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The Postland Rail Riots: A bunch of stoked kids from all over Holland came together at Montana Snowcenter to ravage the custom setup.
In the finals there where no categories, kids, girls and men all competed against each other.

Best Kid:
Daniel van Keulen

Best Girl:
Rachida Aoulad

Allround 3:
1. Kevin de Haan
2. Max de Vries
3. Dion Janse

Thanks to DC, Foru

We organized this event to bring back the good ol' days where young rippers came together to ride without pressure, including the judges. The 12th of October we built a custom setup in Montana Snowcenter that remained open for everybody during the whole night, even during finals. In finals everybody was competing against eachother to give the kids and girls the chance they deserve to beat the grown ups. Thanks to Lobster, Forum, Holden, GoPro, Sabre, Shaped, Monster and theMustachio we were able to throw in

A day at Rail Riots: Banks, beers, broken boards, barbecues, and bonfires! Click Here for more Snowboarding :

Since there’s absolutely no structure to this “rail battle” we opened the park an hour before we were supposed to. There are no heats, no finals, just a full day of shredding. It's not surprising to see one of the judges snake you.

Goodies were tossed, boards were broken, and boards were won.
Next year we're doing a full 3 day program again.

Thanks to Montana Snowcenter, Capi

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For our second riot this summer we teamed up with The Los Angeles River, for a weekend we went shredding in Montana's super creative park. The park will remain the same until the next Rail Riot on the 24th. 1. Jesse Augustinus 2. Jochen Greven 3. Erik Bastiaansen

SNOWBOARDS - сноуборд видео новости фото

On the 24th of August we invited all our friends to come shred another custom park in Montana one last time. It was an amazing session so thank you all for coming. We're already making plans to surprise you again next summer. 1. Jesse Augustinus 2. Dion Janse 3. Taddäus Van Treeck Best rookie: Olivier Maes Best girl: Veroniqi Hanssen

Booking: Riders in order of appearance: Kas Lemmens, Wessel Van Lierop, Jules Hense, Simon Houlind

SNOWBOARDS - сноуборд видео новости фото

Last saturday we held the first out of three Rail Riots of this summer. Kas Lemmens designed the park and put it all in good shape together with the Montana crew. A whole day of shredding with no rules or guidelines, parents panicked, riders bled, boards snapped, and everybody laughed a lot. Make sure you be there the next edition at the 10th of august, and join us and the LA River crew in another new park.