The Light of Life / Nairi by

Ministry with Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy cover the old Magazine song.

Light from exploding stars can live on in the form of echoes, rippling across space and illuminating clouds of dust and gas that might otherwise be invisible.

Produced by: Dennis Overbye, Jason Drakeford and Jonathan Corum

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1. Turn to Stone
2. It's Over
3. Sweet Talkin' Woman
4. Across the Border
5. Night in the City
6. Starlight
7. Jungle
8. Believe Me Now
9. Steppin' Out
10. Standin' in the Rain
11. Big Wheels
12. Summer and Lightning
13. Mr. Blue Sky
14. Sweet Is the Night
15. The Whale
16. Birmingham Blues
17. Wild West Hero

VK | Soulja Boy | Pro Groups © 2008 | http://vk.com/souljaboygroup

**Watch in HD please :)

Category : General
Characters: Mostly from Padme's POV.
Summary : Reflection of Anakin's downfall through Padme and how it affected the future (for Obi-Wan, Luke, Leia, the galaxy). Mostly following the song's lyrics, and we intended to express our on point of view of Star Wars in this video. That's the way we interpret the movies from Padme's POV.

video blocked in Germany --- download link : http://www.mediafire.com/?bl1lj5jb3xabhi2


Turn up your sound and get close to the screen as Amanduh spoofs the creepy and clever "Lights Out" short horror film. If you have not seen "Lights Out" then do that first; it's a must! It was the 2013 winner of 'Best Director' in the 'Who's There Film Challenge' and it is pretty dang scary!

Watch the original "Lights Out" here:

Follow Amanduh on Facebook:

Starring: JenRenee Paulson and Amanduh

Artists: Kingz of Tomaro(KOT) featuring Andreas Henemyr
Video Directed By: Emanuel Garcia
Additional footage provided by Dennis Berg

Music Produced By: Richard "ALLTHAT" Andersson
Music Written By: Palle Hammarlund
Chorus Lyrics By: Palle Hammarlund & Emma Nors
Rap Lyrics By: KOT
Mastered at Granpa Mastering Lab

ChopperHead Mama Records (c) 2012

Badass Guitar Solo By John Mayer

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