Oval - Do While

Oval - Do While [94 Diskont]
music video

бесконечная гармония звуков, образующих петлю, вторую, третью..и так до бесконечности..

This music was made by simply writing and scratching on compact disks, from there it was put through editing software where they cut prts out and pieced it together.

Album: 94 Diskont
Track: 1
Year: 1995
Label: Thrill Jockey

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The little known group Oval supply the soundscape and the inspiration. The gradual minutia of change and my never ending fascination with texture were very important in the creation of the clip. This is the product of a lot of thinking from three figures: Andy Warhol, Brian Eno, and John Cage. I warn you ahead of time that it is twenty-four minutes. This is not intended to test your patience. You by no means have to watch the entire clip, rather select any second of it at random; sit back and relax.

Album: 94 diskont
Artist: Oval
Release Date: 1995