POCKET STUDIO - Artistic Look Tutorial

Академия профессионального макияжа BeautyPRO в Санкт-Петербурге



1) First lighten your complexion using a slightly lighter shade of MAT VELVET than you natural skin tone with the 8N BRUSH
2) Continue with your complexion, using HD CONCEALER to brighten certain areas of your face like you chin, under your eyes, your cheek bones...
3) Next structure your face makeup by applying HD BLUSH #8 to your cheek bones using the 55N BRUSH
4) Finish off by buffing some HD POWDER with the KABUKI BRUSH onto your skin to set your complexion, for a perfect longlasting makeup
5) To bring attention to the eyes, lighten you eyebrows by brushing some FULL COVER against the hair growth to absorb the color and then brush back
6) Now sculpt your eyelids, by applying AQUA CREAM #14 with the 14S BRUSH, a little higher than your natural crease and blend
7) Accentuate the corners of the eye with EYESHADOW #29 using the 15S BRUSH and blend inwar