After blowing up in your face with SNOWJOB, the NOWAMEAN crew is opening the "PIGEYE". A pure, raw and uncut movie showing snowboarding in its true element, featuring your new favourite riders to hate or love.

Here's the second teaser for our new movie PIGEYE. Teaser song : Brutus - Golden Town featuring: Dillon Ojo, Fred Lacroix, Antoine Soucy, Nic Bertrand, Émile Veilleux, Phil Tardif, Gab Bélanger, Nic Roy, Vince Roy, Axel Théorêt, Nic Marcoux, Cameron Hill, Anto Chamberland, Max Verville, Jo Truchon, Nic Tremblay, Jonat St-Marie, LP Dorval and Thomas Gagn