A Pencil Drawing of James Bond(Daniel Craig) from Skyfall.
I think it turned out great...

The Whole Video Was Shot with my XPERIA S (my phone!)

I Dedicate this video to my favorite artist Mark Crilley for inspiring and teaching me to draw..Im so happy how it came out and lets say this is the result of Marks tutorials and Continues practice.thanks again Mark Crilley...
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This is my Pencil Bowl. I've made a few of these now and they really do look great. if you want one for you home or for a gift, you can order one f...

Colored Pencil Project designed and taught by Paula Leopold. You can see all of my videos on my website:

Ok, this was a huge project , I'm using pencils again on this to make a rather large vase. However this time I have decide to set the pencils in re...

Complete instructions for this episode of Weekend Projects can be found at

Drawdio is a simple electronic sound synthesizer build onto a pencil! The Drawdio circuit plays a musical tone with a frequency that varies based on the resistance between two points. When you hold the Drawdio in your hand, your body becomes part of the resistive loop, and you can do all kinds of fun tricks, like draw yourself a piano and play a little tune.

Here is one more recycled project for kids. Today you'll learn how to make cute pencil holders for kid's desk. Please thumb up! Previous DIY Crafts...

Studying Page 32 of Fun with a Pencil by Andrew Loomis.

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This is an instructional video showing how to add a Zipper Closure to the single crochet Pencil Case or to any rubber band creation. If you haven't already made the main section of the case, you will need to watch that v

Vídeo de dibujo en tinta china para
Video in black ink, uploaded for Week 40!

(GIVEAWAY CLOSED) In this video I will show you how to make "3" different pencil cases or makeup bags with no sewing. This is a very easy DIY.

Hi Everyone: This is such a fun and easy project for "Back to School." In this video I will show you how to make "3" different personalized pencil cases or make-up bags. There is literally no sewing involved in this project. I hope you have fun making your own design!

GIVEAWAY WINNERS: (Posted: Sept 5, 2014)
Dimensional Case: iam dany
Heart Case: Aprilsarai

The Pencil Project is a performance piece created by sound artists Martin Messier and Jacques Poulin-Denis. Their intention was to craft a live electronic music piece inspired by the physicality of writing and the imagery it articulates. Using computer technology, the performers translate scribbling, scratching, dotting and drawing with pencil music.

Although a lot of programming, signal processing and design provide de backbone of this project, one of its main objectives is to keep the technology invisib

REAL Change -- Artists for Education TV Special will air nationally on April 23rd 2013. Please check your local TV Listings.
REAL Change TV Special is designed to celebrate, complement, and raise awareness for the amazing non-profits that will be featured in the TV Special.

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Watch the live version of 'Pencil Full of Lead' taken from Paolo's live Eden Session CD. - тот самый паблик, где учатся рисовать.

Here is the breakdown of the 'Pencil & Cube' finished shot. This shot illustrates what can be done by tracking some motion in mocha, converting it to a 3D path with MochaBlend-C4D, and linking the motion-path to a polygon vertex. To complete the illusion of the pencil tip dragging the cube corner around, an animated shadow-caster of the hand and pencil was created from mocha roto and projected onto the motion-path. This technique allows you to cast real 3D shadows upon 3D geometry (shadows on the deformi

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ролики проектов after effects

This project is made in After Effects CS5.5 and works for any higher version. (So this includes every After Effects CC version). But this template will only work with the latest version of Element 3D v2.2

Easy tutorial of how to make five simple but really cute emoji stuff. What will like more: DIY Heart-Eayes Emoji Earrings, DIY Sleeping Emoji Wall Clock, DIY Kissing and Stuck-Out-Tongue Emoji Pocket Mirror, DIY Surprised Emoji Notepad or DIY Heart-Eyed Emoji Pencil Case?

I start with Emoji Compact Mirror. Everything is very easy, so just watch the tutorial. If you want to know substitutes for the spray paint and permanent markers – acrylic paints and nail polishes (for the face).

The second tutorial is a

Maybe you've seen these colored pencil projects that have been turning up on the internet lately. These are a cool way to come up with a unique project, but there are some things you should know before trying one of these.

I take you step by step on how to make a colored pencil bottle stopper.

I'm always up for ideas and better ways of doing things, so if you have any suggestions after watching this, please leave them in the comments. I love learning new ways of doing things.

Video #19 Pencil Tops - Wood Turning - Quick Project - Acolyte Turner

Here is a quick, fun little project on turning a spinning top with a difference. A great little toy for kids of all ages!

My previous video can be found here:

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