P.O.D. - Southtown

P.O.D. playing Southtown live

Song recorded with Zoom h-1 and Video recorded with Lumix Panasonic FZ38

what a splendid man

© Atlantic Records 1999 - Payable On Death

The Fundamental Elements of Southtown

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Охирительная группа, охирителькая псня, охирительный клип))

Coming to Sthlm in jan 2009 ;)

P.O.D. - SouthTown (Live in Hamburg)

P.O.D. - Live @ Moscow 12.06.2013<br/><br/>

как выражался Никита Сергеевич "ЭТО - МЯСОРУБКА" Мне хватило двух кругов "счастья". И это было незабываемо!

P.O.D. - Southtown
1998 version, before the 1999 remix.
The Fundamental Elements of Southtown, Song is the remix of The Warriors EP.

P.O.D. - Southtown - Moscow -12.06.2013

did my own thing, changed the vocals up a bit

DW Сollector's Maple series 22"/12"/14"/16"
Russian Custom Shop Snare 14x6 DDS drums
Сymbals - Paiste Alpha, PST7 & Zildjian Z.
Audio interface behringer x32 rack
Recorded on 14 channels
Mic Audix dp7:
- 1 x i-5
- 2 x D2
- 1 x D4
- 1 x D6
- 2 x ADX51
Shure Sm57
AKG C214

Action Cam SJ4000

© 2006 WMG
Southtown (Video shot to LP Version)